17 November 2017

Weekend reading

Yesterday, Clare commented on how difficult it is to keep her utensil drawer clean and tidy.  I think it's a problem for many of us. I know my drawer is always untidy and here is a photo of it.  I've tried several ways to make it a bit more organised but it never lasts so now I just frequently take everything out, clean the drawer, then put it all back in. It takes five minutes. When I do this, I take the chance to cull anything that shouldn't be there. And even though it looks untidy, it is clean and it works for me. 

Clare, I think it's good to remember that the work we do in our homes will often look like what everyone else does, but sometimes it's nothing like it, and that is okay.  When you find a solution that works for you, it doesn't matter if you're the only person who does it like that, you stick to the solutions that work. I hope you get your home set to support the way you have chosen to live. Once you've done all that work setting up, it's much easier to carry out daily chores and be content doing it.  Good luck!

It's still a busy time here at Hetzel House. We have Sunny's birthday lunch tomorrow and many days of contented activity after that. We're all getting along well together, Gracie hasn't caught Ec yet and Sunny and I are still going through cupboard, tile and floor samples and colours. No doubt Sunny will ask Sarndra's opinion tomorrow when she's here. I'm sure we'll come up with a simple and lovely home that they'll be very happy in.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for visiting me here during the week. xx

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  1. Ahhhh you'll never catch a glimpse of my crazy, out of control utensil drawer on the internet, that's for sure. But it works for us, so I guess that's all that matters.
    I wanted to stop by and thank you for the gorgeous message you left on my blog a few days ago. I was/am so moved by your words of wisdom and kindness, they really mean a lot to me.
    I hope your house-hold continues to run harmoniously and that you have a beautiful birthday celebration tomorrow.
    Lots of love xxx

  2. Wishing Sunny a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day tomorrow.
    I was just reading your link on the Aussie Milk Bar. I can always remember when Mum would give us .20cents to treat ourselves at the Milk Bar. We would buy a .20cent bag of mixed lollies. Have such fond memories of our Milk Bar.

  3. Exactly the way my grandma in England taught me to make tea. Nothing at all unusual about this: it is business as usual for me.

  4. I think the solution to utensil drawers is out there. The sort of trays they make for cutlery hust don't work, but some of the modular type things they make do. You need to have varying sizes of shallow trays which fit your particular utensils. The best ones don't come in sets, because there is always at least one that won't fit the drawer or is the wrong size for your utensils. However you may find that you can achieve a similar result with some brands of ice cream tub. It takes a long time and sometimes you find what you want by accident, but there definitely are solutions.

  5. Looks like some great reading here.

    I have my utensils drawers filled with inexpensive plastic baskets. That helps keep everything where I can find it easily. Before that it was a jumbled mess that drove me crazy when I was in a hurry to find something.

  6. Our drawer has been neater since we started putting the utensils in handle first. I don't know why but it made quite a difference. It may be due to not churning through them to find what's needed or maybe it's just easier to nestle them in. It's worth a try!

  7. Been to Lehman's many times...it's almost impossible to describe how huge this "store" is. It takes hours to walk through, looking at everything. It is fun to see the video! All the best Rhonda!

  8. Thank you. I look forward to your weekend reading so much It's a real education. Deb x

  9. Hi Rhonda, Lots and lots of heavy rain down here in Port Mac. How are you guys up North? Ive been giving this utensil drawers some thought. My hubby is a carpenter but works in kitchens. Ive been measuring up and drawn him a design for a wooden box with sections that can go in my utensils drawer. I got all my utensils out and sorted them into sections by their height and measured the dimensions for each section. So he said he can make it at work for me. Its a shame I can't send you a photo of the finished project. One plus, by cleaning out my drawer I found a few things that we don't really need so a few extras for my op shop bag. Have a lovely Sunday, Clare x

  10. The way my utensil drawer works for me is with a few trays. I have an A4 size one and a few other different sizes - all mismatched but good.

  11. Fascinating story about the new great ape. Considering how many are getting close to extinction in both Africa and the Orient it is amazing to find an entirely new one.

    When I was a child I watched my Mom take little boxes - cereal, matches, crackers - and cut and tape them into shapes and sizes to fit in her kitchen drawers to house all of her utensils in a beautiful arrangement to suit each drawer and the different tools - total sense of order and you could lay your hands on anything without having to search. Because this is what I was raised with I have always done the same. Of course being from a more materialistic generation cutting up cardboard boxes was not what I did. I went out and bought plastic drawer organizer boxes in all sizes and shapes. Mom did it for free but I paid for the organization. Mind you I bought then nearly 40 years ago so I have gotten good use out of them. Was able to use them over and over with every move and new kitchen.



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