Where is your favourite place at home?

7 July 2015
Hello everyone. A few years ago I had a photo feature on my blog where I invited readers to send me a photo of their kitchen sink. Many photos arrived and for about a year I featured a photo a week with a description written by the sender.  I've been thinking of starting another photo feature so we can all have a look around our community to see where we are spending time.  And then Nanette suggested I start it again so now here we are again. I'll start off with my front verandah.

This is our front verandah and it's one of my favourite places here in my home. Hanno and I have morning tea here, we talk to visitors here and I often sit and think about the entire universe here, but not in a Stephen Hawking kind of way. My parallel universes are my front and back gardens.  ;- ) We live in a sub-tropical climate and these photos were taken in early winter.

If you want to be involved, send two clear photos of one of your favourite places at home or in your yard. Just one place, but two photos from different angles. Ladies, you know the drill. Photos of sewing rooms, kitchens, patios, gardens, baby's room or wherever you feel comfortable and grateful to be there. I want the men to be involved too, we all know you're out there, so I'm including tool sheds, man caves, garages, under the bonnet of the car or at the stove or BBQ, if that is your favourite place to hang out. Write a short description of what you're sending, tell us the general region you're in, a little bit about your climate and why you love your favourite place. If you have a blog, send a link which I'll include with the photos. I think readers will want to visit you after the photo is up.

I'll publish photos from two people each week. Please size your photos at about 100 - 250kb, or 650 - 1000 pixels and that will allow me to reproduce a quality photo at the size I need for my blog. Send your photos now or next week or wait until you've had time to think about it and send then. This will carry on for a while. I look forward to looking at your photos and learning a bit more about you.

The email address is: d2eblogphotos@gmail.com


  1. g'day
    well this will be something to look forward to, i don't have a favourite place here, not yet anyway, am still working on making it a 'home'
    love looking at other peoples homes, have a huge blog list for it too
    have always loved your veranda, it always looks so cozy.
    thanx for sharing
    selina from kilkivan qld

  2. Can't wait to see all your lovely followers' favs and hope to join in too. I can understand why your veranda is your favourite space, it looks so calm, relaxing and inviting.

  3. This a lovely idea Rhonda & I'll certainly be a participant just as soon as I can increase my tech knowledge enough to, (a) size my photos correctly & (b) figure out how to send a link to my blog. Your verandah looks so welcoming & that's where I would be spending every spare minute too. I trust you don't have a fly problem such as we do here in country South Aust. :/ I'm so looking forward to seeing your reader's pictures of their favorite parts of their homes.

  4. Oh yes, I still know the kitchen-serie you made with all the lovely photos! It was a pleasure to see how other down-to-earth-readers are living and baking. I sure want to share my favorite place with you and all other readers. Thank you so much for starting another photo-serie!

    Love from Holland xx

  5. Can't wait to see what others send in-it is always so much fun! Perhaps I can get a snap or two of my place, too.

  6. What a brilliant idea. I look forward to seeing everyone's favourite places :-)

  7. Your front veranda looks heavenly! What a great idea! I can't wait to see other peoples favourite places.

  8. Your verandah looks wonderful - early winter here would definitely involve fleeces, fingerless gloves and some hot coffee :-). I can't wait to see some of the pictures and will give this serious thought. Sadly my husband is between sheds (he's planning to build a new one next month) and is seriously missing his 'man space'.

  9. I love your front verandah! How beautiful and tranquil!

    I live at the top of the Blue Mountains so its not really an option here.., being 1 degree until about 10am most days of the year puts a bit of a chilly dampner on it ;)

    I have a combustion fire place though and love to sit in front of it, on the floor with a cuppa and my baby boy on my lap. Its a messy thing (fires always are) but will send some piccies in anyway :)

    So jealous of your beautiful tranquil spot :)

  10. I love little sneak peaks in to others lives! I look forward to this series Rhonda. I will have to try and grab some decent snaps of a spot or two here and actually remember to send them across. Mind you here is nothing fancy, but its home.

    I'm keeping an eye out for a second hand wicker outdoor setting in my travels - I would love to have a beautiful out door lounge area!


  11. Rhonda, when it rains hard, your outdoor furniture doesn't get wet? I can see it's set way back, but rain will often come down on a slant. I just love that outdoor place you have! :)

  12. Oh what a lovely idea Rhonda, I enjoyed your kitchen sink series. It is nice to get a peek into the way others live. Your verandah has always looked as though it is an awesome place to hang out.

  13. That veranda area is lovely. I remember the kitchen series and I enjoyed it so much. Looking forward to the new photos!!


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