Weekend reading

15 February 2013
Externalities - A short film (4 mins) by David Suzuki. Thanks to Sarndra for the link.

Humanise it - Seth Godin

The price we pay

How to make a clock

Simple cleaning tips

Too old to work?

Sleeping babies

Bellis in Brisbane, a subtropical garden

Another new virus



Little Retro House

Vintage Folk Painter

There is so much going on in the backyard right now that it's inspired me to continue with the backyard posts next week. I hope you have a lovely weekend doing exactly what you want to do. See you next week!


  1. g'day rhonda
    it's raining here again...
    hope you & hanno have a great weekend

    selina from kilkivan qld

  2. Thank you for mentioning my blog again, Rhonda. I appreciate it very much.

  3. Hi Rhonda,

    Am enjoying your blog so much. I've only been reading it since the middle of December---don't remember exactly where I first saw mention of it and decided to check it out.

    I already do so many of the things that you recommend that it really encourages me to do more. I've composted kitchen trimmings, coffee, egg shells and leaves for many years. I have been making my own clothes detergent for about 4 years now and enjoy cruising down the detergent aisle at the grocery and thumbing my nose at all those expensive bottles and jugs. I don't use much in the way of convenience foods since I agree that the stuff in them is generally not good for us to eat and is more expensive than the raw ingredients used to put it together ourselves. We do most all the maintenance work around the house and yard ourselves and have acquired most all our furniture over the past 43 years at auctions. That might be something to mention to new householders just setting up. I don't know about your part of the world but there are auctions here (especially in the midwest) most every weekend. They tend to occur when someone in the home has died and the house is vacated and their furniture, kitchen ware, garden tools can't be used by their heirs and so they are sold at auction. The furniture is often quite superior to what you would find in a furniture store in terms of sturdiness and usefulness and so much cheaper. Kitchen ware and dishes are almost always in the mix and can be had for a song.

    I am 66 years old and more or less a full time housewife . Our grown son lives at home since he suffers from clinical depression and type 1 diabetes and so I do more for him than most mothers my age. I am out of town usually three days a week and so don't have as much time as would be useful to keep up with all the things around the house that need doing on a regular schedule. The last several years I have been really stressed out not only about my sons medical issues but also by a lack of time to see to everything else and have been trying to figure out how to organize things and manage my time so as to feel that I have most things under control and am not either rushing around trying to catch up or am sitting reading or painting saying that I need this time to recharge.

    I think that doing things when they need to be done will be of help to me. So many times I pass by a job that I see needs doing but say, "Oh, I'm doing this other thing now and I'll do that later." Meanwhile (day after day, many times) it just sits there looking back at me or rolls around in my head as another thing that I need to tend to. That gets to be a heavy burden and can be alleviated by just going ahead and doing what needs to be done and getting it out of the way.

    I also agree that making a list of things to do each day is a great time saver in that you don't wander around thinking now what do I have to do today and which should I do first. You've got that all figured out ahead of time and can just start in and begin crossing things off the list.

    I have been busy cleaning and organizing over the new year (something that I generally do anyway) but have been more focused on it this year. I do most of the yard work here myself and love being out gardening when the weather gets nice and so try to get things sorted out before the warm weather gets too enticing.

    I'm hoping that i can put more of your suggestions in place and make my routine less rushed and pressured.



  4. Hello Victoria. Thanks for sharing your story and for saying hello. When new readers say hello, I get a picture of them and each comment they make adds to that vision. Keep up the good work you're doing. Rhonda xx

  5. The David Suzuki film is short but very powerful. Thanks

  6. Hi Rhonda. I just love you so much. I love your blog and keep up with it as much as possible. You are such an inspiration to me. I read your fermenting posts and just started fermenting my own foods, too. Your blog is such has such a wealth of information. Keep it up! Will you visit mine? You visited before, but I just revived it. It's called Heart of Her Owner. I also have one called the Green Queen, which deals with organic eating and...stuff...I am learning so much from you.

  7. Fantastic David Suzuki clip, thank you for sharing...so very true. I might not have much money but in the true economy we are rich!



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