You, me and the kitchen sink

10 December 2009
Today's kitchen sink photos come from Jillian.  Thanks for sending them Jillian.  She says:

"I have included a photo of our kitchen sink, which although rather outdated, is still perfectly functional, and I wonder how many meals have been prepared upon it."

"The leadlight cupboard (below) is one that we bought in a hurry when we moved house, after finding that the previous owners took some of the kitchen cupboards when they moved. It has been with us for over eight years, now, and it serves us well. Although we have moved house several times since then, the cupboard has stayed with us, and has travelled from Laura to Georgetown, to Tumby Bay and to our present location in the mid-north of South Australia. Imagine the tales it could tell if only it could talk!"

Last week I said to stop sending these photos because I had enough to last until February.  It's been so popular, I've decided to post kitchen sink photos on Thursdays as well as the weekend.  So, if you wanted to send your photos, please do.  I would like a photo of your kitchen sink and a photo of your kitchen - hopefully with the sink in it so we have a general idea of the layout of your kitchen.  Send to rhondahetzel at gmail dot com

Please don't forget to comment.  A comment is like payment for the time taken to post, and in this case in sending in the photos.  Many of us were enthusiastic about this series, so make sure all the photos get a good number of comments.  I don't want any of the ladies sending in photos to regret joining in.  Thank you friends.


  1. Hi Rhonda!
    Wow this kitchen is so similar to mine, but much tidier! i love the leadlight cupboard, beats our old kitchen dresser. This is such a great idea, every thursday i can't wait to have a look at the new post, i can see why its been so popular and i'm so glad you're doing it on the weekend too!

  2. I really like that cupboard. I've never seen one with the leaded glass in it like that! This has been a fun post for you and for all of us!

  3. Nice Jillian! Your dresser is stunning.

  4. This is a wonderful kitchen. I love the sink and the cupboard is beautiful. Great pics!


  5. Thanks for posting another gorgeous, homely kitchen scene Rhonda - and Jillian! That gleaming kitchen sink with old fashioned taps reminds me of my mother-in-law's old kitchen where many Sunday meals and countless jars of preserved fruit and jams were prepared. It was small, but had the most welcoming and comforting atmostphere, offering hospitality to countless visitors over the years. This 'show and tell' kitchen post idea is wonderful, thank you! Love Heidi

  6. Good Morning Rhonda
    I'm still not back at my own home. My mother is still in hospital but I hope to bring her back to her own home in Bridgetown. Her computer has been my salvation and I have been able to keep abreast with some of the forum reading in between my hospital visits looking after Mum. This morning's blog re kitchen sink is very interesting and I would love to send in photos of my kitchen but it will have to wait till I get home. It looks like at this stage that may not be until Tuesday when My sister can come and take over from me. I am just making a guess that todays kitchen would be from the lady that lives in Port Augusta or thereabouts. The dresser is just beautiful. By the look of the handles and lead light windows I would say it's a antique bit of furniture. Just amazing. Love it.

  7. Morning Carla, I hope your mum is making progress. I sent your parcel to the address you gave. I meant to say in the note to let the soap cure for another two weeks. Take care. RJ

  8. I love that you have taken this cupboard from house to house.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  9. Love the dresser Jillian and yes your sink looks functional but also has that oldy worldy charm which is very pleasing to the eye. I like it.
    Blessings Gail

  10. Jillian your dresser is beautiful, I would really like something similar for our dinig room. I'm enjoying seeing all the kitchen sinks and wish I could send you one of mine.


  11. Jillian,I love the idea of the sliding doors under the kitchen sink & that dresser is just beautiful!

  12. Hey love your kitchen sink. Just because something is old it shouldnt be regarded as not functional any more. Look at us older mums!. Love the cupboard too.
    nice place.

  13. Hi Rhonda,
    Love the kitchen sinks.
    Re rats in the poultry food - and the pythons after the rats - you might want to have a look at this option. I haven't tried them myself but they advertise in Gardening australia and Earth garden magazine.


  14. Thanks for another Kitchen sink post Rhonda.

    Jillian, your kitchen sink is almost identical to my husbands old aunts, and so is your dresser!

    I thought for a minute you must have bought her lovely old home that was sold when she (sadly) passed away. I have such fond thoughts and memories of her in her kitchen huddled in her chair by the old combustion stove. I've made tea and washed up lovely antique china cups at a sink like that in her big old kitchen, and apart from an extra tap (for rainwater) your sink is quite identical. Thanks for posting.

    kind regards,

  15. I love the cupboard, just what I need here. That gleaming kitchen sink has made me WANT to go and do the breakfast dishes and shine my sink. Thanks, I'm off to the sink

  16. I love this cupboard!I've never heard them called leadlight cupboards before. It looks Scandinavian to me, but maybe it was Scottish?

    As far as the sink goes, it's inspiring. I'm going to go polish mine right now!

  17. Wow! It's making me a little jealous that everyone has a nice put together sink, and draining board...I know though that someday my day will come when I can have mine all fixed up.
    I love the cupboard. I would be moving that around with me too, it is a gorgeous piece of furniture.

  18. I love the dear old sink - quite right - how many meals have been dished up and cleared up here! The old dresser is a real treasure and these are really sought after now. Everything old is new again.


  19. I admire your beautiful cupboard! Thank you for sharing your kitchen pictures.

  20. I love the sides of the sink, seems very practical. Lovely cupboard, very homey.

    So sorry your Quince is gone. Was she the little cream colored one, I adore her. That kind of thing always puts a knot in my stomach, like an ache for the beloved pet. Hope you can keep the snakes away now.


  21. I love these posts! What fun it is to see other people's kitchens!

    The leadlight cupboard is wonderful! It looks like it can hold a ton of items!

  22. Hi Rhonda and everyone else,
    For those of you interested, we are near Jamestown in the mid-north of South Australia.

    I, too love our leadlight cupboard, and best of all, it only cost us $600 nine years ago. It was 1/3 the cost of buying a new one of comparable value.

    Our kitchen sink is very user friendly, and even when we update our kitchen, the sink will be staying. I love it and it always looks clean.

    Thank you for hosting my humble kitchen. ☺

    Have a great week,

  23. This is such a pretty kitchen. I love how old-fashioned and homelike it looks, both serviceable and funcional at the same time.


  24. Great photos, love the cupboard too, lovely to look at but so much storage. Thanks for sharing Jillian

    RosieB :)

  25. loooooove the cupboard, as I see every one does! Definitely beats Ikea quality, hihi. ( I like buying there, but noticed that the quality isn't great and it would never have lasted as long as this cupboard)

    great all those pics, I'll send mine in today.

  26. Simple and clean - very nice in a kitchen. I'm sure you enjoy your work here.


  27. Love your kitchen Jillian.My mums sink was the same as yours but pale blue & white. They got rid of it for a "modern" fitted kitchen which didn't last anywhere near as long as that sink had.

    Birmingham UK

  28. this is such a great idea Rhonda...Thursday is sinkday! We can all get ideas and tips and just revel in pics of sinks...where we spend half of our time in any case and who doesn't like to see inspiring kitchens!
    A lovely sink has an old world feel to it, which I like and what a lovely armoire!

  29. Okay,,,now I have to go clean up my kitchen. It would definitely be a ..before pic... UGH!!!

    Love the cupboard by the way ... it is beautiful.


  30. I love this feature, it's fascinating to peep into other peoples lives via their kitchens. I wish my kitchen was as orderly as this one. A lovely big functional sink and a very beautiful cupboard.
    Thanks for sharing.

  31. I can't imagine it: the previous owners took some of the cupboards with them? Why? Were they really that special?

    I just remembered we have a "spare" kitchen sink sitting on the garage floor - it's the one we didn't use when we remodeled the kitchen. Maybe I should provide pictures of both sinks. :>)

  32. Beautiful kitchen, thank you for sharing with us.

  33. The dish cabinet is so pretty! Beautiful wood!

  34. Hi Jillian you have a beautiful and Very Tidy kitchen, have some work to do before I send a picture of mine! Love the cupboard. Does it date from the 1930s?? That leadlight design looks kind of art deco?
    Thank you Rhonda for this series, I am going to love it!
    Julia in Mackay

  35. That display with the jars, bowls and plates looks great!

  36. My kitchen is quite embarassing compared to these kitchens. I love the width of this sink with drip trays on both sides.

    And that cupboard is gorgeous. There's no way you'd be able to find something new like that and it would cost a fortune to commission one. I've been wanting a hoosier for years (sort of like yours, but with built-in flour sifters and the like) and the more I bake, the more sense it is to have built-in bins for flour and sugar storage and pastry rolling space right in front of it.

    I find that "simple" often means reverting to the early 1900s for furniture functionality.

  37. What a sweet kitchen and I love that cupboard.

    This thread is just great and I thank you for starting it and thank everyone for sharing their kitchens and sinks.



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