Weekend reading

18 August 2017
There are a lot of elderflowers this year.

Hanno hasn't been well and during the week he was diagnosed with pneumonia, again. This is the second time in 18 months. He also had an internal bleed due to his Warfarin levels being too high - apparently a side effect of the antibiotics. He's going through the process of healing now, taking it slow, breathing in clean air, eating nourishing food and getting back in shape for his birthday next month. He'll be 77.

With Hanno out of action I've been doing a bit more work here which, of course, takes more time.  At the moment I'm trying to get the garden and bush house ready for summer. I'm on target to do that which will make things easier for us later when the hot weather returns.  We've had a sneak preview of that the past couple of days with our temperature here rising to 31C yesterday after a very warm week.

I hope things have been good in your neck of the woods. Thanks for your visits this week, enjoy your weekend and don't forget to stop a few times during the day to appreciate what it is you're working for.  See you next week. 💕

Inner Pickle blog is back! For those of you who know Fiona, she's blogging again, for those who have no idea, click on the link and get acquainted. She returns with her passionfruit slice recipe. Yum!