14 March 2014

Weekend reading

Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions for accommodation in Tasmania. We have been there before, Tricia hasn't, but we're all looking forward to the trip very much. Hanno didn't recover quite as quickly as we thought and only yesterday was able to walk around freely without the walking stick. So we're almost back to normal now. I'm looking forward to doing some gardneing on the weekend, and to the reader who asked about the bush house, I'm cleaning it up on the weekend, so I'll take photos and write about it next week.  

Have a lovely weekend everyone and remember to look after yourself. 


Why bother? - if you only have time to read one thing here, let it be this one by Michael Pollan.
Frenchfoodbaby via Small Wonders (on my side bar) both are excellent resources if you're feeding babies and young children
25 things you might not know about the web on its 25th birthday
What do you do?
Cheap eats in Adelaide
Meat straight from the farm - grass to grill
Keyboard shortcuts for Mac
List of companion plants
Survivorman - Off the Grid - You Tube
Beekeeping for Beginners - You Tube
A parrot gets a job in Legoland
Roman and Jana are having another free sustainable living workshop on Sunday 6 April @ 2pm in New Farm, bookings essential. Email spurtopia@gmail.com to book.

Becci's Domestic Bliss
Eight acres - the blog
Tassie to Karatha


  1. Thanks as always for the weekend reading, it always signals to me that gentle pause that says the weekend is upon us. Your knitting basket and yarn looks yummy. Enjoy your weekend pottering in the garden....I have similar plans and also have a quilt I stayed up way too late last night cutting out, to sew.

  2. I always enjoy the articles that you share. I get a lot of great thoughts running through my head and some awesome conversation starters. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Have a great weekend,Rhonda. Glad to hear Hanno is nearly 100% again.

  4. Thankyou for the link to "Why Bother" by Michael Pollan, so interesting and thought provoking... truly a great piece of writing...
    Im glad Hanno is getting better, nothing worse than being laid up when you are obviously the type to be out doing something... I hope you both have a good weekend...

  5. Rhonda, I wonder whether you have considered that the wheat (even organic stone ground) might be a problem for Hanno';s gout. Have you looked at Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis he has a hour long presentation on you tube. Processed sugar (even raw sugar) could be a trigger for the body being so acidic and causing gout. If you want some more information, get in contact : ) Love to your family x x

  6. Rhonda I am so pleased you are coming to visit Tasmania! I hope you get to spend a bit of time here. Places I would recommend to you are a trip up Mt Wellington in Hobart, the Salamanca Market on Saturdays at the Hobart waterfront, a walk through Battery Point to look at all the old buildings, a trip to Port Arthur to view the penal colony ruins, the east coast has stunning beaches, there is a fantastic cheese factory called Ashgrove which is up in the north of the state, also a drive to Richmond, a historic village 20 mins from Hobart is lovely, and there is an old gaol there.
    I hope you have a wonderful time here - please contact me for any information AT ALL :-) Happy to be your virtual tour guide!

  7. Hi Rhonda, I'm glad Hanno is better and I hope you have a nice trip to Tasmania. I really, really loved the Michael Pollan article.....I'm so glad you shared it. And I'm using some of the things I learned on the post about companion planting!

  8. What a thought provoking piece of writing by Michael Pollan, I feel we are all on the edge of a quiet revolution begun in back yards and the home kitchen, I'd like to think that I have already taken baby steps and joined the peaceful battle to live a more simple and self reliant life.........your blog is so inspirational and full to the brim of good advice Rhonda.

    Thank you for giving the link to Michael Pollan's interesting and informative article, and best wishes for Hanno's speedy recovery.

  9. Michael Pollan is always such an inspiration. A few years ago, in the middle of a hot summer, I had pretty much talked myself out of going to the farmers' market. I was idly channel surfing when I came across Oprah, and guess who her guest was? I figured out that was a sign and off to the farmers' market I went.

    On another subject, I just got my copy of Down to Earth! Thanks, Rhonda, for suggesting Abes Books as a source.


  10. Thank you, Rhonda, for another great reading list. I was challenged by Michael Pollan's article -- and it gave me pause to realize it was written in 2008 -- so the clock is ticking even faster. I am already doing many things to simplify my life and reduce my footprint, but it was encouraging to be reminded why I started on this journey about 8 years ago. Also, really enjoyed the article from Danny the Seed Guy, who talked about companion planting.

    You are a wonderful source of information and inspiration, Rhonda. Thanks for all the work you do to help us on our paths.

    Leslie, in So California

  11. I've missed a few of your posts over the last couple of weeks sad to say ,I hear Hanno has been unwell and from one of the replies I take it was Gout? I hope he will soon be better .You are coming to Tassie , how exciting . Where will you be visiting ? South I suppose , East, West or the North Coast .....do tell....look forward to hearing from you Rhonda

    1. We think it was gout, Margaret. But it's strange to have both legs painful at the same time and for it to be so frequent. It's almost back to 100% now. Thanks for your concern. South is not a priority. I think we'll be staying somewhere in the north west and travelling out from there.

  12. Thanks for the mention Rhonda! The one time I don't check out your weekend reading, there's my blog! Its always an interesting list, thanks for sharing.

  13. Have you gotten your hands on a physical copy of Pip Magazine yet, Rhonda? I reckon it would make for some nice weekend (or week day, for that matter!) reading. ;)


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