Weekend reading

8 January 2016

I received the most charming gift yesterday. It was a package of homemade biscuits, wrapped in cellophane and bubblewrap and carefully packed into an express courier bag.  A vintage-look postcard told me it was from Andrea, my Penguin publisher. My new book was her last project for Penguin. In The Simple Home you'll see a photo of a beautiful wooden embossed rolling pin and when I asked Andrea about it she said it was hers and she was hoping to use it when she left Penguin and had a short holiday before starting work again. It looks like she was good to her word, as usual, because the pattern you see on the biscuits was made with that rolling pin. Thanks Andrea. You're one very special lady. They are the best ginger biscuits I've ever tasted. 

Wendell Berry's thoughts on the good life.
This is a wonderful resource from Milkwood about foraging seaweed for home and garden use. Please check your local regulations to make sure you're allowed to take seaweed home.
How a food budget got us out of debt.
Kevin TV, local food - please note, there is some vision of hunting and dead animals in some videos.
Meals that mark life's milestones.
Making nitrate-free corned beef
A hopeful nature is a blog written by one of the women who came to my blogging workshops late last year.
Darn and Dusted - a gallery of darned fabrics

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Enjoy your weekend, my friends. One week in and I can see many home projects ahead just waiting for their time. I'm working on a small patchwork today. What are your plans?