Australia Day and Stan Grant

26 January 2016
On this Australia Day I recognise many great Australians who work for the good of their local communities and for our country. Most Australians know Stan Grant as a journalist and occasional commentator. Here he is with his commentator's hat on, saying things we need to hear. 


  1. Well if that isnt food for thought on this Australia Day then i dont know what is.

  2. Great speech and thank you for sharing it, Rhonda!

  3. You can take that speech, change the country to Canada, and it would still be pertinent. The recent shootings in La Loche, Saskatchewan is a continuing indication of the struggles that young native Canadians live with day to day. They lack good native role models; family life that has been burdened by the effects of residential schooling enforced by "whites". They need someone like Mr. Grant to speak for them, as they struggle to find their voice. The only drawback I see is that Mr. Grant has succeeded in a "white" world. He represents what we whites would consider "normal and successful". What is needed is a leader who succeeds in his own world, dressed as his "people" would be dressed,work in a native occupation and still be recognized by whites as a success. That is how I know as whites, we are still racist.


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