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13 February 2009
I don't have time to post today but Eilleen at Consumption Rebellion has written a very interesting and intelligent post at the co-op about Children and the pressure to buy. It's well worth a read.

Sharon will be posting later about the new swap. I hope you all jump in and have some fun with it.


  1. Have a great weekend Rhonda.

  2. Hey Rhonda it's Jenn from Kansas City. I haven't been a regular commenter in a long while but I still read every day. And I have a silly question. Who is Sharon? I think I must have missed something...

  3. Hi Jenn, it's not a silly question, I guess many people wonder the same thing.

    I met Sharon here at my blog when she offered to help me do a few things I didn't have enough time for - like the swaps. Sharon lives in New Mexico and while we've never met in person, I feel like I know her very well and consider her a friend. Sharon helps me here and at the Co-op blog. : - )

  4. Dear Rohnda,
    Thank you for the article on establishing a routine. I realy enjoy reading your blog. It has been a help in many ways.

  5. I've worked as a nanny, and noticed that oftentimes, children who have lots of toys tend to not take care of them, and so eventually they get destroyed. Then the parents/guardians just go out and buy more because the children feel "entitled" to have the same amount of toys.
    But children who have only a small handful, around four or five toys, tend to not waste them, and they last much longer. I believe that children do not need all the toys - we do not need to spend so much on them.

    Thank you for your inspiring blog!

  6. Rhonda, Thomas - who is 9 recently celebrated his birthday. We decided to surprise him with an mp3 player, which he was delighted with. He and his little friend Max had one each during a sleepover in the holidays - they had a ball listening to each other's songs and passing judgement on taste and so on. I overheard them both wishing they had "ipod"'s instead. My feelings were hurt, but I didn't have the ammunition at the time to tackle the issue so I'm grateful for the pointer to this article as it has given me some great ideas. AT the time, all I could come up with was a chat about brand names and how they aren't important...but it really didn't hit home. (after all...his friend Jock has an ipod nano, a playstation, a tv & a soccer table in his own room!)

    Lisa x

  7. Hi Lisa, I'm sorry your feelings were hurt, listening in sometimes causes that. But to make up for that hurt, you heard something you needed to know. I am sure Eilleen's post is will help a lot of parents who battle this problem and I'm really pleased it's given you some new ideas.

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