Autumn's garden is progressing nicely

29 April 2010
There must be something in the air.  In the course of one day, I have turned into a crazy woman with lists.  I prowled the house yesterday seeing things left undone for so long, so I made lists of what should be done sooner rather than later.  Lists are my friends but today I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by those I have made so I'm chopping the lists down to size.  I'll make a couple of master lists to work from, divide my time up, because I'm not going to get stuck in and do everything; I'll work through the lists as it pleases me.  It's not really an enormous amount of work, just tidying up, reorganisation and a bit of cleaning.  I'll start today.

My main focus is my knitting.  I've started a shawl/scarf for myself and those cold days at work.  I would love to have it finished next week, but it will take until the end of May, I think.  I'm also knitting Hanno's jumper and haven't progressed much beyond the back. I promises him he would have it by June. I wonder if there are other knitters out there like myself who have a few projects on the go at once.  I do that with books too, always reading a few at a time.  It's quite easy with non-fiction, and that is mainly what I read, because there are no characters or plots to remember.

I wonder how my gardening friends are going with their new gardens.  If you have the time to comment, I'd love to know.  I spent quite a bit of time in our vegetable garden yesterday.  I had my apron on, naturally, and wandered around with a camera in my apron pocket.  It was sunny and warm, no sound other than bird song and the gentle clucking of chooks, so while I picked vegetables for our dinner, I took these photos.  The rain has slowed the garden this year, even wiping out some of the legumes, which too much water often does, but the rest of it is looking good, a testament to that wonderful gardener I share my life with.

 The garlic standing like soldiers in the late afternoon sun.

 The cucumbers are almost done, although they've been sweet juicy and abundant for a couple of months.  It's time to plant some more.

New ginger plants just starting to poke their heads up.

There are new people arriving to read here every week. That always surprises me because I think everyone knows about our little community here, but still they come.  To all the newcomers, welcome.  I hope you find something here that helps you in some way.  Make sure you read the comments every day because there are many excellent points made by the wonderful people who read here.  And to everyone, I hope you are able to spend some time today in your natural environment - whatever that may be.


  1. How wonderful to see your garden in full bloom. Here in the eastern U.S we are just beginning. I was wondering how cinder blocks would look as borders for my raised beds and now I know. I like it and it's much longer lasting than untreated wood!

  2. I'm the same with knitting and reading. I'm not sure I've ever had just one knitting project going since I finished my first scarf. I think right now I have 3 knitting projects on needles and 3 books right now too. Some may think I'm crazy but I like the variety, I have a different project/book for every mood!

  3. wonderful that you are so knowledgable yet normal!!!as a "quilter,embroiderer,knitter.I always have several things on the go but try to make sure that UFO'S(unfinished objects)are not too many.A darling friend was killed suddenly 2 years ago and her surviving daughter found dozens of quilts to be finished,I decided then to try and finish big projects at the time of making just in case.Thankyou for your blog it is just loely.Carole

  4. It is spring here and I have spent the afternoon tilling, now I'm taking a break. My garden will be much smaller this year because I'll be moving sometime over the summer. I won't be able to can or freeze anything from the garden this year. I'm still trying to figure out the most economical use of my garden this year. Frustrating.

    Do you grow herbs? You may be interested in this giveaway.

  5. Not autumn but spring here in Cornwall and the allotment is filling up nicely. We have potatoes, broad beans,peas,carrots and lots more showing their heads outside. Inside the tomatoes, cues, peppers, chillies and sweetcorn are all doing well. It's the busy, busy time in the garden but a good kind of busy. Your garden is looking so good. I'd love to have a go with ginger.

    Pippa xx

  6. Hi Rhonda, my comment has nothing to do with this post (although just like all your posts I enjoyed this one too). What I wanted to tell you is I made Lemon Butter for the first time using your recipe posted on 17/11/08 and it turned out beautifully. I gave a jar to my lemon butter loving friend and she called me the next day to tell me it's the best she's ever tasted. Yeah me! Thanks Rhonda for both the recipe and giving me courage to try things like this.

  7. Loving the garden photos! Like Grandmaibb its Spring here in Oxfordshire UK but I'm looking at the veg bed shapes you've made as I'm redesigning our allotment and you've given me some ideas on how to organise our beds better.

    Oh and I've recently become interested in aprons so I think we need a picture of yours, please ;-)


  8. Garden's looking great Rhonda - I know what you mean about lists. At the moment I have so many lists with the impending move, that I too am feeling a bit overwhelmed. But the days will pass & I will get through everything. Only got one knitting project on the go right now - keeping me occupied when I feel I should rest up a little, but normally I have maybe a couple, plus a bit of sewing & a few books on the go too. The new garden will have to take a backseat till spring, but then hopefully it will be all systems go!

  9. Rhonda, a good while I read your blog and i love it. There are a lot of things in a familair situation. I have to a list from to do things.
    In our nation it is springtime now. So different of yours! My tomatoes and parsley is coming up i'll remove that in the second week of may. Now there may be a night frost. Even though it was a sunny day today! I could dry the laundry and sit outdoors with my mending.
    The word is true "homekeeping, that is worth a queens ransom! Those are my feelings exactly. Warmest greetings. Margriet

  10. Love looking at your pics. Today its raining here in Massachusetts so not much will get done outside. Haven't planted anything yet..good snowed alittle this morning.
    I have many quilting projects started, but not finished so I know how you feel about your knitting!
    Have a super day!

  11. I'm also the same way with knitting and reading non-fiction.

    Our spring garden here in Oklahoma is progressing nicely. We're eating lettuce so far, but the green beans and yellow squash are up, as well as the onions. The broccoli and early tomatoes are doing well, as are my herbs and strawberry plants. Oh, and the potatoes, something new for us this year, are coming along quite nicely.

  12. Your garden is looking so lush!
    We went away for the long weekend and came back to hear our goat had escaped from our back yard. Then I discovered she had a wonderful time eating my broccoli and beans!
    I did some planting yesterday and plan on doing more today but a trip up to the library is also necessary. I always leave my loans until the last minute to return!

  13. What beautiful pictures of your garden, Rhonda. I would like to say that I have progressed far enough in MY knitting to be able to make a reasonable jumper, but alas, I am still learning to master it (thanks to be dishcloths).
    I too love books and always have several titles on the go.
    With cooler weather approaching, I am looking forward to being able to spend a lot more time in our gardens here, as it's such a rewarding and value-adding task.
    Tracy (Brisbane)

  14. Sheila, North Wales. UKApril 29, 2010 8:12 am

    Oh how I loved looking at the pictures of your garden today, thank you Rhonda (and of course Hanno)!
    Whilst I love spending time in my garden, a few years ago I would'nt have dreamt of growing vegs, but this year with my 2 children keen to have a go too, we are planting a few things to see how it goes.

    Isn't it lovely to discover where your readers come from? All over the world by the sound of it!
    As for reading, I have numerous books on the go but when I pick them up to read (usually last thing at night) I just drift off to sleep and they never get finished!!

  15. I think it's very unusual for knitters to only have one project on the go! Especially if you have one project that's a bit complicated, you often need a simpler project for those times you don't have the ability to remember to count stitches!! I currently have 3 (or 4?) on the go, and many more on my list that I really want to start!!

    I'm off to find out more about growing ginger. I really like the sound of growing my own!!

  16. I love the beautiful photo with the rays of sun coming in!

    My new garden is a spring garden (northern hemisphere!) rather than an autumn garden, but it is coming along well, just ate the first radishes! I need to plant out my tomatoes, but we keep having lots of wind and hail this week, and it's cold, so I've been putting it off. It should be warm and sunny this weekend, so that will be the time. My tomatoes are like little trees already, and really need to be out of their pots and into the ground with good cages to hold them up.

    So great to see more pictures of your lovely garden!

  17. In my case, it's crochet. But I usually have more than one project going at a time. I like to have another thing to work on, if I get bored with one particular item I'm making. I have two going at the moment, with plans for a couple of other crochet starts.

  18. I'm feeling rather bereft here - I just finished the last project I have on hand and now am at a loose end. This is not normal - there are usually at least half a dozen things on the go round here. I may have to look at a few books to get started up again. No doubt something will occur :)

    viv in nz

  19. I've just come in from my garden and was uploading some pics when I checked your blog. My palm tree cabbages are growing well and I found my first head of broccoli forming. Broadbeans are about a foot high. Read onions, leeks and spring onions all standing proud. I'm not that great at growing lettuces but I'm managing to get a few meals from some of mine. Pansies and calendulas and marigolds are brightening things up as companions flowers and my last few sunflowers are fading gloriously. Sorry to waffle on, but my garden gives me such pleasure and I love the chance to share that with others!

  20. Rhonda..You can add me to the list for having multiple project going on at once. There is always one that I can take with me, dish cloths or socks, and bigger ones that need more attention at home. I love coming here because the skills of homemaking are celebrated and given the respect they deserve. Here it is spring and we are just starting the garden. I have tomato plants started which will go out end of May or early June. The peas are in as they can take the frost, as can onion sets. But the rest will wait a couple weeks yet despite the warm spring we are enjoying.

  21. I don't have any projects at the moment, college is finishing up for the year and I have to get that done first. Definetely ready for summer and a chance to slow down.

    This summer I want to learn how to quilt. My friend's mum made me a quilt for college and everyone in my family steals it plus, you can never have too many quilts and blankets when you have house guests! We normally make the bed with one or two quilts and leave several more in the room for people who get cold or want to curl up in a chair or outside to read.

    My garden is growing well, except for the lettuces and some of the radishes. They just aren't getting bigger! Its a little frustrating but everything else seems to be doing well so I'm trying to be patient and leave everything a little longer to see if it grows.

  22. Your garden is lovely. Your photos captured the light in it just beautifully, too. We're enjoying a spring cold spell in NY! I'm glad I didn't put my tomato seedlings out yet. My husband just finished building an A-frame reminiscent of Hanno's tomato support. Ours is for cukes and melons. We've just set up our homemade trellis for Painted Lady runner beans. It is situated streetside so passersby can enjoy the red and white floral tresses they produce. I won't even mind if they pinch some beans; I'm planting plenty! Herb plants have arrived including two kinds of comfrey for compost. Yeah! North American gardeners, if you need an herb grower with a wide selection & reasonable prices, try Richter's Herbs in Ontario Canada. Shipping's a bit costly, though. Rhonda, I was tempted by their passion plants, having seen the photos of your passionfruit trellis, but that's a project for another year. It's fun planning new garden supports; I tell my husband what I'd like; he tinkers with the idea and builds it. May everyone enjoy the joys of the season whether it is spring or autumn.

  23. Love the pictures of your garden. Especially the one with the sunbeams coming down. Our spring garden is doing just fine. The cutworm killed several bell peppers before we found him and pinched his head off! Had to replant the peppers and put netting around our raised beds to keep the squirrels out.

    Kathie in SC

  24. Oh how I love the pictures of your vege garden Rhonda. I am glad I'm not the only one with more than one project going at a time!

    Here in southern NSW we have moved our veg garden over easter to get better drainage and I have broad beans, peas, lettuce, kale, broccoli, garlic, shallotts, onions and carrots all in now and going. The pumpkins from summer (which I thought we'd lost with all the rain) have produced and are still producing, yummy baked pumpkin here we come! Off to check out the veg garden now...


  25. This year I'm being more purposeful with my gardening. Taking notes and making a map of the main garden so I know what is where. Last year in my zeal to learn and apply it I went overboard and ended up with nothing but a lesson - but a good one. So I'm trying to be patient with myself as well as the plants and allow my excitement to simmer instead of boil over. :) I saved seeds from good produce that I purchased at the Farmers Market and the few good things I did get out of my garden. They all sprouted beautifully! My goal is to preserve enough spaghetti sauce/tomatoes for the whole winter, convert a closet into a pantry and learn to grow herbs for cooking and medicinal purposes. I feel more confident this year.....and each day I read your blog I feel more inspired and encouraged that I can do it. But not all at once! :)
    Thank you!

  26. Ah-- you are such an inspiration to me! Yes, I have knitting going, and some crochet and I'm gardening, all while I continue to teach and lesson plan. I never have enough time to do all that I want to do.

    My garden is looking so full! Its warming up to summer here (northern hemisphere), and I already have little baby tomatoes showing up on some plants. Huckleberries are blooming and I think I see blooms on the pumpkins! (can't be, I'm sure) Unfortunately, my cinder block bed edging doesn't look nearly as nice as yours. Oh, well, good enough is good enough!

  27. I love the garden photos!! Since I have never gardened... I was curious... Do you see a lot of snakes?? I always wondered if gardeners see alot of them.

  28. Beautiful garden, it invites me to start growing vegetables! Rhonda, I'm wondering, do we have enough water allowance here in Brisbane to grow a vegetable garden or would I need to purchase a tank?

  29. Hello everyone. It's good to see the interest in gardening again. I wish you all the very best with your crops this year.

    Anon, with that comfrey you have, break the roots up and make more plants before you plant. Comfrey will grow from a piece of stem. Make sure you plant it where it will grow for many years because once in, it's difficult to move.

    Cathy, if you are to grow vegetables sustainably in this climate, you'll need a water tank, or at least harvested water stored in containers. We pay for every drop that comes out of the taps, Brisbane has been on water restrictions in the past year, and will be again, that is for sure. A tank is a wise investment and it makes sense. Instead of paying for your water, you'll harvest it, just like you harvest vegetables, and store it for later use.

  30. I think "overwhelmed" is my current catch phrase. I am even too overwhelmed to write a list... because then I'd truly know how overwhelmed I really should be!!
    Anyway, the garden, ours is struggling under a plague of locusts, but I think most things will survive. Our cauliflowers are only 7-8cm tall, but are coping with the caterpillars that try to devour them. I go around every day and wipe off the little eggs that the cabbage moths lay on their leaves, it doesn't take long and makes a huge difference to their survival.
    Enjoyed your garden photos.

  31. The home garden is coming along nicely - still have some raised beds and leveling to do, but the cherry tree actually produced two blooms and I only got it a few months ago. The leeks are leeking, potatoes are doing their thing, transplant carrots are goin' on, swiss chard with its varied stems are reaching for the sky and the peas are up. I have had some casualties as the pigeons ate my lettuce seedlings (argh!) and slugs were making latticework of my strawberries, but I've birdscarers for the former and beer baths for the latter so hope springs eternal.

  32. Rhonda, yes, yes and yes. I too, usually have a couple of projects on the go. Both crochet and knitting. I thought it was because I was too impatient to finish each project. I now think I just get excited to see how a new project begins, the patterns and colours. Lol. A couple of years ago I actually went through my stash and pulled out any old projects and reclaimed the wool and needles. These projects had been sitting for so long I had forgotten what they were meant to be and had even lost the patterns for them.

    I have a two tone purple Teddy Bear that is still waiting for embroidering (not one of my strongest skills, but, one I hope to develop along the way). And, a granny square bedspread for our bed that needs to be finished off. I kept these two projects and they are on my 'to do list'.

    We have started our composting for the garden. Have laid out the masonry blocks we were given by our neighbours, not quiet enough for one bed. Hubby is taking holidays in June and we hope to be able to power ahead with the garden bed building then. We may get some vegies in this season or not. If not we will work on building up the soil for next year. We had alot of rain and then a cyclone so the weather really slowed down our plans, we are still plodding away and are making slow and steady headway.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Cheers, Deb

    p.s. Congrats on the new readers arriving every day. You are a wonderful writer and are very generous with the sharing of both your life and knowledge.

  33. Oh Rhonda Jean, you clever, clever woman you. I am now inspired by your use of a jam jar with the word Garlic written on a piece of paper stuck inside it so it doesn't get wet. I even showed Simon. Do you know how many times my little white plant sticks have faded over time!! urgh! :D

    Concerning your lists. I wonder if you may think about breaking them down into the next quarter, i.e. make a list for May, June and July with what you have written down starting obviously with your more urgent tasks in May like your winter knitting.

    About your non fiction books - I can tell you I have more bookmarks in more books than I would care to share! :D

    Good luck with your tasks.


  34. Hi Rhonda, walking around the garden with the camera in my apron pocket is one of my favourite pastimes too! I feel like I am a little bit behind in the vegie garden at the moment - lots of summer things ending and some winter things not in yet...hopefully soon. Your garden is looking lovely, I really like the photo with the rays of sun shining through, beautiful!

  35. I love that red speckled bloom? I've never seen one like it here in the US. What vegetable is it?

    I am getting ready to plant. Husband has soil all ready. It is very small, but we eat out of it all summer. I am waiting for our winds to die down - we get strong spring winds. Perhaps I can plant on Saturday.

    I am the same as you - will suddenly look around the house and see all kinds of things that need done. And I am a list maker and do read several books at a time, both fiction and non-fiction.

  36. Hi Rhonda!

    Your blog still makes me want to get some chooks :)

    Because I'm jealous of your veggie garden, and I really love your blog, I've given you an award.

    Here is the link:

    <3 Stacey

  37. Hi Rhonda, I love the picture of the suns rays on your veggie garden. Just beautiful.

    Cheers - Joolz

  38. I love your blog, it's so full of wonderful wisdom. Your garden pics are lovely, especially the one with the hazy rays of peaceful. love, Ma x

  39. Your garden is beautiful. I so wish you were my next door neighbor... I would love for you to be my life mentor!

  40. Your garden looks beautiful. I like to knit and read too and my stack of books is getting a little out of control. Most of them are non-fiction too, so it is easy to flip through a few pages here and there.

    Oh how I wish I was gardening today, but instead we are digging out from a spring snow storm. I blogged about it this morning if anyone wants to see pictures.

    Have a great day,

  41. My garden is currently being thwarted by one of the chooks who, some how, manages every day to get into the garden and eat a banquet feast!! Very frustrating!! And of course it doesn't help when the dogs chew a hole in the chicken wire and let the rest of them out!

  42. I always have multiple books going, too. I have two knitting projects on needles (a summer purse and a wool sweater)and one in the wings.

    I just planted my garden this week. I didn't do seeds this year but bought little seedlings from my local farmer's market, including my first heirloom tomato. I rent my house so I am limited to a few raised beds and potted plants. I planted cucumbers (they will climb the chain link fence next to them), tomatoes, a pepper plant, and a bunch of herbs. This year I added some flowers since I love the colors in my garden and can bring some in for my house, too.

    Thanks for all of the inspiration. A friend of mine and I are going to try making our own laundry soap this summer. I would never have thought of it without your blog.


  43. Thank you for all the blogging you do. The first thing I do EVERY SINGLE morning after I have got my little 3year old dressed is to sit at the table with him and eat breakfast while reading your blog. I love it. I have done this ever since I discovered your blog about 2 & 1/2years ago.

    You inspired me to try my hand at knitting dishcloths about a year ago. I did OK with them, it was a great way to learn different patterns such as rib.

    Well now that I am a little better I decided it was time to try some harder things so at Christmas time I began Jeanie Greenhowe's Christmas nativity patterns. I am about a third through that so I should be able to finish it for Christmas, as long as I don't get too distracted by all the other knitting projects I am doing!

    I am also knitting myself a beautiful winter jumper with quite complicated stitches. I decided that if I Was going to knit, I wanted to be able to make practical things for myself so I just something difficult. So far so good - I only have the sleeves to do now, and then will ask an older friend for some help sewing it all up.

    I also knit little things for my son inbetween these two projects (finger puppets, mice, toys) so like you, I also have various projects at once.

    My grandfather gave my my grandma's lovely old black singer a few months ago, and I took up sewing with a relish! I have even made my son some clothes, and have been making all his little friends aprons for their birthdays rather than buying presents.
    I am loving living simply. My vegie garden is coming along nicely, although I need to get my act together and plant some more Autumn seedlings. My husband surprised me the other evening by building a new patch for me! I was very proud of him as he is not really a handyman so it was great that he is starting to give things a go.

    I am loving this cooler weather, and am looking forward to beginning my bread-making again. Our house is a furnace in summer which makes using the oven something I rarely do. Last year my son and I made a loaf of bread every 2 days. My little boy LOVED kneading and punching the bread, and when I said we would start doing that again this week he was very excited.

    I love all the recipes you post, and regularly used the apple and walnut cake, lemon yoghurt cake, tea cake, your bread tutorial (although I add various grains now that I have got the hang of it).

    You have really inspired me over the last 2years to cook from scratch, and now I very rarely buy any pre-made sauces/pastes/soups/gravy etc. I love making up big batches of stock using the older vegetables from my garden, and freezing it in batches for future use.

    I was asked recently "Why do you do all this when you can buy it?" and when my first response was "Why would I when I can make it?" I knew that all these things had become my way of life. In fact, their question seemed to me such a stupid thing to ask and I realised that I now look at things in the catalogues and think "I could make that for a fraction of the price!"

    I have always been a home-body and love being at home with my family more than anything else, but now I dread the shops and do everything I can to avoid doing grocery shopping :) Sometimes I last out about 10 days(apart from getting milk, bread, fruit).

    Anyway Rhonda, thank you so much for your inspiring posts. I love your blog, and have passed it on to many friends who in turn have loved it.

    In many ways I feel like I come to your blog for advice rather than my mum, who is living in Tanzania for a few years with my father and brother as they start up a highschool in a remote area near Lake Victoria. They have very poor internet and phone reception so it is difficult to chat to them. See my blog if you are interested in reading about what they do. I post their emails so that people can follow their doings.

    Thanks again, and take care,

  44. Oh I forgot to mention that my husband and brother made me a chook pen the other day!! Hooray! I can finally get some chickens. I am very excited. :)

  45. Have you thought about putting some knitting items on ?


  46. We can't safely plant much before the last weekend in May without risking it to frost, but for the first time ever I've put a few things in. Just some garlic, onions and shallots, lettuce and spinach. When I prepare a couple more beds I'll try just a few brocolli. I can't risk them all to frost, but it might be worth the risk for a few earlier veggies.

    However, I have a ton of things started under lights, so I'm a little less behind than usual this year! Your garden always looks great. Mine is never quite so weed-free, but it feeds us well regardless.

  47. your garden is looking so productive. We designed and put up a hot-house over the weekend to grow our out of season veges. I'll be busy weeding and planting again this weekend.

  48. I love your garden. I always have to giggle as I read about the cold months coming. In the states I live in Florida. We are so past cold months. :)
    I have not even gotten my garden in yet this year. I was surprised with a pregnancy and I have felt very overwhelmed. My dear sweet husband knowing how important a garden is to me suggested for this one year maybe we can go to the nursery and just pick out some plants to plant instead of seeds.
    So we will be working on that this weekend.
    I will miss watching the seeds grow, but at least we will have some fresh fruits and veggies.

  49. It's just turning spring here in Norther Minnesota and sporatically freezing at night so I haven't planted anything outside just yet. I do have some tomatoes, cucs, zuchini, lettuce, green beans and green onions that I just started in my house last week, sprouting in a terarium type thing on my fridge. This will be my first "real" garden this year. My husband is building me a 4x6ft raised bed - I'm SO excited! AND we've started a compost pile!
    A big thanks to you Rhonda, you've been such a wonderful mentor in our family changing the way we live. :) You're such an inspiration!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  50. I'm the same with non-fiction books - I have books I'm part way through reading stacked in every room and they're easy to dip in and out of.

    I always have patchwork on the go for some reason, which you would think would be harder to do successfully than just having a bag of knitting to one side, but I still manage to have about 6 projects running at the same time.

    Your garden's looking great - Hanno is a good gardener . I'm just coming to end of last year's crop of leeks and broccoli in the UK and then I'll be waiting for the new season's crops to be ready. At the moment the rocket and salad is almost ready to go.,,but that is it. Luckily I'm still making my way through last year's bottled plums and greengages which are beautiful-tasting and give me a much needed taste of summer in my kitchen

  51. I felt compelled to write and say...Hoorah! I'm not the only one reading several books all at the same time and enjoying each one as time allows. I also knit & spin my own yarn and have so many different projects going all at once. Talk about frustrating, when I get a minute which should I choose (reading, knitting, or spinning)?

    Your website is an inspiration, and I'm so glad I found it.

    I live in California and hang my laundry out weekly during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. It's lovely. I don't think I would want to live somewhere I couldn't be free to do things like hang out laundry. Unbelievable...

    I have wanted chickens forever...that I know I'm not supposed to do in my city. However, I'm ready to do it anyway. I figure just don't get a rooster right? I only have neighbors on one side and wouldn't put the chickens on that side of my yard. One they eat your plants & vegetables? Also, I have a dog and wondered if she would chase the chickens?

    Anyway, I love your website and enjoy reading everything you write!!

    Blessings ~ Sue

  52. Hi Sue, thanks for sharing your story. The answer to your two questions are: yes and yes. You'll definitely need a fence around the vegetables and unless you can train your dog well, never leave the dog alone with the chooks.

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