Brisbane talks

17 August 2014


  1. You have a busy time coming up again, Rhonda. It must be time you paid a visit to Toowoomba again although our library you spoke at is now closed and has been relocated while a new one is being built elsewhere.

    1. I didn't know it had been relocated. I remember it being fairly small was that the reason it was closed? I have very good memories of the people I met in Toowoomba. We've been talking about going over for a visit soon.

  2. Rhonda, the large shopping centre Grand Central has bought Garden Town across from the library so the library has been relocated as Grand Central is extending right across to Garden Town so I guess the library will be knocked down in the process. Dymocks and one other shop are still open in Garden Town but I am not sure if they will be reopening again in the new shopping centre or at all when it has been built.

    If you are planning a visit the gardens in our major parks are being prepared for the Carnival of Flowers and should be a riot of colour in the week before the Carnival which is a quieter time to visit. The Carnival starts on the 20th September. Yes, we are lovely people in Toowoomba :-) It's from all that clean mountain air.

  3. Hi Rhonda,

    I am so excited, I have started my own blog. If you would like to check it out

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi Rhonda,

    I saw a poster up at my local library the other week regarding your talks and made a note of the date as I'm still disappointed I missed seeing you last time. Looking forward to it.

    I also wanted to share will you a project I'm part of in the Samford area, a NFP community run urban farm with teaching spaces, Millen Farm. It's part of a larger sustainable project in the area. You can find us on Facebook/MillenFarm or at our temporary website

    Thanks for your time. I've only ever commented a few times but I read often (whenever the little ones are sleeping usually!)

    Best to you both,


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