Weekend reading

4 August 2017
 Who?  Me!

Hanno's been been hit with a bad cold this week so things have been quietly busy here.  I'm hoping  I don't get sick too, so far it's looking good. We're still having trouble with Gracie at night when we're asleep. Most nights are good but then she'll go crazy and destroy whatever she can find. She's now sleeping in the kitchen in her dog box and she's tethered to the wall. Luckily she loves her new bed so we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope she settles down.

This week I'm delighted to give you the blog addresses of a group of women who did an online blog workshop with me recently.  I think they've all started off well and present interesting blogs, which show us, yet again, how different we all are while being very similar. Please visit these new blogs and take the time to leave a comment. Comments encourage bloggers to continue writing and help build online communities of like-minded people. The list is below, I hope you enjoy these blogs and add them to your daily reads.

A Simple Living Journey
A Truly Content Life
Fig Tree Creek Permaculture
Life after 50, Fitness, Leisure
Diva Farm Days
Home is my Haven
The Awakened Soul
Sock Knitting Mama
Creativity Grows Here

Regular news links ...
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