Weekend reading

10 July 2015

As I was sitting on the bench in the back garden yesterday, the winds were blowing and there was the undeniable feel of winter in the air. When I looked around, all I could see were things that needed pruning, so that is what I'll be doing today. I'll be loading up my cart with shears, clippers and a pruning saw and doing the winter pruning. I hope you enjoy today and the weekend. Thanks for your visits this week and for the photos sent in for the new favourite place feature.

Vintage crochet coat hanger tutorial
Look at these pretty crafts for 10 - 80 year olds
New York from the air - fabulous pictures
How to grow passionfruit
From the Farmers’ Market to the FreezerTasha Tudor's garden - the commentary is Japanese but when Tasha talks, it's English. You Tube
When It’s Time to Hand the Farm to the Next Generation by Shannon Hayes
How to make a rosebud hair clip
A simple life is a good life, five reminders from the Amish
Peg bag tutorial
California’s Drought Changes Habits in the Kitchen
Cook's books: a blogger's recipes inspired by literature


  1. Hi Rhonda, I loved the article about the Amish. I've always been drawn to their simple way of life. I love watching documentaries on them in my spare time! There is much to learn from them.

    My brother lives is North Carolina, USA and I've always thought if I got the chance to visit, I would love to spend a day with an Amish family. I think there would be a lot to be learnt! Jade x

  2. It's so cold here in Melbourne that it's hard to even contemplate going out into the garden, I can't wait for some milder weather!

  3. I really enjoyed the article about the Amish. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week nod!

  4. Your book looks loved. Almost as much as my own copy LOL

    1. It has travelled well, Miss Rosie. It's travelled 1000s of kms with me and come to all my talks. It's doing well.

  5. So nice to visit with you, dear Rhonda and catch up on all I have missed gadding about.. grin..
    Love your veranda and your books and your plants.. Oh my.. Beautiful.. Missed ya... xo

  6. Your weekend reading is a fundamental part of my weekend Rhonda! Thank you so very much for the time you take! Hope it has been a wonderful weekend up your way 😄. Puccetta in Sydney

  7. I just wanted to say hello I have just found your lovely blog and was really touched by your opening words in your side bar it struck a cord within me. I will enjoy your reading your future posts and catching up with some past ones to. Best wishes to you, Delia :-)


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