Is there interest in an online blogging course?

31 May 2017
I've had quite a few emails recently from readers asking specific questions about blogging, and especially how to set up a blog and how to grow an audience.  I've done a few blogging courses here in my home and I was wondering is there is interest in writing a new course. Along with the usual topics such as layout, keywords, blog titles and style, I'd write about how I set up my blog and how I built on it over the years.  I think there are two keys to a successful blog and they are good content and a spirit of generosity, tolerance, inclusion and kindness. I would write about that and a lot more.

I would write up the notes and email them out to everyone who registered and then follow that with some Skype sessions of about 3 or 4 people at a time. We'd be able to have a good chat about the concept of blogging, discuss the important elements of a successful blog, discover your reasons for blogging and you could ask any questions you had. The course could be done in your own time and you'd only have to have a set time and date for the Skype sessions.

The course would be targeted at new bloggers and people who have already started a blog that didn't progress in ways you would expect it too. So we could do a bit of troubleshooting, talk about photos and blog titles and how to build an audience.

I would charge US $100 for the course and that would include the course notes, two Skype sessions of 1 hour each and some followup. Are you interested in such a course?  I may well be way off on this and maybe a local course is the way to go.  So I'll wait for your feedback and see what you have to say.  Thanks for your help. xx

If you're interested in doing a blog course, either now or later, email me:

This course is open to everyone no matter where you are in the world.