7 March 2014

Weekend reading

Here is my big boy Jamie on his way to kindy on the train in Korea. And later having lunch with mum, Sunny, in a cafe. He'll be three years old on 31 March. We sure do miss them both.

This week seems to have flown by. I've been writing and test baking, Hanno has been gardening but was slowed down a bit by gout. I'll be out in the garden later today sowing seeds and reorganising the bush house. I'm looking forward to spending time away from the computer and in the fresh air. The weather is beautiful at the moment. I hope you enjoy your time today and on the weekend. See you all next week. :- )

Transition Farm
Interest in craft declining in British schools
Very cute home decorated fish bowls
Spurtopia's sustainable living on a rental property workshop. Watch Roman and Lada on Gardening Australia again on 19 April.
Recipes for Pancake Day
Stocking up on goodness
Use your loaf to prevent food waste

Happiness. stuff and nonsense
The desert echo
A simple track



  1. I need to start saving potato peelings, etc. for the stockpot - a good idea!

  2. Jamie is beautiful Rhonda and looks like he's enjoying his holiday very much...when do they come home? Thanks for the weekend reading and enjoy your weekend...hope Hanno's gout is on the mend.

    1. Hi Nanette, they're spending time with Sunny's mum, she's not well. So we're not sure when they'll come home, it will depend on how things progress over there.

  3. Jamie is so handsome. Sorry about Sunny's Mom and Hanno's gout. Blessings, Carolyn in Fl.

  4. Thanks for these links Rhonda.

    I hope everyone's health improves soon. xxoo

  5. Just a thought. Has Hanno has his blood sugars checked recently?
    I was listening to a segment on the radio the other day saying that they now believe that if your bsl's are up it seems to make getting rid of the uric crystals difficult.
    This made perfect sense to me because leading up to Brians T2 diagnosis his gout was playing up shocking. Since he's bought his levels down his attacks have been few and far between.
    This may not be Hanno's issue, but might be worth checking out next time he's at the drs.
    Love to you both xx

    1. I'm not sure Becci. His doctor is very cautious and sends him off for blood tests quite frequently. I know he had a fasting blood test recently but I'm not sure if that was for sugar. xx

    2. I would think that bsl's would be checked regularly after a certain age?

  6. thanks for the links love them every week

  7. Wow, Jamie has grown so much! You must miss him Rhonda - he's a beautiful boy. Hope Hanno is feeling better, my mum suffers from something similar and she swears by fenugreek tea, though we're all different and what works for one may not work for another.
    It's been nice to stop by and see what you've been up to. I hadn't visited in many weeks and it was like coming back to a cozy friend's house. Though I'm just a little envious of all those beautiful chickens!

    1. Hi Tania, I felt the same when I noticed you posted a few days ago. It was a lovely visit with a friend. So let's agree that I'll be envious of your house cow and you can envy my chooks. Deal. Thanks for the tip about the tea. I'll see if I can get some at our co-op. We're at our wit's end because it's happening so frequently. xx

  8. Jamie is a cutie what a little blessing to your family. I hope Hanno is feeling ok and the gout is calming down. I would love to know more about your bush house Rhonda, have you posted about it before? I want to say a massive thank you for including a link to my blog in Weekend Reading, what a pleasant surprise. Looking forward to your next post.

  9. Hi Rhonda, some interesting tidbits on your weekend reading links, as always! I don't know if you are aware of this American site, but I'll put the link here anway: http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf/Better_Living/Frugal_Living/index.html
    I was googling for tips to re-use the little bags or capsules of desiccant that come with so many things these days, and I found some handy tips here. Then I started looking around on the site (as one does...)and found lots more good stuff!


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