Weekend reading

2 February 2018
I'm making a lamp skirt to cover a very drab beige lamp shade in our lounge room. The fringe will be at the bottom and the green cotton is to crochet around the top.  I'll show you when it's finished but don't hold your breath- we are back in busy mode here. 

We're settling nicely into the year with the very hot temperature easing off a bit and two days of rain just passed.  I love rain and the cool weather that sometimes comes with it. The tanks are full again,  and frequent showers are filling the soil with much needed liquid.  It's a good sign for our vegetable garden which will be planted up in March.

I visited my eye doctor yesterday and I'm booked in for my first op on 14 February. The second will be a month later.  It's a day surgery at the local private hospital and I'll be out by lunchtime.

We have enough people for the blogging course and I'll be sending out the emails with more details later today to early tomorrow.  There are a few people who wanted to do it now but had other plans so I'll be doing another course later in the year.  If you're interested in that, let me know, I'll add your name to the list and email you when I arrange a new date.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I've got some ironing to do and a general tidy up in almost every room in the house.  Hopefully in the afternoons, I'll be knitting or sewing.  I wonder what you'll be doing. See you next week!  xx

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