The slowest of slow lanes

1 January 2016
The past week has been a mix of tranquility, visitors and grandchildren, and now here we are, ready to begin a new year. I'm looking forward to a few weeks of rest now and then I'll be out, touring around and meeting people with my last book. I'm going to enjoy that final flourish in the commercial world but I'm ready to let go of it all and return to the quietness of my home.

While I rest after one of my busiest years, I'll be getting back to regular baking, making soap, slowing my mind with hand stitching and working to a routine sometimes and my natural rhythm at others. Life will pass slowly, I'll garden, fuss about, take my time, write, think, sit in the back yard, make scones with buttermilk, pour tea from a pot and get to know life again without the constant need to write. Writing has been part of my life since I was a teenager and while I think I'm ready to let it go, Hanno is doubtful.

At the start of this new year, I'm not going to think about resolutions. Instead I'll be living with the clear intention of enjoying every day. I'll follow my heart, work with the seasons and my inclinations and appreciate my work and home life in the slowest of slow lanes. I hope you'll continue to visit me as I slow down; maybe you can do it too. And in the words of Wendell Berry: Let’s be against sweeping changes and in favor of doing things in small steps. Let’s not discourage ourselves by trying for too much or subject ourselves to the tyranny of somebody else’s big idea.  Happy new year, my friends. ♥︎