21 March 2014

Weekend reading

Another busy week here. It's probably been the same at your place too. I hope all is well in your home and that you'll have a chance this weekend to slow down and look after yourself.  Thanks for your visits this week and for your help with the shopping questions. XXX

If you can't keep hens in your backyard, here are some webcam chooks for you to watch.
NASA-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'?
Farm to table living takes root
How to be fashionable with no money
Over-scheduling children may rob them of a life worth living
Joel Salatin on Converting people to sustainable food
Lost trades fair - coopering, chair and knife making and a lot more
Leftovers? Ask the dinner doctor
Lady's work mittens - free Revelry pattern
Food photography 101
Urban Sketchers
How to make a herbal salve

sustainable mum
Simple crafty life
Homestead in Africa
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