T'was the night before Christmas ...

24 December 2015
Christmas Eve morning, Santa will be getting ready to leave about now, so it's a good time to wish you all a very happy Christmas. Whether you're spending tomorrow alone, with a house full of excited children and adults, or with your own true love, Hanno and I wish you all the joy your heart can hold.  We loved reading the good wishes sent our way yesterday, thank you. We'll be here tomorrow with some of our family, enjoying the day through the eyes of four year old Jamie. Today he and I will make biscuits for Santa and he'll probably talk about his plans to leave water and carrots for the reindeer. I am truly grateful I get to spend these hours with him. 

I think next year will be a fairly tough one for all of us as we continue to tackle the complexities of our modern world. Creating a safe and sound home for yourself and learning how to grow, preserve and cook food is one of the best ways to get through those difficult years. As you all know, I'm slowing down a bit but I'll continue to show and tell what we do here in the hope that it strikes a cord with you.
She's finished!

I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine. Morag Gamble is an amazing woman who lives fairly close to me in a house she and her husband designed for their young family. Morag works from home and holds frequent workshops and talks focused on skill building and permaculture. I've encouraged her to start a blog to document her life's journey and make a unique record for her own family. Morag is a permaculture teacher and designer so of course her home is surrounded by a productive garden, she works with young children so she has many ideas about how to raise healthy, adventurous, creative children. She occasionally travels the world advising groups and communities on permaculture and living sustainably. But you might be surprised to find she also makes her own cleaning and skin products, she's a cook and a homemaker with her own unique way of living simply. Have a look at her blog Our Permaculture Life. She's been writing there for a couple of months while she develops her style and finds her rhythm so there's already a good collection of interesting posts. Please leave a comment so she knows we're supporting her. She has a wealth of knowledge and she's eager to share what she does. Share her link on Facebook and Pinterest and put her on your Feedly, or subscribe via email, so you don't miss her posts.

Thank you for visiting me throughout the year and welcome to all the new readers who have found their way here this year. I appreciate the time you spend with me sharing your thoughts or silently reading the words here. Knowing you're there does make a difference. Hanno and I wish you a very happy Christmas. Stay safe, be kind - to yourself as well as others, and come back soon to explore what the next 12 months holds for us.  ♥︎