My favourite place #7

20 August 2015
This is a weekly feature for readers to show us their favourite place at home. This week's photos are from Linnea in Finland and Marian on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

First up is Linnea: My favourite place in our home is this little, cosy nook. We live in a second floor flat in a 100 year old house (renovated 8 years ago, though), and I really enjoy the sloped ceiling. 

This is my favourite place for reading or knitting, or just letting my thoughts wander while looking out from the window. I live in Finland, so we have four distinctly different seasons. Warm but short summers full of light, dark, cold and long winters and few months of spring and fall in between. At fall and winter time this nook looks very homey with the candels lighted.

As you can see, I'm not the only one who loves this spot in our home!

My blog: name of the blog: Neulanen (meaning a needle or a little pin) (Written in Finnish, but I'll put an English post to welcome readers when the post is published in D2E)

Thank you for giving us all the lovely opportunity to take a peek in each others homes!

 : : : ♥︎ : : :

Our next reader is Marion who says:  I live on the Southern Mornington Peninsula Victoria in a semi rural area. This is one of my favourite places, my Kitchen. I was lucky enough to be able to design my house, hence the large country kitchen. It faces north so it gets beautiful winter sun which is a blessing in this cold weather. In summer it is shaded by the verandah. I can enjoy the garden view all year round. We get migratory birds and have a myriad of wild life passing through at different times of the year and this is the best viewing area.

You can just see the vegetable garden, and looking through the little window in the second photo you can see Missy one of my goats.

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  1. I enjoy seeing and reading about these charming, favorite places it makes me feel a part of another world:)

  2. Oh I love that little sunny nook! I think it would be my favorite place too if that was my house!

    And a lovely kitchen looking out over the garden. Thankyou for sharing! :)


  3. I don't mind spending hours and hours in that cozy nook myself! Simple but very pretty bunting decor, too.

    I can almost smell the pleasant scents coming from that kitchen. There are kitchens and there are kitchens that exude care and nonsense hard work. Yours is the latter.

    Thank you for the glimpses, ladies!

  4. I adore the nook with the lovely light and white walls. I hope to find a nook of my own when our family moves next summer.

  5. I would like to admit, that I adore this crocheted blanket on the first photo. It is beautiful.

  6. I love this series. It's like "inner selfies". Ha.

  7. Such charming rooms. I love that both spaces have wonderful light from the large windows, so important I think.

  8. I love Linnea's spot, a cat in a sun lit corner always calls me, takes me backbto childhood. And Marion's kitchen is my sort of kitchen, lot's of benchspace with a wonderful outlook.
    Two great places.

  9. love both places, the sunny nook which the cat has taken over as his own with the adorable crochet blanket & that gorgeous country kitchen!
    they are both beautiful, i so miss the atmosphere of a the kitchen table in the kitchen!
    thanx for giving us a peek into your favourite spots
    thanx for sharing
    selina from kilkivan qld

  10. Both havens for relaxation be it for reading, knitting or baking. Love both. Thanks for sharing your special spots. Diane

  11. I love this feature and seeing beautiful, favorite rooms from all over the world. I'll be sending you a couple of photos!


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