Champagne brush, straw brush: cleaning bottles

21 April 2016
I was asked recently how I clean bottles. Of course I use a brush, I use brushes for much of my cleaning and cleaning bottles is no exception. Last year I added a Redecker champagne bottle brush and a straw brush to my collection.  The Redecker brush, made in Germany, is made to clean inside champagne flutes but I've found they also fit inside the narrow neck of most glass bottles. The brush looks like a narrow bottle brush but it has a longer than normal steel handle and a soft wool tip that helps a lot when cleaning in a small space.

The straw brush makes cleaning in small spaces much easier.

This is the woollen tip of the brush that helps when cleaning the bottom of bottles.

The other brush is a straw brush which I use to clean inside the tops of some drink bottles. You can get inside the mouth piece, both inside and out and then when I've scrubbed the area, I place the top in the dishwasher to finish off the job.  If you have glass straws or sippy cups, this brush will also clean them efficiently too, allowing you to get into the small tight spaces.

If you use cleaning brushes, don't forget to sanitise them frequently by either cleaning them in the dishwasher or soaking them overnight in water with a dash of peroxide added. If you care for your brushes and store them upside down so they can dry out between uses, they'll last a long time.

I bought my brushes from my wonderful sponsor Biome who have shops and a mail order business situated in Brisbane.  Champagne bottle brush.  Straw brush. Please let me know if the links don't work for you. If they don't work, don't click on the following links they won't work, go to google and add the following URLs to your search bar for the champagne brush:  and for the straw brush:  I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'm working with Google to fix the links.

I love cleaning brushes. If you are using an unusual one, please tell me about it.