Weekend reading

 Yes, these two photos are related. That hole next to the elder seedling is Gracie's latest masterpiece. 

We're enjoying a spot of rain here. The gardens are soaked, the tanks are full and the only problem is us gardeners can't get out into the garden.  Maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for your visits during the week and especially for leaving a comment. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you take it easy and relax.  See you again next week. 😌

Five ways the world is dealing with waste
Eating cheese does not raise risk of heart attack or stroke, study finds
Irish beach washed away 33 years ago reappears overnight after freak tide
A mattress stitch tutorial
Scrounging for money: how the worlds great writers made a living
What Henry Ford understood about wages
How to foil a fox attack on your chickens


  1. Naughty Gracie! She is such a cutie. Enjoy the weekend, Rhonda. I hope you can get out into your garden soon. It is very foggy here at the moment.

  2. I've enjoyed catching up on your blog this week Rhonda. I love your way with words. Don't you look amazing with your new hairdo!! We have two hole diggers here, and I never know which one has done the latest masterpiece, but they both disappear guiltily as soon as they see that I've caught wind of the new hole. Wishing you and Hanno a lovely weekend. X

  3. Aisling KiernanMay 19, 2017 10:49 pm

    Hi Rhonda I love your blog. Over the past week I have read so many posts and while I have been living a simple life since pregnant with our eldest 22 years ago, lately I have been unsettled as my youngest finishes school next week and heads off to college in September, ( please God!) Your lovely gentle wisdom has soothed and settled me and reminded me of what's important and of my value and values! Thank you. May inspiration continue to motivate you to write on your blog. Blessings and wishing you a lovely weekend. Aisling

    1. Don't ever think that you are redundant as a mum when the kids leave home.
      Sometimes I think you are even more in need.
      It's challenging as they are adults so a fair degree of tact is necessary but very rewarding as the balance becomes more even and a different sort of relationship grows.
      Tip them out of the nest and they'll fly back to visit. Sue.

  4. Oh Gracie, not good. Then she gives you that face. She may be small but she can certainly dig decent holes.
    Hopefully you will get back into your garden over the weekend and it will be lovely and soft.
    Great links as usual especially about dogs and chickens. Hoping those foxes stay away for you Rhonda.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Wow! Neat stuff you have here my friend. I always love your links and such.. The beach one is amazing and I found the fox and chickens one great as we lost 2 chicks last summer and could not get the fox.. Good advice.. Have a great weekend.. xoxoxo

  6. Gracie, hahahaha. It is a dull and wet morning here in Regional Victoria but good for the tanks. Have yourselves a wonderful weekend ☺

  7. Gracie was just doing a little gardening. She was just itching to get her hands (paws) in the dirt.

  8. What a thoughtfull little dog. Now you have a hole for planting something. Be glad you don't have a lab. Ours actually eats dryer vents. We had to put a fence between the house and the rest of the yard.Very sweet dog, but very destructive.

  9. That retroburbia link is great. I met one of the people featured last week, she was presenting on compost. We used our compost today and I was pleased to see a lot of worms in it. We are also putting in a new raised vegie garden this weekend, it's in a great spot so I'm excited to try it out.

  10. Well Rhonda, Gracie is a terrier. They are named for terre or earth, and are quite known for digging! My Sheltie runs around the perimeter of our garden looking for things to round up and of course, barks at anything that moves! We breed dogs to work for us, and then find that sometimes it is not quite what we thought. Gracie is awfully cute though; just like my boy Ranger. When he brings his little Sheltie face to me, I just melt. Can't stay angry for long!

  11. Having a three month old Chinese Crested puppy in the house, I can relate to naughtyness. "Lucky for you you're qute" I tell her ☺. Thanks for the links. Pam in Norway

  12. Please could you share the plum cake recipe with us.
    It was featured in an earlier blog this week.


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