8 February 2013

Weekend reading

Eight steps to encourage sustainability in our communities

Inequality for all

The cost of keeping chickens

The Accidental Homesteader

Small scale beekeeping

Garden as if your life depended on it

Connecting children to their food - Common Threads Farm and blog

Sustain Life

Using wood ash in the garden


Robyn - EssexHebridean

Jennifer - Thistlebear

Dartford Warbler - Where Beechmast Falls

We're getting ready for our big annual vegetable planting so I'll be working on that with Hanno on the weekend. I'm looking forward to it!  I hope you do something you enjoy as well. See you next week.


  1. Thanks for the mention Rhonda - I hope you and Hanno have a lovely weekend! xx

  2. Hi Rhonda, thank you so much for linking to my blog. I'm honored to have you and your readers checking me out. Have a great weekend. :)

  3. Enjoy your planting, Rhonda. I was just reading yesterday's blog post about making butter. At our Simple Living Group morning tea and swap tomorrow here in Toowoomba we are having a demonstration of butter churning and then will be using the buttermilk on Quick Easy Scones, Lavender Scones and Buttermilk Scones which one of the ladies will be demonstrating how to make. You would be happy with how the group has progressed after your initial visit to our City Library last year. I hope Hanno didn't have any problems with the roads when driving here in the dark the other day. I believe the roads have been damaged again after the rain.

  4. Hi Rhonda. I really enjoy reading your blog and have been following for a while now. I would really like to to join your forum but every time I try I get an email saying my registration does not meet requirements and has been removed. I use two email addresses (one in my maiden name and one in my married), and I have tried both but been unsuccessful with both. What requirements do I have to meet to join? Thanks

    1. Frankie, we are very strict with our vetting procedures and when we have a new applicant we run them through a spammers website. We want to make sure our members use the forum with a minimum of fuss and bother from advertising. I'm not saying your a spammer but maybe your IP or email is on the list. If your email has been hijacked it might be in there. Just try again. Will it be under your Frankie name? I'll let the other admins know.

    2. Thanks Rhonda. I will try again using the account I blog with (this one). Thanks again.

  5. The Accidental Homemaker article is amazing - can it be that as recent as 1990 in this country (the U.S.), people were supposed to just dump their garbage outside?? Amazing!

  6. There are some great links there today, Rhonda. Thank you. I'll be catching on on some reading over the weekend.

  7. Rhonda, I cannot wait to see Inequality for All. Thanks for including that link ~ I hadn't heard of it before. I also really enjoyed The Accidental Homesteader and Garden As If Your Life Depended On It. Best of luck with your veggie planting ~ hope you and Hanno have a lovely weekend!

  8. Thank you for this, some lovely reads to look forward to.

  9. Hi Rhonda! I hope the veggie planting is going well! Guess this weekend I will mostly be reading all the fab links you have provided yet again! Have a lovely weekend! Kirsten x

  10. We are still in the grip of winter here in the USA but working out in the dirt and the sunshine sounds lovely. We have the next best thing with three grandchildren here for the weekend because our oldest son and his wife had to go out of town to a funeral.

  11. thank you Rhonda. wish I could join you planting your vegetables! It's still winter here....hug, Gerry

  12. Would love to see hear how your big planting goes. I am away next week so I am holding off my planting until I return. Any hints would be great. Or you could just send Hanno to Brisbane for a day or so to teach me the best way to get the most out of my garden.


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