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11 March 2011
This is a Friday photo feature that anyone with a blog can join. It opens the door to us sharing our lives through these photos and gives us all a new way to discover each other, and maybe form new friendships. Your photo should show something at home that you're thinking about TODAY. If you're in another country you should join in when you read this, even if it's still Thursday.

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This rug is on my mind. We bought it a while back to sit under our kitchen table.  Although it's beautiful, it's not practical in that position and very difficult to clean.  Hanno and I tried covering the rug with bicarb yesterday, a sure way to clean a dark rug, but, as we found out, not a lighter one.  Does anyone have ideas?  It's a 100 percent cotton base with pure wool weaved decorations.  The care instructions say dry clean only but I'm thinking of testing it for colour fastness and might wet clean with a brush, liquid soap and cold water.


  1. I am no good with carpets but simplifying all of the stuff in my house has been on my mind! I have a feeling that post should have been a lot shorter. :D


  2. Your rug looks almost exactly like the one we have under our coffee table (a Laura Ashley). I always send my rugs away for cleaning - maybe once every 18 months or so. I don't know how/if there is a way to clean them yourself, so I'll be interested to read if anyone has any ideas too.

  3. I usually scrub my rugs with some soap, water and a scrubbing brush, one on a broom handle is great for your knees and back. I then hang in on the line and hose it off and let it dry. I am not sure if it would work for your rug, most of mine are acrylic.

  4. Is that your lovely rug you mentioned on the forum? The one I loved!
    I'm sorry I can't think of anything to help - I just thought of bicarb as well, but I hope you manage to get it cleaned, it's beautiful.

    On my mind is my tablecloth and napkins!

  5. I'm doing Nursing Placement and really struggling with the early starts and managing a house with 5 children. Really dislike the stress and feel ready to throw it in:( Taking photos helps a little with the stress. http://vanessa-paris.com/blog/?p=2820

  6. all our rugs get taken outside the are srcub with soap and water and hung over the line in the sun but once the rugg is half dry I lay it on the grass so I don't get a clothesline crease thru the middle,,,if after all that there was still smell left i would bicarb it and vacum that out

  7. I had a couple of rugs that were cotton based and I would put them into the bathtub with soapy water and use my feet to "stomp" the water through, a bit like washing your woollens but on a grande scale. Rinsing was the same and then I pulled the plug and squished as much water out as I could and left it to keep draining and squishing some more periodically (because full of water it's very heavy and handling it may damage the rug or you) So after a while and with the help of anyone else around, I would "hang" it over the picnic table to it was dried enough to hang over several rungs of the clothesline. Definitely a summer job. It's back breaking but it can extend the life of the rug from an aesthetic point of view.

  8. I know that talcum powder will bring out the colours in old upholstery, maybe that is worth a try? sprinkle it over and vacuum off after a day or so.

  9. Laura, yes, it's the pink one from Ikea.

    Although I think I'll end up washing it somehow, the woollen parts of the rug are a problem with washing and drying, it definitely can't go int he sun.

    Dandelion wings, the bicarb brought up the colours but didn't clean the cream sections as much as I wanted.

  10. On my mind this lovely Friday is a garden makeover for our home:


    I'm trying to convince Mr Mel we need a big rug for our loungeroom (timber floor), hopefully will win the battle!

  11. I vacuum my rugs, then put them over the washing line to give them a good beating to get rid of more dust. (I think the more you get rid off now, the less likely you are to end up with something that looks 'patchy'.) Then I give them a good scrub with either a brush for wool cut pile, or a cloth for cotton flat weave- I'd go for something like a towelly cloth if in any doubt. Then use just the suds (from whatever you use for laundry) to clean, wetting as little as possible. Rinse and wring out the cloth often, and to be honest don't worry massively about rinsing off. I take the view that rugs are designed to be walked on, and as such are very forgiving- mine certainly look cleaner and brighter and smell fresher after this treatment!

  12. Hello Rhonda
    Talcum powder or bicarb were my first thoughts but maybe a little 'hand' scrub would help. Not soaking the rug but lightly rub maybe with a long handled broom as suggested by Deanne
    My mind is thinking of travels and the minor 'worry' of leaving Kiera in the cattery.
    She's a frequent boarder so there's no problem leaving her there - its me wondering if she's ok while we are away lol

  13. Dear Rhonda, Thanks for this post. I'm really enjoying thsi Friday series. I will have to say I was taken with that sweet white kitty cat. I had an all white/long-haired cat like this one when I was a little girl. His name was Bubba. He was a stray that my mom let me keep. Bubba slept on my bed every night as a girl :) :) So your sweet kitty re minded me of my best friend as a little girl :) :) Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  14. I don't have a clue Rhonda, we have only two tiny rugs in the house.

    I'm thinking about fountain pens of all things.


  15. Now that the weather is cooling down, I have baking on my mind.
    Happy Fridaying.

  16. I am no good with delicate rugs. I usually take mine (mostly heavy acrylics)outside, hang them over the fence and give them a good spray with the high pressure water hose! Maybe you could just try spot cleaning the dirty bits with a wet brush? I have joined you for On my mind today, it seems as though cleaning is in the air...My new Granny Sqaure Blanket went into the wash yesterday and I'm sitting here now watching it dry...
    If you would like a peak please visit me at http://gooseberryjamman.blogspot.com/2011/03/on-my-mind.html :)

  17. Greetings Rhonda,

    This is how me and my mum clean all our rugs,

    Make sure it is a nice sunny day for 2 days in a row.
    take the rug outside and lay it down on the brick paving or concrete then hose it down, and apply some wool washing laundry soap,
    then the fun part, take off your shoes & socks and use your feet to lather up the rug, really working the dirt out of it, then hose all the soap out, again working with your feet, then let it drip dry over a couple of plastic chairs or laundry baskets, leaving it out in the sun until it is dry! Thats it!

  18. I don't know what to tell you about the rug; but I hope someone else has some words of wisdom to share. I NEED some new Summer clothes and plan to make them myself with fabric in my "stash".

  19. http://enchantedthingsprimitives.blogspot.com/2011/03/on-my-mind.html

    On my mind is vegetables...surprise, surprise..!

  20. If you're going to wet the rug anyway try mixing a tablespoon of eucalyptus oil with your liquid soap to wash it, after spot testing the oil of course. When you rinse the rug pop in about a 1/4 cup vinegar with the first bucket or 2 of rinse water. This should dissolve soap and bicarb residues so they come out with any further rinsing. This works with cotton/wool blend saddle cloths. Good luck.

    I'm thinking of hearts today http://robsews.blogspot.com/

  21. Hi Rhonda! Well, here's what's on my mind, a recent book read:

  22. Hi Rhonda, I like your rug. Unfortunately, I don't have experience cleaning rugs. Best of luck!

    On my mind is spring time and the start of gardening (we're in the US).


  23. woundersoap and warm water give it a gentle rub all over with a scrubbing brush then a good rinse if you guys can get it up oer a fence or line to drip dry...

  24. I have had great results with filling a clean/dry spray bottle with Softly. Lightly spray the entire rug then high pressure hosing with cold water to remove soap then hang in shade to dry.


  25. Sorry I can't help; not a rug or carpet in sight in our home. Hope you do find just the thing!

    On my mind: pastries!

  26. So far I have been getting away with just applying some watered down dishwashing detergent to our rugs as soon as there is a spill. I think I "bi-carbed" them once last year.
    De-cluttering is on my mind today. Ah, the joys of a small house!


  27. Rhonda, given the content of cotton and wool I would first soak it down with a 50/50 solution of cold water and white vinegar and let it set for a couple hours to set the color as much as possible. Next would come treating any stains as you would with clothing, grease, etc, using the safest solution you have for wool/cotton mix. I would then rinse and last of all mix up a middle strength oxygen bleach solution and soak the rug down with that leaving it set for an hour or so if the light colors still don't look clean. Then rinse well until the water is clear and make sure it dries completely out of the sun. Be sure to use only cold water in all steps.
    We have a rule in our house to not buy anything we cannot clean ourselves no matter how lovely it is or we might like it. The only thing that is ever sent out is the DH's good suits which need rarely cleaning, everything else I do myself. And although many items call for dry cleaning I have washed them by hand or on gentle then line dried with no problems.

    In the case of your rug...are you willing to risk damaging it if cleaning doesn't work? Or is it worth the cost of sending it out? That is something you will need to decide...

  28. We live in the US and we have a "Shark Mop" which uses hot steam to clean floors. We have a low pile Wool woven rug in our living room. My husband cleaned it by using the steam mop using water only and going over it area by area. It really did a nice job! We paid $95 for the mop at Costo, a warehouse store. A quote we got to clean our rug by a local service was almost $300 -- and that was with us taking it there. This way, we didn't even have to take up the rug.

  29. I'm sorry I can't provide any advice for your rug. But this is what's on my mind:


    Have a beautiful weekend.

    Claud :-)

  30. Honestly, I have no idea how to deal with the rug. I'd vaccuum it, or shake it out, or beat it, but I've never owned a rug that was worth more than a few dollars.

    On my mind? http://youngernews.blogspot.com/2011/03/on-my-mind-bellies.html

  31. I can't put the rug in the sun because it has pure wool in it. The sun will shrink it. I'm not concerned about the price of dry cleaning but I am concerned about the chemicals - I'd prefer not to use them.

    I'm going to test it for colour fastness and clean it with water and soap.

  32. Our day is just starting here in South Africa. I jumped out of bed and have just posted my 'On My Mind' blog. I am still in my pj's. There is porridge going on the stove, so my family will be fed shortly.

    It's blankets and booties on my mind today - inspired by your knitting post, Rhonda.

  33. Oops, forgot to post my link:


  34. As spring gets into gear here in California, flowering trees are on my mind.


  35. Of all things...on my mind is the subject of toilets!lol


  36. We take ours outside and 'karcher' them. Its a high pressure cleaner, surprisingly that uses very little water. They really do come up like brand new.

    Here's whats on my mind today!


  37. On my mind today Creative Homemaking. http://we-make-it-work.blogspot.com/

  38. As a childcare worker i have cleaned more than my share of rugs covered in food, baby spit up, paint, & good old dirt.
    WE would put the rugs on the concrete outside, lightly wet it down with the hose then sprinkle with washing powder or liquid you use for your cloths. Then with a stiff outdoor broom scrub with vigour (for your good rug us a soft inside broom) then hose down. scraping off any excess water using the back of the broom then hang to dry.

  39. All I can think of tonight is Japan

  40. Japan is on my min God Bless them and keep them safe

  41. Dear Rhonda I am glad I read this post there are wonderful ideas by your readers and I have a black and rose carpet with the same problem. It being dark I have less trouble then you do. I will try a couple of these ideas. That is a nice carpet. I throw mine out in the snow and cover it but I know this would be extremely hard for you. B

  42. On my mind is Japan.
    If you watch the videos carefully you literally see people in cars trying to get away and you can see what is coming at them, the speed of it and that they are cut off already. You are seeing the last moments of people. Someone's father, mother, daughter, son...
    How small we are in the face of nature. It is indeed a lesson in humility.

    Hug your loved ones,
    Trinidad & Tobago

  43. Many, many years ago my Nana used to mix up some Tide in a bucket, really agitating it, to make lots of suds. She then dipped a scrub brush into the suds only and scrubbed the rug with just the suds. It worked well.

  44. My dear trash has posted about hosing her gorgeous "dry clean" rugs on sunny days and leaving them out to dry.

  45. On my mind- Luck! and Spring! and St. Patrick's Day coming up soon! And the Irish Shamrock I picked up to celebrate all of those.

    Would drying it in the sun upside down work- so the wool isn't being directly hit by the rays?


  46. On my mind is some fun potholders that I am making for birthday gifts.



  47. I wet clean all my wool rugs with ivory soap and cold water straight from the water hose. The driveway is the perfect place.

  48. A little later in the day, but this is what is on my mind. The rising cost of


  49. I haven't read all the rug cleaning ideas- but I do my outside with scrubbing brush on a handle and Wool Wash.

  50. Hi Rhonda,

    This is on my mind - vision


    Good luck with cleaning your rug. I've not much experience of it, apart from using gentle clothes washing products. You've had great suggestions already, so i hope you get some success.

    X Ferris

  51. Just found your amazing blog and I have started to clean the green way. Also do you use Cleaning Vinegar
    it is sold in the cleaning section of any supermarket. I also live in Australia!

  52. I wash my wool rugs (oriental and others)that I've accumulated over the years by taking outside and simply putting liquid soap in in a bucket of tepid water,dousing it, then wash the rug with the heel and palm of my hand (no brushes) and rinsing with a garden hose. You could use collected rain water also. Then leave to dry over a fence or picnic table and they come out very clean and smelling good. Phil from Minnesota



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