Leftovers - corned beef hash

23 November 2017
Using leftovers to create another meal has been part of my food management for as long as I can remember. One of our favourite meals is corned beef hash and I made it this week with the leftovers of a meal of corned beef, fried cabbage, mashed potatoes and mustard and parsley sauce.

I needed to add more vegetables because there are five of us eating here nowadays and the leftovers just wouldn't stretch that far.  So I peeled more potatoes, one and a half sweet potatoes, a large onion and some cabbage. It's easier to develop that nice brown crispy coating on the hash if the potatoes and sweet potatoes you use are cold so cook then well before you cook the meal so they have time to cool down. The leftovers were a large cup of mashed potatoes, half a cup of cooked cabbage, half a cup of mustard and parsley sauce and about 300 grams of cooked corned beef. 

In a  large frying pan, I cooked the uncooked vegetables first, when they were softened I added the cooked vegetables and the diced corned beef. These cooked slowly on a low heat to develop brown crispy bits. This took about 30 minutes and during that time I turned the mix a few times.  Some of us had a fried egg with our hash, some didn't but everyone enjoyed it.

So, another easy meal without adding too much strain to the food budget.  This is my favourite leftovers meal.  What's yours?