A dog's life

Gracie was dreaming and making little barking noises when I decided to take this photo just now. When I had the camera ready, her little eye was just slightly open, checking what I was doing. I like to think she was thinking about solving the worries of the world, or even just the neighbourhood's, but I think she was dreaming of her chicken lunch which is cooking on the stove.  💗

BTW, that is my black floral dress near her nose.


  1. Gracie is adorable. I love to hear dogs doing their little sleep barks.

    Maybe if Dogs were in charge of solving the world's worries, everything wouldn't be as worrisome as it is now.

  2. Lucky girl. Your dress is pretty. Gracie sounds like a highly stimulated dog. I always loved the photos of you other dogs, too. They looked so peaceful and calm. Gracie sounds very high energy and intelligent.

  3. Seeing and hearing them sleep is so relaxing. I was sitting having breakfast this morning with the sliding door open. I could hear Samson’s heavy breathing as he was in a deep sleep. It was calming.
    I hope Gracie enjoyed her lunch. I’m guessing she will need another sleep after her lunch. Why not?

  4. Ha ha, she is such a cutie, Rhonda. She must be just plain worn out from all the activity around your place at the moment :-)

  5. she is looking good & adorable there
    gosh you all must be worn out with everything going on in your home now. hope we get to see some of Kerry & Sunny's new house, it's sounds awesome, are they getting brick or weatherboard, will they have verandahs? so exciting!
    ohhh HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY to Sunny too; hope she has an absolutely wonderful day!
    thanx for sharing
    selina from kilkivan qld

  6. So cute! Dogs bring such undiluted joy don't they- even when they are a bit naughty ( like my Labrador).

  7. What a cutie! They are so funny when they dream, aren't they. I often wonder what our dog is dreaming about, I think he's chasing something usually. Meg:)

  8. Hello. first time commenter here! Your little Gracie is just gorgeous! I'd love to have a dog again (we always had family dogs when I was growing up), but my circumstances are not right to have one at the moment... Maybe one day...

  9. Gracie is probably dreaming about digging a big hole in the garden and burying a bone, or chasing birds. Don't you wish they could talk so they could tell you what they are dreaming/thinking about. Sometimes dogs look at you with such amazing expressions on their faces. Lovely to have you back Rhonda. Cheers Lyndie

  10. We had a toy poodle for years; he was a doll of a dog, with quite a personality. He had a docked tail, and was always wagging it to make himself agreeable; for instance, when we was trying to sweet-talk my mother into sharing her morning coffee (yes- he loved coffee). The little stub would ring like a bell.

    One day, I was reading with him curled up next to me, and felt him wiggle a bit. I looked down, and he was completely asleep, wagging his tail like there was no tomorrow. Apparently he was dreaming of the next person he would charm. It was SO cute!

    He died in 2013; I miss him (and his cohort in crime, the Shih Tzu, who died in 2014) so very much!

  11. Beautiful. I miss my boy. Right now I hope he has finally caught up to that pesky postie motorbike.
    Enjoy to the fullest.
    Hope you are all keeping well.

  12. Love these Gracie posts!

    Our son sent pictures of their dog licking their 4 month old baby's face. Then a picture of Baby William looking totally disgusted. The dog lived there first and he knows it!

  13. Hi Rhonda

    Gracie is just so cute. My dogs do the dreaming noises too. My Golden Retriever "runs" in his sleep too!

    We had lunch at Sunny and Kerry's café on the weekend and it was so good- fresh and the best Japanese curry on the coast!!

    Hope you are enjoying your full house!!

    1. Hi Parcher. Kerry said you'd been in. Thanks for supporting them, they're working hard to build the business up to a standard they'll be proud of. And yes, the food is delicious.

  14. Gracie is one very cute pooch Rhonda, I can see why you and Hanno adore her.

  15. Too cute! I love the little noises they make!

  16. Too adorable, Rhonda. My Sheltie often growls in his sleep. I wonder what intruder he is saving us from! Nothing better than a dog, is there?

    Each week I poach a chickie breast with a bit of celery and carrot for Ranger; then shred it into his kibble. He loves it. I wonder if you could share your doggie dinner recipe. Or did I miss it?


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