10 February 2009
It seems that every time my husband and I check the news the death toll rises and the devastation is mind-boggling. I have seen many fires having grown up in the Southwestern US. Much of my home town (Los Alamos, New Mexico) burned down a few years ago in a man-made fire, but nothing compares with the loss of life and destruction in the Victorian bush fires. Here in the US, those who wish to donate to the relief efforts should contact their local Red Cross and they will put you in touch with the Red Cross of Australia. We send our prayers to those suffering in this disaster.


  1. Please people Donate Blood! It's free and you will be able to help so many of the poor people who have burns.

  2. It is just so unfathomable the huge-ness and enormity of the situation.
    Many Aussies are unsure hoe to donate and I have listed some ways on a blog post too.
    Just so very sad.

  3. Sharon - to add to your post. Wherever you may be, if you want to donate to help then contact your local Red Cross.

    (Here in New Zealand the monetary donations are being coordinated by our Red Cross and will be sent to the Aussie Red Cross).

    Is tears, shock and sorrow here, followed by many prayers and special thoughts.

    Michelle in Wellington NZ

  4. We are praying and worrying about Australia's bushfires here in the U.S. Great Lakes region too, and will continue to do so.

  5. That is a good suggestion. My dear friend, it is a very sad state of affairs. I posted on my blog a prayer request out. You may be getting well wishers from here.
    We are thinking of you and the country folk who are enduring this terrible devastation.
    I too am in the South west forgive me the presumption of your being a native Australian. Didn't know your walking on ground other than your country of birth.
    Say my sour dough loaf was very low, extremely good, just low?

  6. I send my prayers from Minnesota, USA too! We are thinking of you over there.

  7. I've been following the stories of the fires in disbelief and horror. Some of what I've heard is unimaginable. I'm keeping all of Australia in my thoughts and prayers. Be safe.

  8. So glad and relieved to hear that you are safe!

  9. I don't tend to watch much tv, and actually first heard about the devesatating fires here on this blog! I am praying for the situation there!

  10. I'm so glad you, Hanno and your families are safe. I'm also stunned at the scale of this disaster. Words escape me ....

  11. I was able to donate from here in the U.S. to the Australian Red Cross on their website last night. Very easily done.


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