28 March 2014

Weekend reading

I thought I may have been dreaming but no, it's true. I was told by Penguin yesterday that The Simple Life is being reprinted, already! Published on Wednesday and reprinted on Thursday. Thanks to everyone who helped make that happen. :- )  I hope you enjoy it. If you bought it online and have time, would you mind writing a review at the shop you bought it from. It does help spread the word. Thank you. xx

We've had a lot of well needed rain here in the passed couple of days. The tanks are full and the vegetables are growing like Topsy.  I finally finished off Johnathan's cardigan and sent that down to him with Tricia. Johnathan is Tricia's grandson.

Johnathan's cardigan in Eco-organic cotton, 8 ply,  from Eco Yarns.

I've got a weekend of housework ahead and then back to writing next week. I usually feel a bit disconnect from my books until people start reading them and now The Simple Life is out, it's fired me up again for the three remaining books. I hope the series will help many of you in your journey towards a simpler life. Have a wonderful weekend. 

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