Weekend reading

15 April 2016
The weather is cooler here, just right for spending time in the garden planting up some seedlings. Hanno has been adding manures and compost to the soil and slowly, the garden is taking shape. It's the time of year when the promise of vegetables relies on how much work we do. So we'll be watering, weeding, clipping and making many small steps towards another year of good harvests. We better get a wriggle on.
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Rose, of Greening the Rose, is blogging again, this time at a new Wordpress location. Call in and have a look, then stay for the interesting posts.

Coffee in Maleny with Morag last week.

Morag of My Permaculture Life usually has something interesting to say. Here she's blogging about Chia. Morag and I met for coffee last week. It was great to catchup with her, find out what she's working on and sharing some information about our book tour.
New app helps shoppers find free-range eggs