What am I doing? And a hamper to be won

28 August 2014
If you'd like to meet Hanno and I and listen to a talk on simple and frugal living, the details are below. The talks are free and sponsored by the Morton Bay Council. We can take a few more bookings at all the venues but Arana Hills and Redcliffe are almost fully booked.
  • Wednesday 3 Sept, 1pm at Arana Hills Library.
  • Thursday 4 Sept, 10am at Bribie Island Library.
  • Friday 5 Sept, 10am at Caboolture Library.
  • Wednesday 10 Sept, 10.30am at Redcliffe.
I'll be talking about green cleaning, dishcloths, budgeting, chooks and slowing down and much more, and you'll have plenty of time to ask questions. If you have one of my books and want it signed, bring it along. I'll have both books there on sale as well.

The server we use at the forum crashed so no one could get onto the forum for the past two days. To make up for this, I'm offering an ecostore products hamper for one lucky winner who lives in Australia.  If the winner is overseas, I'll send an Amazon book voucher. To enter, simply go to the forum and tell me what you were doing on the two days when you couldn't get to the forum. I think we'll have some interesting, and maybe some funny, stories to read.

At the moment, we're looking after Jamie while Sunny gets a few things organised for her new sushi business. It starts on 24 September at the Caloundra Woolworths.  I've started writing again. I'm working on the final book in the series that will be published in February 2015. This book is a baking book and I'm being very careful about including a lot of hints and tips about baking consistently good bread and cakes. This isn't only a recipe book, it will help you with proving, kneading, oven rise and flours and should get you on the road to getting a healthy, delicious loaf on the table everyday for your family.

I'll be in and out of the blog when I can be so don't give up on me. This is just one of those busy seasons.


  1. Hello Rhonda & Hanno,
    Great news about Sunny's sushi business and Jamie will enjoy his grandparents. I can speak for your Library talks they are fantastic and so nice to hear you speak in person. That cake looks delicious, is the recipe in your book?. My 12 yr old son has been making batches of your cookies and freezing the dough. The one from your down to earth book, of course we call them the down to earth cookies. A cheery hello to you both. Lors

    1. Hello Lors. I'm glad your son likes the cookies and that he makes them himself. I made a batch of the muffins in the book this morning when I knew Jamie was coming over. Added bananas to them and they were delicious.

    2. and yes, the recipe will be in the book, as well as a special technique you can use in all your cakes.

  2. I too think the cake looks scrumptious. And I have been to your Masterclass at last year's Writers' Festival so I know how interesting and useful your talks are.

    1. Hi ks, thanks for the good feedback. The combination of raspberry and chocolate is a favourite in our family.

  3. I've been flat out with a very sick little girl this week. It was supposed to be my first week of maternity leave but I have been to a medical appointment at least once a day for the past four days. My little one is finally on the mend and will hopefully go to daycare tomorrow giving me a chance to catch up on housework etc- actually who am I kidding! I just want to lay on the lounge for a day and catch up on some rest!

    I did manage to season my new terracotta bread form/tin and baked a lovely loaf with a surprisingly different texture. Will hopefully bake another tomorrow. That chocolate cake is looking very tempting...!

    1. I'm pleased to know she's recovering. Forget the housework, look after yourself while you have the free time to do it. With a bit of extra sleep under your belt, you'll catch up on things over the weekend. XX

  4. Hi Rhonda. I have been lucky enough to attend one of your library talks in the past. I live as gently on the planet as I can, but going to your talk just reminded me of how much more I can be doing to live simply.
    I enjoy baking my own bread, and I bake to take 'a plate' over to the allotment on a Wednesday morning when we all get together. So your new baking book sounds just the job for my own kitchen.

  5. Hi Rhonda
    Are your talks recorded ? so those in a far far away land or even just WA can watch them.

  6. Rhonda,
    The cake looks wonderful. Did you use dark or milk chocolate? Raspberry season may over, but made from scratch cakes are always timely.
    Thank you for the kimchi post. Quick question: how long can kimchi be kept in the refrigerator?

    1. I use good quality cocoa, Kim.

      Kimchi will last a long time - months, as long as you store it in sterile jars.


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