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18 August 2015
First I must apologise to those people who left comments late yesterday. I was up wandering about late last night, I read them, selected all to be published and then clicked on delete instead of publish.  It's Blogger's fault.  They shouldn't put the buttons so close together. Please resubmit your comments if you feel like it and I promise to publish them this time.

 From left: Blinky, Tricia, Damac and Rhonda.

My sister Tricia is here at the moment so there are a few excursions planned as well as a lot of slow time in these last days of winter. I'm sure we'll also be sewing, quilting and drinking tea. Yesterday we had a visit from two forum ladies, Blinky and Damac and Damac's sister-in-law Rhonda (there is a growing army of us). Blinky is a local lady and Damac is visiting from Sydney.  Of course the conversation turned to crafts, Blinky brought along some of her exquisite embroidery and Damac brought gifts that she made. Luckily Jamie was here yesterday so she could give him a named Jamie bag she made for him. Damac also showed us a dishcloth she's crocheting using 100 percent soft cotton string she bought cheaply at Woolworths. I forget now what she said the price was but she's getting 1½ dishcloths from one ball, making it a very thrifty dishcloth.

These are some of the handmade gifts Damac brought along.

We wandered around the garden, enjoyed hot drinks and cake and generally had a lovely time. It's always good to get together with people who think like you do. It reaffirms the path we're all on is right for us and there is always something to talk about, even though you may not have met before.

Today we may go to visit Sunny at her shop. Tricia hasn't seen it yet. When we come home, I'll help in the garden - Hanno is planting out seedings and I and have about 15 elkhorns to attach to backing boards. So it looks like another good day here in our little homestead. I hope yours is a good one too. xx


  1. Nothing like a visit with dear friends! Enjoy!

  2. It was lovely meeting four smart women !!!
    Did you get a lovely gift!
    Enjoy the days with your sister!

  3. How nice to put faces to names - have a great time with friends Rhonda

  4. I am sorry for laughing about you deleting the comments! It is so much like things that happen to me! Not my fault either! :)

    What a fun gathering!

  5. Rhonda, I am sure you all had a wonderful time with those lovely ladies. They are certainly very talented and produce exquisite craftwork. Jamie would have been thrilled with his gift. I bought the string for the dishcloth a while back but haven't tried making it yet. Something a little different.

  6. How wonderful to see you all gathered together! What a lovely time you must have had. Does't Judy sew and craft brilliantly? And she is so very generous.

    I'm quite envying how everybody is dressed, it looks like summer up there.

  7. Sounds like you have had a perfectly delicious few days! I returned to work today after summer break. I had dreaded it. After all, I am the only person I know on campus who is living more and more simply... Yet, it ended up being a lovely day as I ate my packed lunch and enjoyed hearing what others had done -- travel and such -- and smiling to myself about how much fun I had being home knitting, canning, and weeding my gardens! :)

  8. Rhonda, When you say a ball of cotton 'string' are you referring to crochet thread - the kind that's used to make doilies? I've wanted to make a dishcloth for quite a while, but needed to get up the nerve to ask. It looks as if you ladies were having a great time. That's about as close to a simple life as one can get. One of my favorite memories is when a friend visited me from California (I'm on the East coast, she's on the West coast) and we cooked a meal together. I felt right at home with her.

    1. Angie, it wasn't crochet thread is was what we call string and I think you call twine. It's usually used for tying packages. This one was 100 percent soft absorbent cotton and very cheap. You can make dishcloths with any pure cotton thread, often 8 ply is used but I like the thinner threads.

    2. Thank you, Rhonda. How frugal is that? I love it. That will be my next project.

  9. Right now it feels like we have visitors. My youngest daughter's friend is moving up here to a mobile home I have on the property, but the mobile is not quite ready to be lived in. So she and her boyfriend are helping me out by finishing it up, so they can move in. I made a good deal with them for rent, since they are doing all the work. At any given time I have six young adults here working away on the home, and we all share in food purchasing and preparation, and clean up. It's fun, but I can't wait to get back to my regular routine!

  10. ha ha ha nearly fell off my chair after reading the first paragraph! glad i'm not the only one who deletes things by accident!
    you looked wonderful & what lovely gifts to bring too! glad everyone had an enjoyable time together.
    it is so nice to be able to just potter around at ones own pace, i love it!
    thanx for sharing
    selina from kilkivan qld

  11. Hi Rhonda,
    I have just read both your entries from yesterday and today, and it feels like they are related to each other. Don't you feel like there is a time in early life when it is more about wanting to impress the people around us, being out in the world, and generally about trying to know who we are. And then comes a time when finally it happens, the self confidence is there, the own craziness and the quiet happiness... I don't care anymore about what people think of me, or what I'm wearing, or the length/colour of my hair, or whatever else. I'm going out in the world purely for financial reasons but could happily stay here all day, pottering around. My obsession of the moment is to find a way to cheaply furnish my home. Pallets, besser blocks, old fruit crates, paint, oh what a delight ! People reactions are so funny, going from "your home is so beautiful" to "when are you going to grow up and buy some real furniture ?" I'm close to 50, too late to grow up and to change taste in furniture I'm afraid...
    And by the way, I have the kind of string you are talking about, and always thought that it would be a good idea to knit something with it. Looks like it's not a so bad idea after all.
    Wish my sister could come over (she's on the other side of the world), enjoy you time with Trish!
    Corinne from Warrimoo.


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