One of the things I hate about the internet

21 March 2011
This is probably not the post you're hoping for today but I need to say something before it makes my head explode. 

What I choose to write about on my blog is my decision, no one else's.  Blogging appeals to me because it's uncensored, independent and raw and I hope that my writing about how Hanno and I live will help and encourage others who want to simplify their own lives.  Any of the millions of bloggers throughout the world only have to type their message and click "publish" for it to be available world-wide for everyone to read.  In the world of paper publishing there are a number of filters applied to the words you eventually read.  In blogging there are no such filters, as I said, it's raw and uncensored, and I love that.  

I spend about two hours a day writing my blog and reading the comments; the other 22 hours we are doing what I write about, and also what I don't write about.  There is no way I would blog about everything we do.  I have been very disappointed at the criticism I've received lately about not commenting on the disasters that are happening around the world, namely the earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan.  Frankly, I think it's disgraceful that people used these catastrophes in such a shameful way.  The first criticism came just after I returned to my blog after taking a couple of weeks off to finish the book.  I was criticised for not commenting on the earthquake in Christchurch - even though I was not blogging when it happened!

Then, on Friday, this came.

Oh. Rhonda I could hardly believe my eyes. I am appalled that you have chosen to post today. Friday March 18th is Bloggers Silence Day in respect of the tragedy in Japan.

You chose to write of your money making project. So insensitive. You have just lost a reader.


Anna, just because you know about this event, it doesn't mean everyone does. Did you go to every blog that left a comment here to write a similar mean comment to them? I doubt it. Your disbelef was short lived and only directed at me. I chose to write about my book which is what the topic this blog is about. What a surprise. I wonder why you didn't leave your blog address so I could learn from your shining example. Goodbye.

Then, not long after:

I'm sure you're thrilled with the progress of your book but I was disappointed to find you're not taking part in the Bloggers Silence Day. This is to mark our feelings for the people of Japan.


Jackie, when you say "this is to mark our feelings for the people of Japan" who do you mean by "our"?  Is there a group I'm part of that I don't know about? If there is, I resign. You obviously have a blog and have joined in this day of silence, why didn't you leave your blog address so we could all find out about it? I will not be told how to respond to anything, especially anything as sad and profound as these disasters.  I will express my feelings how I think it's appropriate, and in a respectful way that actually makes a difference.  You don't know what I did, how I felt about Japan, or what I did about it.

One of the things I really hate about the internet is that it gives cowards - they're ALWAYS anonymous - a platform to judge and criticise people they don't know. It's another form of bullying.  I don't stand in judgement on anyone.  No one. I am not perfect, I make mistakes, I am flawed, just as many people are.  What I hope for is that I am not judged at all, but if I am, that you judge me in the context of what I do everyday, and have been doing here for the past four years.  Why do you forget the two thousand days I wrote what you liked, and criticise the one day I didn't write what you expected to see? People seem to be quick to judge one mistake on the internet without taking the full measure of someone's history into consideration. One strike and you're out. It's like they're waiting for you to trip up. What causes that?  What's happening to kindness, grace and tolerance?  Are the qualities of consideration not necessary on the internet?  

If I leave a comment on anyone's blog, I do it proudly under my name and not as "jackie" or "anna". Frankly Anna-Jackie (I think you're one person), I'd prefer not having readers like you. The people who comment here are part of a community of positive and friendly folk who seek to live well and with an open heart.  They don't look for things to criticise.  Life is too short. 

I don't want to be neatly boxed up in a conveniently described package. I don't want to be predictable. I rarely go along with what everyone else is doing.  And whenever I am touched deep to the core, my reaction is private and unspoken, not part of a meme on the internet. 

I'm sorry everyone had to read this but I felt I had to say something - otherwise I'm accepting what they say about me.  Tomorrow I'll write about making a cosy winter bed.  It will make me feel better.


  1. Hi Rhonda
    I am with you on this one. You write your blog and we can read it if we want. Thats how it works. If you want to do something for Japan then thats up to you,justlike it is up to me if I do. I wont be doing something because you told me too (although i often do something because you showed me how!)And if anyone in Japan really cares that there is a 'no blogging day' in their honour I will be astonished.
    Love from Lizzie

  2. Thankyou Rhonda for your blog today. Why is it that even in blog land a lot of people think you have to be just like them. We are all different, have lived a different life to each other and have a different story to tell but the one thing I love about blogging is that I can find others who share my passion for the things I hold close to my heart and this gives me the encouragment to continue down the path that I have chosen. Well said Rhonda!

  3. Hi'
    Glad to be the first to comment..
    I am just going to sleep , and you are awake and writing..
    India will be playing with Australia in the world cup ...
    do you watch cricket RHONDA

  4. Rhonda, I didn't know that Friday was a day of silence either...
    Please don't take the criticism to heart as I certainly wouldn't judge someone by whether they posted on a certain day or not...
    I agree that people certainly do become brazen through the anonymity that the internet provides and then when confronted become cowardly.
    I am sorry this has happened to you.

    Know that you and your blog are much loved and keep on keeping on!

  5. Something similar just happened to me! Whatever. I love your blog, and obviously thousands of others do, too.

  6. I totally agree with all you said in your post. And I don't blame you at all for writing it...GOOD JOB! I love your blog. Anna
    P.S. Not the same Anna that was ugly to

  7. AMEN SISTER! I read those comments while visiting everyone else's wonderful blogs on Thursday/Friday and was going to comment then but didn't as I didn't want to do anything to add to your headache of haters. I did mention it to my Dear Husband and he let loose on his blog that day ...

    I blog because I like to and I think my creativity is worth sharing with others. I always figure there is an On and OFF switch on everyone's computer as well as a NEXT BLOG button at the top of the screen for anyone that doesn't like what I write about. Thankfully most people float in the Positive zone of life and thats where I'm staying. RHONDA YOU ROCK AND YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME!

  8. Go Rhonda! I'm with you 100% of the way.

  9. Hmmmm, I am a very new blogger and it's just this kind of stuff that has put me off doing it for a long time.

    Can I just say, I love your blog, I used to enjoy your MSE posts a few years ago, then had a year of not being on the internet much. I've come back and love that you have a book in the pipeline and that are blogging about what I want to be about.

    You are an inspiration. You are you. How dare anyone hassle you in such a way? I see blogging as a forum to share, discuss and engage with like minded people but don't want it to become some bitchy, schoolyard place. There are awful things happening in the world, I'm afraid I actively stopped "watching the news" a few years ago and it has hugely improved my quality of life. Of course, using the internet means that you still get to hear what's going on. However, a minutes silence from some self rightious bloggers will change nothing. Nothing at all. Making your own bread, raising some chooks, planting some seeds etc in a small way - especially if you share your knowledge, might make a difference. Goodness knows, our children need to learn to feed themselves better.

    I feel very sad about what is happening in the world. We need to make small changes close to home. You are doing it. Respect. And a hug, if I may.

  10. Well said! I've marked my 'feelings' for the people of Japan by giving generously. I think that this is of far more use to them than staying silent for a day.

  11. Good for you Rhonda ! Its your blog, you right about what YOU want ! I hate this online bullying that goes on - its sick !

    Best wishes Babs xxx

  12. I didnt know it was bloggers silence day, infact i blogged too although it was still the 17th somewhere in the world. crime is happening all over the world, children commit suicide daily, old people get abused etc etc. we cant just give up our lives because of tragedy or injustice can we. I agree with you rhonda this is your blog, if i dont feel like reading it today i wont, if your title catches my attention i will, if i feel i have something useful to say i will if not i just read and nod to myself in agreement...or not. Keep up the good work ive learnt lots here on how to be a better human (that is to leave less of an impact on the world)

  13. I cannot believe that someone would write you such an email. There seems to be a spate of this on a couple of blogs I've read recently.

    As Lizzie said in her comment ... the people in Japan and Christchurch have more important things to attend to than whether someone has honoured some Blog Silence Day which most people would probably not have been aware of..

    Keep on doing what you do so well.

  14. It always amazes me how much ownership people think they have to other people's blog posts. I've received similar unkind comments in the past, and you are right when you say that the anonymity of it all allows cowardly people to be spiteful.

    A blog is a personal space for expression, which should be freely given without reprisals from complete strangers.

    Looking forward, as always, to your next post Rhonda. xxx

  15. hear hear!! well said. The freedom of blogging is that we can choose what & when we want to post. It's a place where we are not forced into political correctedness.

    I didn't even hear about Bloggers silence day either, but I wouldn't have participated even if I had, it's just not what I would choose to do. If people are so narrow minded to judge for that you for writing about your book on your own blog then best rid of them

    Keep blogging however you choose, you have many readers who love what you do.

  16. Thank you for blogging on this topic :) I've actually felt incredibly guilty about not mentioning many world events on my blog. It's not that I don't care, but that I don't have the words or wisdom to do these topics justice. Being judged by others is the bloggers conundrum: we have to set an example, but we can't live up to every expectation of every reader.

  17. So am I. How dare people be so bad mannered. I didn't know it was bloggers silence day either!! Silly me. How we choose to react to things is down to us. It doesn't mean we care any the less. Thank you Rhonda for being you - and I agree with free expression and not being dictated to.

    Take care

    Pattypan (aka Tricia)


  18. I'm with you on this one also! Must have been a small minded bunch of people who came up with the idea.....then assummed others would go along with there juvenile peer pressure....I have been thru grade school and survived!
    Keep on Rhonda as we learn how to LIVE our LIVES (by our own choosing) through your knowledge..
    Blessing from a Wildflower

  19. Rhonda, I admire you for standing up and stating how you feel about this. I have a blog, too, but had no idea about this "blogger silence day." What kind of idea is that, anyway? I'm sure the Japanese would appreciate blankets or food MUCH more than some stupid day of not speaking. At least, I sure would, if I just lost everything.

  20. It is sad that people have to criticize others. Don't we have enough of that in the world today. You didn't do anything to apologize for and if others don't like that you posted something on a particular day, too bad for them. Who came up with that bloggers day of silence anyway? And who said everyone had to participate? I didn't receive that memo!!! Just keep doing what you do and ignore those small-minded, ignorant people who can't even stand up and say who they are.

  21. I adore you even more with this post! You are being the change we want to see in the world. What better contribution can one make? xo

  22. Good for you, Rhonda! There always has to be a control freak or two out there. It doesn't matter if there is a 'no blog day'. It certainly isn't the law and as far as I know, there aren't any blog police that are going to come after you! ;-)

  23. Dear Rhonda, there will always be stupid people! Try not to let it bother you, 99.9% love your blog! If it was a no blogging day, what were they doing reading anyway?? I have a few words I am thinking that would not be appropriate to post, I bet you do too:)

  24. I hadn't realized there was a Blogger Silence Day either!? This is the first I have ever heard of it. I posted on my blog on the 18th...a giveaway from Shabby Apple, no less! I am sorry you got such harsh comments.

    I agree with your words in your post, as do the comments ahead of me do. I hope you don't let such negativity get you down, for there are many *more* of us who completely enjoy your blog! :)

    Katy :)

  25. 100% agree. I am becoming uncomfortable with the "politically correct bullying" that goes on in blogging, on the internet, and practically everywhere, actually. Just who appointed these hall-monitors, anyway? They sure don't represent me. How self-important are people these days to believe that their one-day abstention from blogging will help someone without water, without shelter, without peace of mind to feel one bit better? Get over yourself, please.

    As for me -- and just me -- I think one of the messages to learn from these trying days as a citizen of this earth is that things are uncertain, nothing is guaranteed . . . live your life, love deeply, be kind, be gentle, do nothing to make things any harder on anyone else . . . that includes those with an anonymous button at their fingertips.

  26. I don't have a blog, but certainly enjoy reading them. Didn't see any mention last week of "no blogging day." Keep writing Jean - love hearing your thoughts!


  27. Sandra from Nebraska, USAMarch 21, 2011 5:47 am

    Never heard of a "no-blogging day" and how in the world would it help the people of Japan anyway? Not sure if this day really exists, and you'd have to be a follower, and not a leader to know about it. I'm proud to be a follower to YOUR lead as you have taught me well. Do people honestly think they are helping the starving, homeless people of Japan simply by not blogging? I would have a lot more respect for someone who said a silent prayer for the Japanese, than someone who felt the need to brag to the world that they were not working today in honor or to support those affected by the disaster. Rock On Rhonda!

  28. Rhonda Jean - Here! here! Great post!

  29. Well said Rhonda. I am constantly surprised and disappointed when I hear of instances like this one. Keep on doing what you are doing, you are inspirational.

  30. I write about good causes on my blog, but I rarely blog about disasters or news events. Not because I don't care, but because I ususally don't feel I have anything relevant to add. Also, when so many horrible things happen every day, I would feel guilty for singling just some of them out.

  31. Hi Rhonda
    Please don't let these people get you down.I did not know it was a none bloging day.I enjoy reading your thoughts and comments.And as you have said you don't have to put your every thought down in your blog's. keep bloging and keep smiling. ian

  32. What blogging silence day!!! First I have heard it existed, happened etc...
    As I am a Christchurch resident, I feel you can blog or not about our earthquake - it feels pretty insignificant compared to the Japanese one, but it is an ongoing issue for us, so I am only writing about it because it is my life, so has to feature occasionally in my own blog :) I don't expect the rest of the world to comment - but I am sure their thoughts are with us, as ours are also with Japan, Libya... wherever people are affected.
    There will always be idiots and horrible people... remind yourself that 50% of the population is below "normal" intelligence and just file them in the lower half!

  33. I used to read and post on several forums. I quit because I got sick of the politics. Now I blog. I haven't had anything rude put in my comments but for now my followers are a small and friendly group. If I got an ugly comment, I'd just delete it and then turn on comment moderation.

    There are people who surf the net just looking for someone to pick on. So sad. --Ilene (RockWhisperer)

  34. I saw the Day Of Silence thing on some blogs, but not a lot, and only a day before. More notice, people! And I don't see what doing nothing achieved. Much better to sponsor an auction, make a donation, appeal to people to give. Sitting there all prim and silent achieves nothing. I have much more respect for the bloggers who have got off their backsides and contributed something.

  35. Rhonda,
    Please continue to blog about what all of us do in your and all of the readers here blog about, life in general.
    I too am a simple, older (52) and I hope wiser blogger. I know about what is going on in the world, and frankly, not much I can do about it from the helm of my home. My life is simple but complicated enough that I have family to attend to, family and clients that I prepare meals for, and enough going on in my world to choke a horse. I grow most of my garden produce for my family, can, and that takes every ounce of energy I have, and I am disabled on top of this, but this cannot stop me.
    I am so very heart sick over the tragic events that have happened in NZ and in Japan, and the unrest in the Middle East, but again, I cannot control other's destiny or events in their area of the world, all I can do is pray. I have to pray every day in my part of the country to just get through the day.
    To the outsiders who wish to comment and make tasteless comments, start a blog where you can do this, and leave others alone, or make a difference and be the change in the world if you see it needs changed.

  36. Blogging is personal. To deem a day "no blogging day" implies ownership of all blogs, which clearly is not the case and defeats the object.

    I started blogging to create a form of diary. Sometimes I deal with things outside my backyard, but they are always things that have captured my imagination or will directly or indirectly affect my life. Not hugely bothered what anyone thinks, but all the feedback I've had has been positive.

    The fact that no-one on here had heard of no blogging day in advance indicates it was probably the invention of one little mind.

  37. Please don't apologise for your feelings. I was not aware of bloggers silence either and as others have said whilst something like that is a nice way to show respect, nobody in Japan will care that you and many others didn't observe it. x x

  38. Don't feel alone in this. Its the curse of everyone who ventures into the world of blogging and forums.
    I too had no idea about no blogging day, haven't seen a thing on twitter or Facebook, so it obviously wasn't some HUGE thing :P
    We blog because we must, becasue we like to connect to like minded people, but when a blog like yours becomes popular, we also attract negative people.
    Its desperatly hard to ignore the trolls but rest assured your REAL blog friends and admirers won't share the trolls ideals xxx

  39. Well said Rhonda - I had no idea that March 18th was a "day of silence". Plus, I'd rather honor the Japanese victims (and ALL victims) by sending a donation, or doing something REAL, like gathering old clothes to send to those in need. If a day of silence doesn't accomplish anything other than self-righteous judgement of others, well, I think it missed it's mark.

    You are the BEST Rhonda, and the way you affect the world will bring about FAR MORE good than a day of silence - a day of silence is giving a man a fish, so to speak, while your book is teaching a man to fish, if that makes any sense at all. lol

  40. "Bloggers Silence Day"....

    Yet another day where people can do something to make themselves feel all virtuous that actually doesn't help the victims at all.

    Like the day people were supposed to put a cartoon character as their avatar on FB to protest against child abuse.

    Like the "Make Poverty History" concerts that raised not a cent for charities to help the poverty stricken.

    People in other countries where life is hard must shake their heads in disbelief.

  41. I so very rarely leave a comment anywhere but had to respond to this one. Good on ya Rhonda. Cowards hide behind anonymity and they are always quick to criticise at the first chance.
    I'm on the computer every day and I never heard anything about a blog free day for Japan......Every person in the world is distressed over Japan and having a blog free day alters nothing.
    I wonder if there is a single Japanese person who cares.
    Go away Jacki/Anna.

  42. How odd - I read a lot of blogs that were posted on Friday, from many parts of the world, including from a Japanese woman currently living in the U.S.!! Someone forgot to announce blogger silence day to the world, I guess! Good for you, Rhonda, I agree with you 100% and wish that those pious self-righteous boneheads would have extended their silence indefinitely rather than puffing themselves up by posting ugly comments! Karin in AZ

  43. I follow many blogs and maybe five people put up a post saying they were recognizing a day of blog silence for Japan. At least 30-40 others put up regular posts on that day. I certainly don't think those people are heartless or don't care about what happened. I think it is ridiculous to think every blogger would know about this or even that they would be expected to support Japan in that way.

  44. Blogger silence day????!!!!! dude, get over yourself, is about all I can think.

    Sure I mourn over the tragedy in Japan, and I have prayed for the Japanese people many times since it all happened. But don't tell because I didn't do something you wanted me to do I'm insensitive.

    Good job standing up to this gal, Rhonda. I stand by you and support your right/freedom to post on whatever day you choose. I wish I'd known so I could have posted on that day.

  45. Rhonda, please don't apologise for writing what you feel, think, or whatever, its your blog, you can do with it what you wish...If someone doesn't agree with what you are posting, or not posting, ahhh kick 'em to the curb my love...I never knew about the whole quiet blog day thing, and I wouldn't have kept quiet anyway...I also blogged too on Friday, sure I have thought about the disaster in Japan, but what I do about it and how I react, is my business, as it is yours.....

    I kind a feel sorry for the Anna's and Jackies...for they need to be in a large group to feel they are involved in something important. What kind of quality of life are they living I wonder....
    Keep up the good work hun, and don't let a couple of bad apples spoil your peaches instead!

  46. Glad to see you've had your say Rhonda. We all get to choose how we respond to these sorts of disasters.

    I'm new to blogging also and had not come across any mention of a day of silence.

    And one of the reasons I've joined the blogging world is to share in some joy when life can be so tough in our own circumstances which others do not know about. It brightens my day in the face of ongoing challenges to be able to peek in the world of others and be inspired.

    And I really wish people would reserve judgement as they can have no idea what is going on in the lives of others. And if they wish to share passions or campaigns they are a part of my they do it in an encouraging, empowering tone. I think that would be much more affective. I would have loved if someone had left a comment advising me of such events.

    Thank you for all you do Rhonda. Your blog brightens some of my darker days.

    Blessings, Renee.

  47. I never heard about the silent day either, but how is not writing a blog post going to help those in Japan? did they do the same for New Zealand and Australia too and did it help any of those people?? I think not.
    Keep writing the rest of us still love you

  48. I had no idea of any blogger silence day, as Im sure many didnt! To be honest, I agree with you, your blog is your blog, if people dont like what someone has to say, they can easily click away. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone or saying so but it is plain mean to leave a comment and no way of contacting that person. Why could they have not emailed you with the concern? Anyway, we all know of the tragedies happening around the world and are all deeply heartbroken but what is one more blog recognising and mourning going to do about it? (That is not meant to be harsh, just honest) Dont take it to heart Rhonda, someone will always be opposed, unhappy, stirring the pot, whatever. HAve a good week :)

  49. Dear Rhonda ~ People can be so cruel and I am so sorry you were attacked by a couple or by one attacking you twice. A big part of the attack may have been done out of jealousy on their part for this lovely blog that you've created.

    I did not no about the no blogging day, and really don't see what doing that could have accomplished for the people of Japan.

    Bless your heart for speaking out and for inspiring so many with living a simpler, more joyful life.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  50. "No blogging day"? First I've heard of it. I asked around -- no one else seems to have heard of it, either. Can't get a hit off it on Google. Sounds like someone tried to start a meme and it didn't take off.

  51. I blogged on Friday but that didn't take away from the respect I have for those folks or the sorrow I feel for their loss. Don't let the naysayers get you down.

    I'd like to know who it is that makes the "no blogging day" rules or the "wordless Wednesday" rules.

    Keep right on blogging the way you always have.

  52. How utterly insane, Rhonda. Please try to discount the (nonsensical) opinion of this "hybrid"? Anna-Jackie, who clearly has a very empty life if she find the time to both note this AND comment on it. If you were to have a Bloggers' Day of Silence for each and every tragic event that occurs, you'd never blog at all, would you? I'm curious to know how such an act assists, or even comments, the people of Japan, anyway. Keep up the excellent work, Rhonda. Tracy (Brisbane)

  53. Rhonda, don't stress about mean people. The old adage if you don't have anything nice to say...springs to mind. I don't know why people leave awful comments like that. I was away from the blogging world for a week and didn't know about Friday either, but in any case, what you choose to write about is your business as it's your blog! That's the whole point! Hugs of support xo

  54. Hi Rhonda -

    I did know about this no blogging day and was sorely tempted to start a blog just to post on that day. What a silly and pointless exercise -as one of your earlier commenters said, I'm pretty sure the people in Japan who have lost everything will be rallied by the thought of people doing this - good grief!

  55. Hi Rhonda, I have never posted on your blog, but things like this make me SOOO angry. Who are these people to say these things? You are looked apon as a leader in the knowledge that you do have, and I am one of the one who waits to see what the next post will be about. I love your blog, and so many things have inspired me.
    And - I am glad to say - it is good to see a blogger who isn't all about posting about the "nasty" things happening in the world. I think I have seen you send your prayers to the people to need it. That is all that needs to be said. The rest of the world wide media does enough publisising on these unfortunate events.
    Thank you, from the bottom on my heart, for opening your thoughts, family and life up to us to learn, share and grow as a society.
    1 dedicated fan here!

  56. Jumping up and down and cheering for you Rhonda. I found out about this no blogging day after I had posted on my blog that day!!! Shock, horror that I didn't follow the bullies guidelines and not blog. I must have been priviledged as there were no nasty comments on my blog. Why is it always the cowards with who feel it's acceptable to leave such horrible comments? One has to wonder why if it was a no blogging day - why were they looking at blogs on that day? Double standards maybe? Keep doing what you are doing Rhonda. Your blog and the simple life you and Hanno lead are an inspiration to this humble blogger.

  57. Well said Rhonda. My thoughts when I read Anna/Jackie's comments were
    1) how rude!
    2) how does that help the people of Japan
    3) who is she to tell people how to blog?
    4) why is she busy commenting when she should be silent?
    My mother used to say 'there's always one' and Anna/Jackie is your one it would seem. Congratulations on your book .. can't wait to read it.

  58. I am a blogger everyday. Well IO at least read blogs every day and try to write them a couple of times a week. I had no idea about the blog free day until yesterday.
    There was no 'promotion' about it, nothing discussed on FB or any of the forums I am on.
    If this Anna/Jackie has such a problem with you I'd hate to think what she thinks of me. I had a blog sale on the 18th and all the proceeds are going to me.
    Small minded people like her need to be put on a small island together so they can live thier perfect lives together.
    Phonda you don't need a follower like that.
    Keep up the good work!

  59. So sad. And shortsighted, too. Any kind of Blogger Silence Day (the matter of its curious non-existant wide-spread-ness aside) only applies to people who blog every day. Which most people don't. Thus, a Blogger Silence Day does not really say much... I take blogger silence days for a major part of the year. :-)

  60. I blog what I want, and not what I think other's want. Your blog is a wonderful blog, love what you do, don't let the people out there ruin a good thing. Keep up the good work and the great blog!

  61. I could not have said it better myself! You go, girl!

  62. Rhonda, sadly there are some nasty, judgemental people out there.
    Just wanted you to know that your blog is one of the highlights of my day. Just last night I was referring to your water bath method as I tried my hand at preserving.
    I think it is a private matter how we deal with these disasters. A lot of bloggers choose to comment. I didn't. Not because it didn't affect me. I just felt that my words would not be enough.

  63. 'who' thinks up these movements? I also hadn't heard about a day of silence. Thank you for going of with life as we should. Heaven knows the TV news has blasted 24/7 horror the past few months; not discounting the tragedies .. but taking a time to breath a normal breath. Thank you for being normal and not part of the lemming group :)

  64. Rhonda,

    Like you I never heard about this "silent" blog day. I hope I didn't upset anyone I also posted on this day.

    I do pray for the ones in Japan....

    I also enjoy reading your posts:) :)


  65. Hey Rhonda,

    It cuts to hear nasty stuff said unexpectedly, it only happens on the internet :)

    Two things I want to say -
    1) How could word of this 'blogging silence' day get around - clearly, noone else seems to know about it, and what does it achieve anyway?
    2) It is refreshing and calming to read of happy things elsewhere in the aftermath of something terrible. If you keep watching videos of the disaster, it paralyses you and you feel helpless. Renew your spirit and you could actually be useful to these people!


  66. Hi Rhonda,
    I can see you have been hurt by the comments of some of your readers. You don't have to justify yourself to anyone.
    I found it incredibly difficult blogging during the recent Queensland floods and then the Christchurch earthquake. I felt deeply about these tragic events but felt inadequate to say anything. My posting about beautiful things, everyday things at the time didn't mean I didn't care, it was my way of dealing with tragedy I felt deeply about.
    When the world struggles on many different levels, I personally need to focus on the positive and the beautiful otherwise I get depressed and am of no help to anyone.
    Don't waste anymore of your precious energy on those who don't understand you. They will learn the valuable lessons of not judging others in time. Karma!
    Have a lovely day and thank you for the time you spend on your blog to help and encourage us all to make a difference to this precious earth we live on.
    Anne xx

  67. 100% per cent support for you Rhonda. It's exactly this level of political correctness and arrogance that I've seen in the comments on several blogs recently that has put me off writing my own blog, although I am a keen reader of many and learn so much from them. To Anna - please actively help the Japanese by donating toiletries, blankets and money for food and other supplies as pleaded for on the mainstream media this weekend. I really can't see how cyber 'silence' could benefit any survivor in an evacuation centre, afraid, traumatized and in need of REAL help.

  68. I was also unaware of this "bloggers silence day" But I would assume that by "silence" this should extend to comments as well? Especially if it is taken as a mark of respect, should they not be respectful in every aspect of their day? Why does it still amaze me people behave like this? Keep up your good work.


  69. As far as I can see, and of course I don't have all the pieces of the puzzle, This day of silence was instigated by two online wedding related sites (one a magazine I believe)Sure a day of silence might be a way of showing respect but I don't think its respect that people of such tragedy's are seeking, its practical help surely! Now did I mention that if you chose to participate in this day of silence your blog name got added to a huge blog roll of participants. Excuse me for being sceptical but I see it as a means of traffic generation which could be interpreted also as selfish and self serving.
    In any case everyone chooses their own way to deal with such world issues and their own way to blog. Sometimes I comment here sometimes I don't. Sometimes I stop following a blog because I don't like what the person is saying. I don't feel a need to publicly belittle anyone because they don't fit into my filters of right and wrong because if it happens that they don't fit in my 'ideal mould' that's about me not them ...
    Oh nasty people of anonymous blog commenting nature head on off, away from here, goodbye, don't let the door hit you in the Ass as you leave ;)
    Much love to you Rhonda ♥

  70. I wish we had "smilies" so that I could clap... how true is that - and not only for blogging but also for everything. I am sick of people who feel that they have to dictate to others how they "should" or "shouldn't" behave. Blogging silence? Never heard of it either!!!

    I just want to read about sustainable, simple living - and that is why I read a number of blogs, such as this one. I don't normally comment but I felt strongly about what you have posted today (I don't have and don't want another "identity" so have to use Anonymous...)

    I enjoy all of what you write about - even if it doesn't apply to my circumstances right now. I have used some of your recipes and taken away many ideas from what you write about to use in my own version of simplifying my life - a life that I can say I am now starting to enjoy far more than I ever did when I worried about "stuff"...

    Keep doing what you're doing - unfortunately there'll always be some people in the world with different opinions to us. Freedom of speech means that we are free to express those opinions, and for that I am truly thankful that I live in this wonderful place. As for the writer who said goodbye, it's her loss.


  71. ~BRAVO~ ♥ Rhonda Jean!!
    You are delightful through and through.
    I've never heard of 'silence day' and hardly spend any time wandering around on Blogville anyway, so I'm truly "out of the loop".
    I am another one of your faithful who just stop in for an update on You and Hanno, if I see you come up on my Google reader, then I'm off to live my Life!
    A Life which is Much Too Full And Joyous to even be bothered with those small, tedious distractions of annoying competitive spirits.
    Have a Blessed day and cheer.......
    ♥♥we love you just the way you are!

  72. As far as Anna-Jackie...the word 'entitlement' comes to mind. Putting in strict boundaries like you have in today's post eg the content of your blog is your choice, is one of the best ways of handling such behaviour.

    You have shown tremendous courage & assertiveness to reply to your 'criticisers' instead of ignoring them. You are role-modelling for us all how to feel emotions, express those emotions, stand up for one's convictions, put feelings into words, set boundaries and move on to other things.

    Such role-modelling is as invaluable as all of the other aspects of your life and blog.

  73. Dear Rhonda,
    I'm so sorry that you've had people harrassing you about the blogger silent day, and what you have or have not written on your blog.
    I am one of the effected people in Christchurch - my house is fine, but it's the mental strain and worry of sending your husband and kids off into a scary, shaking world everyday that is taking it's toll - and not knowing when the next one is coming and where you will be. And I love your blog because you have given me power to get through these rough times. There is something about this situation that I can control. I know how to bake bread, I know how to stock my pantry with food to get us through a disaster, and I know how to be calm and resourceful and reassuring to my family - at least I don't have to worry about that - and it's thanks to you and reading your blog for quite a long time, and feeling your influence in my life, and knowing what a caring, loving person you are.

  74. Dear Rhonda

    You have my support and always will, no matter what time of the day, month or year you choose to blog.


  75. Dear Rhonda, I am a new blogger, and you were one of the reasons I started. I love the way you live and teach others,and the world would be a better place if we were all like you. It is hard not to take nastiness to heart, but just reading through all your replies should make your heart sing and start the healing. Please don't change. Love from Rosie

  76. Hi Rhonda, Completely agree with you. Keep being yourself it's lovely and inspiring. Blessings, Renelle

  77. I am a blogger and had no idea there was some silence blogger day.. i also have not blogged about the earthquakes and wait for it... I am from christchurch...the entire world has been focused on these events its devastating and sometimes its a little bit to much to take and so I choose to blog about gardening and recipes etc because they bring ME peace and normality ..

  78. Hear hear, Rhonda, unfortunately there are small-minded people everywhere in life, who have nothing better to do , and who are able to do nothing better, than to be nasty and small. Which to my understanding is generally a product of jealousy etc.

    what good would it do the people of Japan, Christchurch, Libya or many other countries of the world, including Aust, to have a NO BLOGGING day. Saying some prayers, making donations, or helping would be of much more use and would really show how much they care for the suffering of all peoples.
    People give what they can and how the can to help others who are suffering and it is not up to the "small-minded people of this world to tell others how TO.
    I hoep that the Anna's/Jackie's of this world get a LIFE,
    Lorraine xx

  79. Hi Rhonda- as usual, articulate and perfect response. I would have said 'bugger off'. Have written about this issue this morning in your support. As many others have said this morning (and every morning come to think of it) you rock!

  80. Hi Rhonda
    I think you're absolutely right to be annoyed. I visit many many blogs (probably near a hundred) in a day on a wide variety of subjects. I saw about 6 or 7 blogs that displayed the bloggers day of silence and remember thinking 6 or 7% is not exactly a huge number so it wasn't very well organised or publicised!

    unfortunately the internet nazis have always been around and always will be, they are best ignored and left to their silly tantrums ;)

  81. Thank you Rhonda for writing this. I've felt the same as you about this Blogging Day of Silence thing.
    I noticed many of the blogs I follow didn't feel compelled to comply and neither should anyone have to. If your nasty anonymous reader was so upset why was she even reading blogs on that day? Silence may be a mark of respect but it's not going to help anyone - perhaps those bloggers who organised it could have been more proactive and used it as a day to fundraise via their blogs instead? Keep up your good inspiring work - I love reading your blog and can see that so many others do to. Chin up and thank you! Julia

  82. I totally agree with you Rhonda. And I never heard of blogger's silence day either, I am in the US and read blogs from around the world every day, funny I never heard it mentioned anywhere, not even on facebook.
    I do wonder what a day of silence is supposed to do for the people affected by disasters. Personally I think if you do a day of silence, then let it also be a day of constant prayer or service to those in need. I was taught that love is an action.
    Thank you for all you do, Angela

  83. My grandmother used to say when referring to people you don't know personally and well, "If you can't say something nice to someone, then don't say anything at all", meaning that there are things happening in their lives that you aren't privy to so not to judge them on the few minutes you do see. You also can't take back what you've said verbally but it's more difficult to remove the 'bad taste' if you've written it without thinking of the consequences. I've deleted quite a few comments before posting as I wasn't sure if the message may be misconstrued as a criticism or worse.
    I'm glad you posted this as we should all object to those who try to bully others, especially the cowardly anonymous no-reply commenters.

  84. First I'd heard of it too, so it wasn't very 'international' pretty poor communications campaign. Isn't it strange how we (and I do it too) focus on a couple of negative comments and it really throws you - yet for every one of them there are a thousands upon thousands of 'thank yous' and warm words of support - so it's back to the good stuff - that deserves our energy and attention.

  85. Did the TV stations have a "dark" day for Japan, or any other country experiencing disaster? No. Did Starbucks across the world shut down for a day and say- send that $5 you'd spend here to Japan? No. I'm sure the people in Japan and elsewhere would say for goodness sake- please don't stop doing what you normally do on our account! I understand feeling powerless and wanting to do something to help in the wake of a tragedy but the decision as to what exactly each individual actually does is up to the individual. Really, the idea of a no blog day is completely ridiculous! What does that accomplish? I appreciate that I was able to read your blog on Friday so I could take my mind off of all of the sad things happening that I can do nothing about. We are lucky to be able to go about our days as normal, until it's our turn to experience living hell! And if we could all keep the criticism and judgments to ourselves, the world would be a happier place.

  86. you go girl... love ya :.)

  87. Rhonda, like many others here, I heard nothing about a day of silence. I blog, and I follow dozens and dozens of other blogs in my reader - and I heard... nothing.

    And, I am very critical of the fact that a day of blogging silence does bugger all to actually help those in need!

    Keep doing as you are!

  88. Rhonda--
    I'm sorry that you had to deal with the "haters" (as my daughter would say) but I applaud your post today. You stood up to the cyber-bullies with grace and class, and I will remember your example for the day the trolls come to our blog.

    Keep posting--about whatever and WHENever you like! :)

  89. Since I have been reading your blog (2 years), I have often admired your courage in disclosing your life as you do. I have benefited from your blog in countless ways. Although I have wavered at times, I still choose not to blog because I am not sure how I would cope with internet bullying - I get enough of that at work!

  90. The bullying starts in school and never stops. What a perfect venue for these faceless, nameless people...the internet. They can hide and still spew their venom. Well done you Rhonda for bringing this to our attention because it needs to be exposed, not hidden and protected. I have just started blogging, I also didn't know there was a silence day. What did that contribute to the Japanese people? Does it make one feel good and proud that they are dictating to everyone else? It's hollow. Love your blog Rhonda, it's fair dinkum, it's kind, it's encouraging, it's funny and has taught me more about self sufficiency than anything else!
    Have a great day!

  91. Since I have been reading your blog (2 years), I have often admired your courage in disclosing your life as you do. I have benefited from your blog in countless ways. Although I have wavered at times, I still choose not to blog because I am not sure how I would cope with internet bullying - I get enough of that at work!

  92. oh pffft to them Rhonda... when I began blogging over 5 years ago, I was just about head hunted by so called christian people for my beliefs and honour of Mother Earth.. it nearly destroyed my sanity..
    your blog is one of a handful, that bring me back to Earth. I love it. bloggers silence day??? who made the rules? like I said - pffft to them..

  93. I appreciate you, Rhonda, and today's post. (I love what you normally post too, of course!) Keep on doing what you're doing, because there are so many more of us who read your blog and have learned so much. I have a little blog myself, and knew nothing about the day of silence for Japan. That's not to say I haven't been praying for all of those affected by this tragedy.
    Anyway, keep your chin up and thanks so much!! :)

  94. ps- and good for you for posting this!! yes.. most of my attackers were anonymous too.

  95. My good heavens! I guess a ton of us are going to hell in a hand basket with you. I have a blog have had it for over two years. I knew nothing of this bloggers silence day. Why is it OK for them to read and comment in a bad way on your blog on this supposed day of silence. Such hypocrisy. I write what I want also. Thank you for all your posts. Besides you are not the news why should you be held accountable for every disaster out there. How dare you not write about all of them??? (just kidding, I hope you know I was being sarcastic).
    My best,
    Melissa of
    Texas, USA

  96. Hello Rhonda,
    I want to encourage you to keep blogging!!! Don't let them put you down.I don't have a blog myself but I have been following your blog for a long time now-from Germany. (That means I can read your blog for the next day when it's still the previous day over here!)
    And I admire your openess and want to thank you for sharing all these little bits about your and your husband's life (I feel a bit "connected" since I am also German!).
    I like your approach to a simple life and I also try to constantly improve, making changes as it seems fitting.
    So: keep at it!
    Greetings from Germany (where it is still Sunday, 20 March!) Bettina

  97. I look forward to reading your blog every day. I also enjoy being a part of the forum. You are doing a wonderful job sharing your knowledge with us. It is hard to find kind and sharing people now a days, such as yourself. Keep up the good work. ------Krystal from nova scotia (I don't have my own blog)

  98. Great post. As someone from christchurch, I usually skip people's "earthquake posts" anyway, it's everywhere and blog world is my escape from normal life place..I love what you said about keeping those heartfelt reactions private. This is your blog, your right. get a life bully anonymous commentors

  99. Thank you Rhonda for your blog! To me, its like some women read romance novels. They get to take a deep breath, and perhaps dream about the perfect romance(I know, no such thing). For me, reading your blog, is like taking a deep breath and seeing how life can be simple and more rewarding. I know, nothing is perfect, but when I read your blog, it gives me strength and peace. I dream of a simple, rewarding life.... hopefully before I retire. The global condition is wildly out of control, please don't let them win.

  100. Bravo Rhonda!!
    I cannot believe how utterly ridiculous some people can be. As far as I was aware your blog is not dedicated to 'current affairs', so why would you comment on them??
    Just keep doing what you are doing with the usual generosity of spirit that you do it in. Your integrity and humaneness is without question in my book.
    Warmest regards

  101. I am so sorry Rhonda that you received such cowardly correspondence. You are right, this is one thing I hate about the internet as well.

    I will read whatever you write. I love your blog and your spunk!

    Keep you chin up. And don't apologize for writing how you feel today. It's nice to know I am not the only one frustrated sometimes with the people who comment on my blog.


  102. I'm all for paying respect to people who have died, in whatever circumstance, but a "Bloggers silence day"? What is that supposed to change, or actually do?

    I'm a sort-of-regular blogger, and haven't heard of it til now either, and if I posted on Friday I see no connection between that any any natural disaster tributes.

    I'm sorry you copped it from these two bullies, and I hope you continue to share your advice, and indeed your life with your readers.

    From Larissa & daughter Baylee (aged 2)

  103. I had heard a lot about this No Blogging Day a few days before it happened and couldn't figure out what the point was. To me, it sounded more like an invitation to some cliquey club than an actual attempt to do something useful for the people of Japan.
    Isn't it funny how these offended people are always anonymous? But then, most bullies and cowards are.

  104. Rhonda -

    I didnt hear anything about a blogger silence day...seems like if those two people really wanted to have a blogger silence day they wouldnt have commented on that day either...The Japanese have much more to worry about than a blogger silence day anyway. Just living in such conditions is hard enough. They lost their homes and their families and friends. Blogger silence day?! I guess they really couldnt have a day of prayer huh? Or maybe even contribute to the Red Cross...Sad very sad...and good riddance to them as well.

  105. Rhonda, I read blogs all week long, and I had no idea that there was a day of silence for the people of Japan. You are correct to defend yourself and all people should be reminded that we are NOT to judge one another. You are a loving, warm hearted friend to all of us who come to your blog regularly. Shake the dust off of your sandals and be who you are. We Love You! Mary

  106. Yep.

    I didn't know it was a "silent day" for bloggers either, and I posted as well. Not sure I would have followed it had I known, either.

    I dunno, people just need to do what they are led to do and let that be it. :-/

    Thanks for sharing all you do with us Rhonda, and for being an inspiration.

  107. I haven't heard of this Bloggers Day either. I don't know what not blogging really would do anyway.

    If you missed a blog post on the 17th because you were raising money for those people affected--that's great but just not posting anything?

    I don't understand what they are trying to do. This is not one of those issues that people need to "make awareness" for.

  108. As I post this, you have 106 comments in support. Not sure you need another one. However, glad you spoke out. This is not the only blog I have read that some of the readers have been incredibly judgemental. Don't understand that part. Acceptance of others feels so much better. I don't have to agree (though I do with you), and I love to celebrate diversity.

    You strike me as a strong woman who won't be thrown by this. At least I hope so.

  109. Hi Rhonda

    Thank you for your blog today. All well said!
    I have been following your blog for sometime and appreciate the topics you write about and the knowledge and experiences you share. I thought your comments today were well said and put. It is for you to decide what you blog about and people can choose to simply not read it rather than criticise anonymously.

    Looking forward to reading your book!


  110. Hi Rhonda,

    I come by here almost everyday, but have only commented one other time or so, mostly because as a male I feel a little "out of place."

    But I must tell you that you are right on the money.

    This is your site, your subject matter and your business. If someone doesn't like what or when you post then they should go elsewhere to preach their self righteousness

    Zane D. Clark - man person who loves to sew and cook and stuff. (Retired Peace Officer - this is a much better job)

  111. Hi Rhonda!
    I totally agree with you, its not that we are insensitve to what happens on the world, if we want to blog about it that is our perogative. Also these people need to get a life!!!!

  112. Rhonda, You wrote:
    I don't stand in judgement on anyone. No one.

    I salute you for your strength and courage!
    May i learn for you to also be like this in the face of criticism, you blog post today was deepy moving and inspiring, in grateful to "Anna-Jackie" for prompting you to write such a meaning ful post.

  113. I am still your number ONE fan Rhonda!

    I didn't know about this event either! And isn't it our choice if we participate or not? I feel for the the people caught up in the disasters, it is very heart breaking, but I have not mentioned this on my blog either...does that make me insensitive?

    Good on you for speaking up,


  114. Well said Rhonda! I didn't know it was blog silence day either have heard nothing about it so you are not alone.

  115. Friday was Anti Bullying day here in SA.....I wonder if they knew that..!
    And, if it was blog silence day around America, then why were they looking at blogs and commenting !!!!!
    I wouldnt take it to heart...we blog what we like, because it makes us happy to share...there is enough sadness happening in the world to make your heart break..
    A blog is an escape so to speak, to share ....
    Let it is a new do with whatever we Suzanne, South Australia...

  116. I'm always surprised when people get upset by negative comments on their blog.
    Don't take it so personally!
    You don't know who they are!
    They could be just some fool out there messing with your mind!

    If it was someone you formed a relationship with via your blogs and they had a go at you, I could understand it - but some unknown quantity out in the ether.

    Mind you, I didn't always think like that.

    Just hit the delete button and don't give them the time of day - they don't deserve it.

  117. Perhaps I missed the memo just like you did about this Blogger of Silence day, but what exactly does not writing in your blog do for the people of Japan?

    Trust me, my husband is military so I get the concept of a moment of silence being a respectful thing, but how does that in any way effect the situation.

    It sounds very much to me like many people who don't want to sacrifice much coming up with an idea to make themselves feel better.

    I don't think there are many people on the planet whose hearts don't go out to those in Japan, but showing them respect sure doesn't seem like that is actually helping many get food, water, heat, a lack of radiation, structure back to their lives or a bajillion other things that might be significantly more pressing.

    Perhaps we should have a day of silence for those in Libya. Oh, and a day of silence for the war in Afghanistan. Oh, and another day of silence for breast cancer victims. Another one for the New Zealand earthquake. Another for Tunisa. Perhaps we should all just continue trying to out-respect each other. How about we just spot blogging all together....

  118. Hi Rhonda
    Thank-you. I love your blog including as you say the rawness. I feel terrible for the recent natural disasters but sometime its nice to escape into your world of loving the home and seeing the good things. Its a shame these people didn't stop to think before they gave you a hard time. I never heard about the blogger silence day either. I hope the support from all these comments proves to you that those complaining are the minority. Keep blogging freely PLEASE!

  119. Hi Rhonda, I'm with you too on this one! I actually knew about the blogging silence day, and I utterly respect those who decided to do so in respect for the recent tragedies, I just personally felt that it was someone's idea of controlling everyone on one day which wouldn't benefit Japan one bit.
    It's amazing how people lose focus on the topic and start shooting hatred around. The point of your blog is to promote living simply, not following the general consensus to keep the minority happy.
    Snaps to you! And my prayers go to those in Japan, Christchurch, Queensland.
    In my own way.

  120. Well this is the first I've heard of a no blogging day & between a couple of ID's I have 4 blogs and have a lot in my regular reading lists. Obviously it was only known by a small circle of people.

    Blogger is used in many different ways, some people like to write to an audience, some participate in every club/meme/challenge going & some just like to write down their thoughts & keep a record of their life.

    I didnt realise that there was a right or wrong way to do this & am very grateful for my non-existant readership as I can stay in denial of the blogmafia!

    Sorry to hear they found you though :( I hope your day have already improved *hugs*

  121. Rhonda, you have been thanked many times for this excellent post, but I am adding mine as well. I do not have the audience you do, but I feel the same about being judged by folks that do not know the whole story and ONLY wish to push their own agenda. Another thought I had the other day is that, why are (some) bloggers using the tragic problems in these countries to show their deep compassion? I wonder how much is for self promotion, because speaking for myself when I help it is usually a quietly done action given freely without need of acknowledgment or thanks to me. I don't want to be rude but after awhile it looks like self promotion or advertising. Thank you for the freedom to speak. I am Melynda @ Moms Sunday Cafe.

  122. Write what you like when you like. It's your blog and the rest of us should just be thankful voyeurs of what you choose to post. You are popular because you write so well. Those bullies will just have to go through the rest of us to get to you anyway. Wish I could say I love you but I don't really know you. I'll just leave with...I love how you write. Don't stop. Thanks.

  123. Hi Rhonda,
    I for one REALLY enjoy what you write. If I wanted comments on the world at large I'll read a news/political blog. Please keep up your wonderful writing. Oh yeah, I've been reading this blog for ever and I always leave my name :)


  124. Some people tend to think that if you are not publicly shouting out your support to the world then you don't care. They don't realise that we can give our support privately. If you need the worlds approval are you doing it for them or yourself?

    I am sure you are doing what feels right in your heart. Anyone else should just tend to their own instead of criticising. You have shown over and over that you are a compassionate person, you have nothing to prove.

  125. Sorry some people are lame. I hope you can ignore them as much as possible. I had no idea March 18 was Blogger Silence Day. Besides, that seems a rather foolish way to help Japan. Seems they could do with a little more material help - like money and prayers!

    I enjoy your blog and I hope you continue to enjoy blogging. It helps me to recommit to living simply.

  126. Hi Rhonda, I'm from Christchurch NZ & quite frankly I was so pleased not to read about my city troubles on your blog as I come here to feel good!!! You wrote in the forum under the chch quake heading & that was more than enough. I know that most do care but do people need to make such a public noise about it, NO !!!. Carry on Rhonda with your lovely blogging so I can at least smile once a day. xxx Ness

  127. Clearly Anna/Jackie are sitting fairly high on their high horses. Hope they get a nose bleed!
    I didn't hear about this 'bloggers day of silence' until after the fact either. We think your awesome at our house Rhonda.

  128. Hey, I can comment again! Like everyone else who has left a comment, I'm with you 100% on this one.
    1. This Blogger's silence day is an empty gesture.
    2. I'd rather do something practical and helpful.
    3. Charity is not something I want to discuss or brag about on my own blog or hear others brag about it.
    4. I don't have any profound comments about the tragedies that are unfolding around the world lately. So I too don't discuss them and blog about other things. Last time I read,(ok, I read everyday) your blog isn't a current affairs, politics or news website. I come here to enjoy exactly what you write.

  129. Dear Rhonda,

    I have been reading your blog now very quite a long while and I have never commented even though your words and way of life have had such a great impact on my own life. I am always shy about such things.
    But after reading your post, I felt I should speak up and say, thank you Rhonda, for being a guiding light for me and my family. Your blog is such an inspiration to me and I have learned so much from you. I have two little girls and I work hard to be a good mother and homemaker for them and my husband. I have hungrily read your blog and am constantly challenged by you to do more, try more, learn more. It seems like every time I am struggling with something, you will suddenly post an uplifting commentary about just that subject. Thank you.

    What you said about anonymous posts is so true. I have seen so many venomous posts about all manner of things. People would never say these things in front of others, but they think that somehow it is ok in the anonymity of the internet. Well it is not.

    Thank you Rhonda. Please keep up what you are doing. :)

    Amy Mead, Wilmington, NC USA

  130. There is a lot of negativity on the internet and a lot of those whom internet leaders call trolls. Trolls are usually anonymous criticisers who get their warm fuzzies by being nasty to others. My internet mentor told me you know you have made it when a troll tries to tear you down. He also recommended we never read our emails nor our comments till we have written and been productive for the day, otherwise they really upset our real work. I know that my first trolls stopped me writing for several weeks.

    The other thing was he said never to engage with them (sometimes you can and they keep coming back). Never feed the trolls.

  131. I couldn't agree more. Your critics presume to know all about you and have very unreasonable expectations!
    There is no need for you to reveal every thought, every concern, here in this space. I come to read every day and I'm grateful for all the valuable lessons I learn from you.


  132. Water off a duck's back- that's what you need to say to yourself.

    Rhonda, you've stepped out to do something wonderful- start an ultra popular blog and now a book. You are helping scores of people. Unfortunately, critcism comes with the territory and this won't be the last or the worst that you experience I'm sure.

    You are so right that you can choose what and when you want to blog. Stay your course and don't let these types of comments get you off track. Not worth the hassle.

    I never heard a thing about a day of silence. It's a nice thought, but certainly not a law or an indicator of someone's level of concern for the people of Japan.

    Water off a duck's back!

  133. Like many others, I had not heard of Blogger's Silence Day. And I follow a lot of blogs from Canada, the US and Australia. Most of them posted on Friday, so I don't think this thing was as widespread as your dissenters would have you believe.

    I also agree that not blogging is going to do diddly-squat for those suffering in Japan right now. I'd rather do something real, like donate to the Red Cross.

    Good for you Rhonda, for having the courage to say how you really feel on your blog. You're right, that's the wonderful thing about blogs--they're real and raw. The great majority of your readers are always happy to hear the interesting and genuine things you have to say. Keep up the good work. :)

  134. Rhonda, as you know, you can't make everyone happy. But you make the biggest majority of us very happy and we appreciate your words and your kindness. I agree, if you have something to say~say it and sign your name. If you don't like it~ don't read it but there is also a kind polite way to express yourself and this was not it.
    Please keep doing what you are doing. Most of us truly appreciate it.

    central Illinois

  135. Hi Rhonda,
    Add me to the "We love Rhondas Blog" list! I've been reading your blog for a year now (tho I commented for the first time a couple of days ago. OH NO just occured to me - was it on THAT day???) Well done you to challenge this silly bully. I, too, didn't know it no blogging day or whatever it was called. We bought a couple of acres 6 months ago and your blog is my daily inspiration. I started a blog for my family and friends to keep track of us as most were convinced; and still are; that we had taken leave of our senses. Your blog is a joy to read; and when all around us are convinced we are re-living some hippie dream from the 70's, its nice to pop in for a visit with Rhonda and Hanno, relax and read about the things that are dear to our heart. Thank you for your continual wisdom; we've learnt so much from you. * By the way, my husband and I have worked in 3rd world countries - sorry but a day off blogging just doesn't cut it when people are in dire need!

  136. I really felt for you when I read this post. You are a wonderful warm woman who writes beautifully. You have inspired so many and your thought provoking (but gentle) posts really make think about my own journey. You have also inspired me so much as a beginning blogger! I'm sorry you have been hurt by these critical comments. I hope you can feel the love of all of us out there to balance it a little. Thankyou ss much for all you have done and for all that is to come :)

  137. Well, I didn't know about the day of blogger silence, but I know I look for your blog daily. I don't know how being silent helps Japan. I'm making a quilt to send over there, my children and I are sending over art supplies for kids in transition areas through groups we've found. Being silent doesn't help Japan, being active does.

  138. Right on, Rhonda! Your blog is your space to write what you want. I happened to post something about my personal feelings about the Japan on my own blog, but does it offend me that you didn't? Do I assume you are uncaring? Nuh! You just didn't choose your blog to write what you may or may not feel. End of story.

  139. Dear Rhonda - I was so sad to read that you had been "attacked" in this way. Please rest assured that many of us do care for you and are sincerely grateful for all the work you put into your blog so we are encouraged in our homemaking.
    Karen - NZ

  140. Coward is the word exactly. Some people do get a thrill from (finally) finding a tiny thing to criticize about someone who, like you, is widely respected and admired. Maybe it makes them feel superior or something. Ridiculous. Please keep blogging as you do, Rhonda!

  141. No one should be allowed to tell you how and when you are allowed to express your feelings over certain situations. Does saying a silent prayer, or holding the people of Japan in your thoughts, or donating to a charity on a different day than No Blog Day mean that your actions are worth less? Ba humbug to those people who left those comments. Give them not another thought.

  142. When I got to the end of your post I went to click on comments.saw 145 and the biggest smile came over my face. I hope the same smile has come to you dear friend. Cyber hugs.

  143. Rhonda I am so sorry this happened to you. Please keep doing just what you have been doing. I look forward to all your posts.
    Pat in New Hampshire

  144. I blog, and I had never heard of Bloggers' Silence Day. And this is an absurd argument anyway. There are HORRIFIC tragedies happening every day, all over the world, and I'm pretty sure Anna-Jackie does not write about all of them every day, nor does she remain silent in honor of those issues.

  145. I totally agree. Anna and Jackie didn't bother telling me I was a disgrace for blogging and I never heard of the day of silence. Continue blogging as you've been - it is very much enjoyed.
    You haven't lost this follower. :)

  146. You go, girl! I had to chuckle after reading your post - here it is, March 20 and I had no idea that March 18 was some sort of impromptu holiday! I'm with you, I am deeply saddened by the disaster in Japan, and profoundly impressed at how kind and generous the people there are being to each other.
    What shocks me is that anyone would create this whole "silence pact" and not make sure "we" all knew about it. And what good does being silent do anyway? Annoying that there are always a few who have enough time on their hands to criticize, when their time might be better used to actually DO something to make a difference. Hang in there, your fan base is still intact and you have far more happy readers than trolls. :)

  147. These things do make your head nearly to explode. People need to learn to mind there own business, what and when you blog is up to you.

    Just wanted to add my support to the others, you have a wonderful blog and looking forward to the book.

  148. Bloggers' Silence Day? sorry, didn't hear of that one before now. good grief!

  149. Rhonda,
    As I write this I am #146,I think you can see how much you are loved!! We are all coming to your defense like Mother bears! LOL
    I feel sorry for people like Anna/Jackie that are so insecure that they have to try to tear someone else down to make themselves feel good.So sad,really.
    I think you did the right thing to address this and now you can get back to writing about all the things we love to read about!! I look forward to your posts and can't wait for the book to come out!! My best to you! Darlene

  150. As I read through all your comments, there really was nothing left for me to say, every person has expressed how we all feel ..... except DITTO to all of the above :)

  151. This woman from Kentucky USA loves you! :-)

  152. Rhonda, I have been coming to your blog for many years now and have always been impressed by the kindness and care you have shown for those in the community around you. I agree that our place is not to be obligated to comment on natural disasters around the world. If they move us to, well and good but if not we should restrict our comments to events that we know personally.



  153. Hi Rhonda
    Did anyone in Australia know about this silent day ? What a load of rubbish. We all deal with all the terrible things in the world in our own way. Dont let anyone come between you and your blogging you are many womens best friend without even knowing it. You teach us good stuff we talk to you in our heads and nod when we agree with you. Keep up the good work and dont take any notice of those nasty people!

  154. Well I have just read all 145 comments and it is clear Rhonda that everyone, including me, supports your stance fully. We come here to read, learn and be encouraged in how to live a more meaningful life. Your knowledge and advice is respected by 1,000's around the globe and you should be proud of that. Please don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch. It shows how truely human you are when it hurts so much but their words aren't worth it.

    I live in Japan and I can assure you that I didn't even know there was a day of silence. Like many people here I was too busy doing things that needed to be done, in our case helping friends evacuate.

    While I am sure those who started the day of silence meant the best in trying to have a memorial to those affected by the earthquake to join or not to join is a personal choice. Regardless of your decision it doesn't make you any more or less noble, and it isn't an indication of your feelings on the tragedy.

    This Aussie in Japan will still continue to read your words of wisdom and encouragment because it is the choice I make. Thanks back to the housework :)

  155. I haven't had time to read all of the comments but all I can say is that I've not heard of this blogging day of silence and I read LOTS of blogs! It does not mean in any way that people don't respect those suffering or that they don't have feelings for them, it just means that not everyone knows about this idea! People find it so easy to be critical when anonymous. Ridiculous! While the internet can be a powerful tool, there are times it has a lot to answer for!
    Judy in SA

  156. Hello "Down to Earth Rhonda"

    Well said!

    If we want to find out more about the horrors in the world, I'm sure most know how to access the news websites and can probably come up with a dozen more productive ways of helping the poor people in Japan and New Zealand than having a "Silent blog Day".

    Your lovely and generous Blog is an oasis offering common sense advice and kindness in a mad, mad world.

    I wonder why these serial commenters were so loud and nasty on a day they say was for silence? Could it be they had nothing better to do?

    Keep up the good work. I Can't wait to read your book when it's finished and I for one, was VERY happy to see the publishers "dummy" copy on your Blog on Friday. It bought a smile to my face.

    Love ~ Julie

  157. Oh Rhonda, how awful.
    I didn't know about this non-blogging day either - and I also blogged on Friday, about something quite personal to me as it turned out.
    I 100% agree with your response here. Well said.
    Hope blogging about this has helped get rid of the anger you must have felt at those comments. They are alone among thousands who love and repect your writing.

  158. I don't comment much, but I do enjoy reading your blog. This is the first I have heard about a silent blogging day - and I'm a blogger and follow about 25 other blogs/day. Never heard of it. Keep up the good work; I really enjoy your blog.

  159. Hi Rhonda

    I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a few months now and constantly use your archives as a resource. This is the first time I have left a comment - I think the fact that there are over 150 positive comments regarding todays post speaks for itself. Please carry on doing what you do as we all appreciate it,
    kind regards
    Angela (in Melbourne)

  160. There was a blogging day of Silence? Wow, first I've heard of it. This is your blog and you get to decide what to write and what not too. I have so enjoyed your blog and learned so much from it. Wishing you the best with your upcoming book also.


  161. Blogs are personal. I read your blog because I enjoy it, I get ideas, and I like the connection. My reading your blog in no way gives me the right to tell you what to write about.

  162. Rhonda,
    When I read your blog today it reminded me of a situation I was in recently, not in blogland. One “wrong" step after years of friendship and your toast... Well weeks after I am feeling like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Just rejoice that you wont have to deal with that bit of negativity anymore! You are a great example so keep up the good work. (I didn’t even know about the whole Japan/blog silence thing until I read your blog today)

  163. Hi Rhonda,
    I wouldn't listen to what Anna/Frankie has to say either. Good on you for doing a post about them.

    If anyone's truly wanting to help with disasters namely Japan's and Christchurch's, perhaps they could instead spend their time doing something equally non-monetary and meaningful like and

    On a happier note, looking forward to the birth of Sunny's and Kerry's baby boy!!!!! Mustn't be long now!

    (Sandy's friend if you still remember me)

  164. Hi Rhonda,
    I thought your comments were bang on. What does anyone in Japan really care if I blogged on Friday or not? They have real problems to worry about. I also choose to do something the way I choose to do something, for them. I think you are lovely and I applaud the fact that you spoke up against the cowards and you said it wonderfully.
    Thank you Melissa

  165. The only people who would benefit from a silent blog day would be my family, because then I might get some more housework done.
    Give me a break - as if not blogging is going to help Japan! I read quite a few blogs, and only one participated in this, and when I read her little announcement, I thought how ineffectual and silly that was. I would have been more impressed if the normal time spent blogging was instead spent on their knees in prayer, or purging their closets for blankets and clothes to donate.
    Be glad you lost that reader!
    Erin in MA, USA

  166. I read blogs daily and I never heard about a blogger's day of silence. So they quit following you? It's their loss as far as I'm concerned. I love reading your blog!

  167. I agree with all your comments. I did however know about the blog silence but did not understand it and did not stop by people's blogs because of it. I am not quite sure of the significance of a day of silence would bring to JAPAN. It does not mean that we don't care about them because we read and commented on a blog. Maybe if everyone donated $5 that would be valuable but not reading blogs I did not get. I agree that if they comment they should leave their name, then they probably aren't brave enough to have a blog anyway.

    It is riciculous and stupid to think that you would not care about JAPAN...any human being, rich or poor, happy or sad would care about what is happening to the people of JAPAN.

    It is your blog and you are definately free to write about what you want and those readers do not have to read your blog if they do not want to.

    I can understand why you had to speak out and make a stand. Kathy, Brisbane, Australia

  168. Hi Jamie! Of course I remember you. I was showing a friend the wedding album a couple of days ago and she commented on your beautiful pink wrap.

    Sunny and Kerry's baby is due next week. It's so exciting! BTW, he will be called Jamie. :- )

  169. Hello dear friend,

    Sadly I haven't got time to check when these two self righteous people made their comments on your blog. Surely they didn't turn on their computers on the 18th, as a mark of respect!!!!! or did they, just to check up on us. I didn't know there were blogging police out there.
    I knew nothing about this day for bloggers untill I saw it on someone else's blog and yes I did put the banner up (actually on the 19th) although my computer says US time, so it recorded the 18th.
    My only comment to Anna and Jackie would be -


    To you Rhonda and Hanno, all I can say is that I consider you both people of integrity who genuinely care about your fellow man, so don't let this piffle of theirs spoil your day.Your the tops.

    Blessings Gail

  170. If there's one thing that really rattles my chains, it's the kind of easy virtue that memes like this 'Blog Free Friday' (or whatever it's called) encourage. Earth Hour, which is coming up this weekend, is another case in point. Turning off the lights for one hour might give those holier-than-thou participants a warm inner glow, but what good does it actually do?

    Rhonda, your response was simply brilliant. Good for you. Looking forward to the book, most especially the section you wrote/edited on Friday! :-)

  171. Hi Rhonda

    Please keep being yourself, I love what you do and what you stand for. Its amazing how on the net people feel entitled to act like 'customers' when they are getting something for free. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it do you. I hope this hasn't discouraged you at all, my life is better every day because of things I've learnt from you.

  172. Hi RHonda, I totally agree with you on so many points. Please, take no notice of those ladies (or lady). I had no idea it was 'Bloggers Silence Day" until the day of when I came across someone's blog. At first I felt guilty, but I had already posted and how was I supposed to know about it? I haven't written anything about Japan although it's been so heavy on my mind and in my soul. It just hasn't felt right. I feel like I have nothing to add or contribute. Please continue as you always do. You will never be able to please everyone. I sometimes get comments about how I am not eco-friendly enough. But we are all doing the best we can do and never claim to be perfect. Those are false assumptions. xo m.

  173. Well written, Rhonda!

    Not everyone is glued to a television to hear the latest happenings, nor do we choose to be. Some of us are living our lives the best we can and even though we read or write blogs they do not consume us. Nor does what goes on around us. We are not consumed with keeping up with our neighbors, but content in our own lives.

    I love reading your blog and look forward to it! You are an inspiration and I send your link to others as frequently as I can.


  174. I love the conversation you have generated from this blog Rhonda. I could hardly believe it when I read the fist post about not commenting on NZ. I missed the Japan comments, but am absolutely scandalised. I Totally agree with you, and it is certainly obvious that more people agree with you then are being petty about unknown bloggers silence days.

  175. I had not heard of the Blogger's day of silence either, and I read a lot of blogs.

    Keep up the great work, and don't let a couple of nasty people ruin it for you.

  176. I had no idea there was a blogging silence day...and not to seem mean but how exactly would that help the people in Japan? I have donated to the red cross, and will continue to, but I am going to keep on writing my blog.

    Hope you do to...some people seem to forget that blogging is a form of free expression not conformity


  177. I completely agree with you Rhonda! I've had similiar ridiculous criticism on my blog - but about even more personal matters - that shocked me! I just erased the comments and figured those people didn't deserve the time it would take to respond.

    I am sure you do more than most to help people in need, so such criticism directed your way is just crazy to me!

  178. Dear Rhonda, you are wrong about one thing, it is not many of us who are flawed or imperfect - IT IS ALL OF US! Who are we, any of us, to judge anyone else?
    Dont worry about the minority, Rhonda keep doing what you are so good at and keep on knowing that we the majority, love it and you and Hanno for standing up for what you believe to be true for you and your lives.
    Hooray for not jumping on other peoples bandwagons. And Yippee for some solace from the world, it is in our faces all the time, (24 hours a bleeding day) we need to get different views and perspectives.
    Kathy Rossiter, Tasmania

  179. I was deeply moved about something a Japanese lady said in german tv concerning the heated discussion about the safety of nuclear power plants: "The Japanese people don´t like to bother other countries with their problems. We excuse for all the troubles the desasters in our country may have caused elsewhere."

  180. It's a lovely day here in WA. Hasn't rained for weeks. I pray for rain regularly. Does that mean I don't care about flood victims? Nope.

    Hope you have a great day Rhonda.

  181. Good on you Rhonda!! be honest i had to chuckle out loud at this Jackie who said she was disappointed that you weren't participating in Bloggers Silence Day...obviously it was ok for her to comment on a blog post but not ok for you to write a blog post...maybe there should have been a rule book for this Bloggers Silence Day?!? hehehe. To be honest, throughout all the floods and earthquakes first in nz and then in Japan, i have gained a lot of comfort from your blog. It reminds me that even when life seems scary and unstable outside my front door, inside I can create a beautiful place of comfort and refuge and live a life that is wholesome and good for me...and i thank you for teaching me that.

    So looking forward to reading about making a warm winter bed...I am 6 months pregnant at the moment and am loving the cooler weather down here in Sydney
    Lauren H xo

  182. Well said Rhonda! I applaud you. There's plenty of keyboard warriors, quick to attack, they're the type of people who'd never say anything to your face though. Cowards by any other name.

  183. I think most people would rather do something that would actually help those in need, i fail to see how not blogging for a day will help those affected by these disasters.
    I think you'll find you're true supporters will back you 100% on this one.

  184. Does that mean I wasn't supposed to be reading blogs that day either? Whoops! Keep doing what you're doing Rhonda.

  185. I agree with the comments on here. The anonimity of the internet seems to bring out the worst in cowardly bitchy - dare I say, jealous and/or insecure - people. TBH, a blogging silence seems pretty pointless and indeed a negative thing - far better to do something positive and donate money or blankets etc.

  186. ummm... there was a bloggers silence day? How on earth are we meant to know what a squillion other bloggers are doing? Did who ever decide it was going to be blogger silence day, post it on every blog, in the paper.. I am raising kids, running a house, running a cottage industry from my home, looking after things that need to be I can understand that you didn't know Rhonda.. And for me personally, I would rather do something constructive for Japan, give what I can afford to the Red Cross, knit a beanie or blanket squares, then not blog for a day.

  187. A couple of more thoughts to add to my previous comment re Anna-Jackie having a sense of entitlement....that there's a ring of impulsivity there as well. A speak-and-act-before-you-think mentality. And a lack of empathy. Plus, I'd say that you know you've REALLY made it when you receive criticism like this. It's like you are Anna-Jackie's mother and they are the teenager-toddler (who often have the same behaviour, n'est ce pas?!) and you've just sent them to their room for "time-out" to think about their behaviour! If they choose to "run away from home" and not come back to your blog, that is their choice.....but maybe, just maybe, they'll come back and read & learn & soak up the love and change their ways albeit anonymously.

  188. Hi, nice lady :)
    Thanks for this blog entry, it may urge people to think about other people more than some "silence day" that only some bloggers are aware of.
    I'm from Latvia, I don't have my own blog (laziness), but I do like yours. And I do know that many many people are sorry for Japan here in Latvia and there in Australia :)

    Well. Don't be sad :) There always has been mean people.


  189. Hi Rhonda
    I wanted to say something to about the mealy mouthed wannabe humanitarian/s who chastised you for writing on blogger silence day or what ever the heck it was called.
    Mother nature will do her will we can only hope to be as prepared as we can be for when she does come a calling. YOU help us understand this with all the help love and advice you give to all your readers here.
    I continue to learn from you, cant wait for the book,BTW thanks for responding so quickly.
    When I move, sometime this month there will be very little need for me to get “the men in” as from you and your fellow bloggers my skills and my confidence to try something out has risen 10 fold. I am a full time carer and a housewife. As this home is very Patriarchal not many people to share my domestic triumphs with. People here are warm and generous. The love effort and care you put into your posts and the fact that you have said on several occasion if you can go organic do if you cant don’t sweat it you will find a way that works.
    To the Anna’s and Jackie s of this world well they miss the joy of this increased community. I’m so glad that I am not that emotionally crippled. Just flawed and human
    Keep going Rhonda and I for one will be flagrantly commercial and buy your books.

  190. Dear Rhonda,
    Thank you for opening your heart to us all and for sharing your feelings. We do not know Anna and Jackie and what made them or her write this. We do know you and we can only be thankful for what you give us day after day for free. People may feel to take a moment of silence for horrible events or situations. I believe many do that lots of times a day in prayer and in realizing that the Lord wants to find us doing our duty in his name when He calls us. Our hearts should reach out to those who do not know Him and don't know where to find strength and comfort when faced with a disaster like this one. And besides we should try to sensibly fill these 'silent moments' with whatever we can do for those in need right around us. And then wider away by supporting institutions who render help. Also, there are thousands and thousands of people in smaller or larger groups and situations who are as destitute as the Japanese. If we choose to be silent for them too we could maybe do nothing at all and neglect our
    'duties' (meaning what the Lord asks us to do and so wanting to find us) ... I pray for all of you believing in your good intentions and difference in experiencing what happens around us. Clara from South Africa

  191. Hi Rhonda,
    You know the thing is, you don't have a political blog. You have a subject, simple living, and from there, like little branches coming off a tall tree, you write about aspects of your main subject. That's it.

    And so this is without doubt one of the reasons your blog is so successful. You don't stray into 'whatever happens to be running through my head today'. I respect that a great deal.

    Your blog is a great resource for all things simple living.

    People will come and go Rhonda. Let them go. Let it go. You just keep your head up and keep moving forward and I for one, am all for hearing about your book coz it will be mine someday! Can't wait to buy it! :D

    Jennifer @ HomeMattersMost

  192. HEAR HEAR!!! I am with you 100% darling Rhonda. HOW ridiculous - a SECRET special club of holier than thou anonymous bloggers apparently without blogs who decree a magical day of silence as if this will somehow do anything to end suffering or alleviate destruction or do ANYTHING other than stroke their miserly little hard bitter egos ....and if you are not IN THE KNOW about the secret club somehow it is proof you DO NOT CARE AS MUCH AS THEM......the anonymous ones.


    Rhonda - congratulations on your book mock up. How lovely. How special and exciting.

    Ignore the trolls and the embittered shriveled ones. Do not give them the energy they want but do not deserve. Hell, I just delete them - PFFFFFFT! they no longer exist in my world.

    Loving you and so PROUD of you and everything you have achieved.

    Your friend
    Duckie xxx

  193. Hi Rhonda,
    I totally agree with you - and to be honest, there's so much talk about Japan, that it was great to read some blogs about something else. These people won't be helped by our whining, but they will be helped when we make more money, f.i. like you with your book, so that we can help them more practically...

  194. Hi Rhonda,
    I have been following your blog (daily) for about 3 years, and I was shocked to see what Anna/Jackie had written, and am SO glad you commented on those hurtful words. I hope they/she/he spent the time reading all the positive comments about your blog from all the different people all over the world who LOVE your could all those people be wrong?

    I remember in the past that because of this "cyber bullying" you didn't allow anonymous comments for a while, which only made it hard for those of us without a blogger profile to positively comment on your inspirational blog.

    Your blog has changed many lives, including mine, in a positive way.

    We all miss you when you're not blogging, you are a National Treasure!!!!