24 December 2009

You, me and the kitchen sink

I think today's kitchen comes from America.  Montanasmama doesn't say where she is from, but from the name and the measurement in inches, I'm guessing the USA.  Montanasmama, if you drop by today, please let us know what state you're in.

She writes:

"I know my sink looks huge in this little kitchen but it has the same foot print of a double bowl sink. I have found it SO much more user friendly then the double bowl in my old house. If you look you will see two water taps on the sink. One is for the city water, which is new to me and lovely to have when things get dry but I don't want to drink,cook, or ruin my tea with it. The other tap is for my gravity fed spring water system. I just re-routed the spring water from my old house to the new. If something happens to the city water I can switch the whole house over to the spring system. I chose the high curved taps to make it easy to fill and clean big pots. 

The door by the fridge is a pocket door leading into the walk in pantry. Having a hinged door here would have been very unhandy. Because the kitchen is small the "off the rack" kitchen islands were all too big for the space. To make my little island I took two 18" wide cabinets and attached them end to end giving me a small work area and 8 more drawers. I bought a slightly defective piece of corian counter top for it. I was going to use some kind of stone but just happened upon the corian stuff, it was the perfect size and cheap! How often will that happen? The other counters are laminate and I didn't fell comfortable with putting really hot stuff down on them so the little island takes care of where to put that right out of the oven or off the burner stuff."
Please don't forget to comment.  A comment is like payment for the time taken to post, and in this case in sending in the photos.  Many of us were enthusiastic about this series, so make sure all the photos get a good number of comments.  I don't want any of the ladies sending in photos to regret joining in.  Thank you friends.
The last two kitchens this year will appear this weekend - Pam's kitchen from Life on a Southern Farm will feature on Saturday and Deb's kitchen from Homespun Living will be our last kitchen for the year on Sunday.
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