Gracie 'helps' in the garden

28 August 2017
We finished off the blog courses yesterday with a Skype chat. I really enjoyed the course - I loved meeting the ladies and helping them move ahead with their blogs. It was great matching a talking face and personality to wonderful women who had just been a name to me before the course. I'll publish a list of the final few blogs on Friday so you can check out what the ladies have been working on.

 The workers having a break on the front verandah.

We usually don't allow Gracie up on the furniture so she made the most of it yesterday by taking up as much space as possible.

After the course, I cooked lunch then we cleaned up and did a bit of work in the front garden.  Gracie came out there with us as the chickens were roaming the back yard. She loves being in the front garden. She sniffed and followed ant and lizard trails, did a bit of digging and running and was on the lookout for dogs being walked along the street. She's such a character.  When we came inside again, she ran through the house at full speed for five minutes, then dropped and rested for a while. We've never had a dog that has made us laugh so much. She's a real joy to live with.

During the week I'll be making a few things in the kitchen, Shane, Sarndra and the kids will be here for dinner tomorrow night, I'm starting on some live Christmas gifts and I want to write about sun angles in the garden. Of course, I'll write about it all as I go so I hope to see you again as the days pass.  I think it will be a good week.  ❤️