Weekend reading

26 August 2017
Hello everyone. I'm looking forward to a quiet and relaxed weekend. I made a lemon tart yesterday and lunch is left overs so not much cooking to be done today. Most of my time will be spent gardening and decluttering. 

Our cucumber seedlings are growing well. This one still has the seed clinging to the tip of a new leaf.

I have the last of the blogging Skype chats tomorrow; this is the fourth one. They've been an unexpected joy. A gaggle of us sit around with our cuppas, me here and the other ladies in their homes, we can see and hear each other and we talk about how to write about our lives. It's like having a series of morning teas with friends. It's shown me just how close we can be when we have the technology to support it.  If you've developed friendships online over the years, and you wish you could pull up a chair and sit down together for morning tea, there is nothing stopping you from doing that now. Sure, you're not in the same room but you can have a good talk just as you would around your own kitchen table. All you need is Skype and someone to organise your gaggle. I think you can have up to about 10 people in the session. Here's how to do it. Why not give it a try?

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Rest up, relax and take advantage of your down time. Next week will come soon enough. xx

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