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29 April 2016
This is one of the places we visited in Tasmania. It's Arthur Circus, a delightful little collection of colonial houses surrounding a park in Battery Point, Hobart.

I've been enjoying spending a lot of time at home, working away to my heart's content. It's another long weekend coming up here and I'll be in the garden again and having the family around for a meal.  What are your plans for the weekend?

You can buy a cheap chicken today, but we all pay for it in the long run
17 Simple Swaps for Big Savings in Groceries
Wood burning gift ideas
Classified as probably carcinogenic to humans


  1. Rhonda thank you for the newsletter from the forum. I actually visited and commented at the forum this morning. So much great info. there. Blessings to you and Hanno today! Carolyn in Fl. (MiMi on the forum.)

  2. I'm enjoying just staying home and pottering these days too, I used to go out a lot in the other house just to get away from the cigarette smoke, but now, home is a lovely place to be. I'm going to finishing a quilt for my son's 40th next weekend, work on the veggie garden and maybe paint an old wardrobe. Enjoy yours Rhonda.

  3. Joy of all joys! I am through my semester except for grading finals and few meetings. For the next 20 weeks, my life is mine! This weekend, I am planting a bit more of the garden, appliquing a bit of a quilt, and cleaning my neglected house... I am so happy!

  4. Saturday morning will be a potluck brunch to celebrate the 41nd birthday of my oldest daughter, hosted by my youngest daughter. Our social events are mostly family of all ages.

  5. I really liked the tutorial on the country-style pillowcases. Thanks for sharing, Rhonda.

  6. I'll be glad when my work week is over, and so I can get my hands in some dirt.
    Coffee is on

  7. Especially enjoyed the article about going grey. I told myself that I would stop coloring my hair when I reached 60 years old. Must admit I panicked and put the rinse in again. I finally got hold of my fear of looking old and went for it. Now, three years later, I am amazed how many compliments I receive and how healthy and thick my hair has become.

  8. I read the article about going grey and many years ago I used to dye my hair and then one day I decided to stop and haven't been down that road since. Probably 30 or more years. My hair hasn't gone completely grey so I suppose I am lucky in that regard. I just decided what was going to happen would.

    Regarding the chicken article. Quite a few years back my husband and I went to pick up some garden soil and at that place they had chicken sheds where they raised chickens for the table for one of the big chicken companies. I was appalled at the poor chickens being housed in this large shed and hardly able to walk around because of their size. They were kept in that shed for a number of weeks and then were let outside to a grassed
    area for a week before they were then shipped off to the factory. It really put me off chicken. That particular property had a number of sheds as did the property next door. I sort of thought - you go to buy a kilo of chicken legs or wings or whatever and how many chickens died in the process to make up that weight.

  9. I too really liked the article on going grey. I was 43 when I had a terrible dye at at salon, and I went back and had it all cut off, very very short and then I let it grow! I love just being myself, and enjoying life as it is. There is a simple beauty in that. I was at a gathering recently and most of the women were older than myself and so many had short grey hair and it was beautiful. BUT, one woman had long grey hair and she had a beautiful bun and looked so feminine and elegant that I have decided to let my hair grow even more. I won't be able to have a fat poofy bun, but I can do what my Granny called her "Danish" and in a way, this makes me feel even closer to my beautiful Gran and her long white hair!

    1. I love grey or white hair. My sister has pure white hair and it's beautiful. I'm letting my hair grow too. Good luck growing your Danish. xx

  10. I so love those photos taken in Battery Point. I visited there once but only wish I had more time to dawdle there and ponder what life might have been like all those years ago.

  11. Love the article about grey hair. Since I stopped dying my hair approximately 4 years ago, at around 56yrs, I'm no longer a slave to my roots. :)

  12. Dreadful information about Monsanto again...I'm so glad I refuse to allow our gardener to use Roundup (or any other weedkiller) on our property.

  13. i love seeing the little houses and the streets..so pretty


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