Thank you all

10 August 2008

Hanno and I have been overwhelmed by the sweet messages left about Rosie. They helped us during that first day, the most difficult one, when we were still expecting her to walk inside or bark at the Pee Wees (Magpie Larks), her nemesis. Any other bird could land in our backyard and she didn't care, but let one PeeWee set foot here and she was after them.

We buried Rosie under the Banskia rose where she loved to sit. It's shady there and she had a view of both the backyard and the front. Hanno planted a daisy bush on her grave, I placed some flowers there for my sister Tricia, and we both had a cry. It was a sad day.

Alice is still looking for Rosie. Hanno let her get into the car to sit on the blanket he brought Rosie home on. She sat there for ages, sniffing and taking in as much of Rosie as she could. Now she is sleeping on a single bed and I don't think she likes it very much. They used to sleep together on a bed on the kitchen floor - on the night before she died, Rosie cuddled up to Alice, it was the first time she'd ever done that.

We went out yesterday. We visited a thrift shop near here and then went down to the beach for a cup of coffee. It was the best thing for us. The water was beautiful, we watched holidaying families cook their BBQ breakfasts and run around playing games; I smiled when I saw the benches were all in the shape of surf boards. When we came home it was like we'd packed Rosie away in our hearts and got on with our chores.

Today Bernadette is coming down the mountain with her dog Iona to visit Alice.

Hanno and I would like to thank each and every one of you who wrote a message of support. The kindness shown to us through this blog has helped us through these sad days, and it has proven, once again, the power of the written word.


  1. I know all too well the pain of losing a beloved pet. So give yourselves time to grieve for her. She was family.
    I'm glad that you and your hubby got out of the house and did something pleasant. Rosie will always be with you both, in your hearts.

  2. My sympathies for the lose of your dear Rosie.

  3. Our beloved cat is buried under the dogwood tree in our back yard.

    We have gotten quite a chuckle out of that this past year, wondering if a cat would be mortified to be in her final resting place under a dogwood?

    My heart goes out to you because I know how difficult it will be. There will still be those times you turn around and expect your furry best friend to be there as always.

    As with you, we had another furball here at home (her sister). Still... there was that empty space. Time has healed as I know it will with you but in the meantime, a big hug to you and your hubby.

  4. Rhonda,

    You and Hanno should take your time grieving Rosie. I will be thinking of you both.



  5. Dear Rhonda, I still can't help getting a bit teary eyed myself thinking of your loss. And poor dear Alice. I am glad Iona is coming to visit her. I am also glad you took the opportunity to enjoy some time away. I know that always helps to bring a little renewal to the spirit.

    Peace to all of you.


  6. Sorry about your dog my daughter had a golden retriever on their farm and when she died we sure did miss her . On a cherry note the picture of the beach is so pretty we live in southwest Oklahoma where it is HOT and dry we are having baby calves now and have misters going and shade cloth put up around the barn. sure will be ready for fall weather . Sue O

  7. Oh, but this post of yours really makes me cry! I hurt so much for Alice, poor baby! I hope you give her extra pampering and care. I think dogs have a sense of death and do grieve.

  8. Oh so sad :( I hope Alice feels a bit better today after a play. We had two cats and since one disappeared (nearly two years ago), the other has never come back in the house. If we bring her in, she freaks out completely. We got another cat (all desexed of course) so she'd have a companion, but they never took to each other. Obviously our first cat, who she joined when only about 4 weeks old (she was rescued), was her true life companion.

  9. Dear Rhonda and Hanno, so sorry for your sad loss. Lovely that you could bring Rosie home and let her rest in her favourite spot. Hope Alice will be ok. My cat was 'lost' for a while when his companion passed away. I will be thinking of you all.

  10. It does get better with time, but rest assured that the memories will bring smiles to your faces. When I've lost a dog I always swear that I can't go through that hurt again, but I always do..The old saying is true."It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Blessing upon all of you.

  11. I have a grieving heart as well as we lost one of our cats this week and I can't write about it yet.
    I got away for the day too, which helped to focus on other things for a while.

  12. Rhonda, After seeing the hundreds of comments on Rosie's passing, I am reminded that, early in my discovery of down---to---earth, you mentioned trouble with spammers and other sick individuals disrupting your efforts. The hundreds who left prayers and encouragement, plus at least one or two for each one of us, show the value of your work and how much we all love seeing you and Hanno working on projects and giving new ideas.
    So please realize how many of us care about youall. And besides, we have the bad guys way out numbered. JudieJ

  13. It does get easier, but you'll never's been over three years since we lost Maxine, and there is not a day goes by when we don't think of her..........thinking of you all,

    Gill from Canada

  14. I've only been reading your blog for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to let you know how sorry I am about Rosie. We lost our 19 year old kitty, Puss, this past December (we'd had her since she was 10 weeks old). Sometimes it seems like a distant memory, and sometimes it feels as though it just happened yesterday and I have to cry about it all over again. I do believe that they are waiting for us in Heaven.

  15. (((HUGS))) to you as you grieve your loss of Rosie. We had a dog named Misty for 17 years and when she passed we were heart broken and we miss her still but now with a bittersweet smile and not a hurting heart.

  16. Alice must miss Rosie a lot. It's good that Hanno let her in the car to sniff around where Rosie was. You and Hanno are still in my prayers. Be well and enjoy each other's company.

  17. Hugs to you all and a big one for Alice XXXXX

  18. Rhonda, thank you so much for changing your routine and blogging on a Sunday, it's good to know that the three of you are jogging along OK.

    And how wise of you to go to the beach yesterday -- the water is so restoring, isn't it.

  19. It is so good that the two of you cared for your souls. Have a nice week. May you tea be sweet on the veranda.

  20. Very sorry to hear about Rosie. Hoping that today is another restful day.

  21. One day at a time and hang on to your lovely memories. Since I live in an apartment I can't bury anything but I have my two former pet's ashes in memorial boxes that I keep. Each one has a picture on the front and they are never forgotten.
    Best wishes.

  22. So sorry to hear about your dear Rosie. She has been a faithful and loving companion to you both because you have been kind, wonderful people to her. No wonder she lived a long, healthy and happy life. All pets deserve people like you. Go gently and know we are thinking of you. :}
    - Julie, Millicent SA

  23. Tears are pricking my eyes too, for your loss and remembering my own. As Carolyn said, Rosie will always be with you in your hearts and memories. I hope that Alice isn't missing her too much. HUGS to you and Hanno.

  24. we buried our old girl in the garden under the apple tree where she used to lie,she liked to eat apples too so it was the perfect spot for her.
    It's so very hard in the first few days,they leave such a huge gap that seems impossible to fill.

    About a year after she passed, we had the chance of another dog to love of the same breed and so we took him in.His love has made a huge difference to us,we are able to enjoy the memory of our lost girl with smiles instead of tears now & we enjoy every day again as he turned our house back into a home,he's just a wonderful loving boy. I hope you can find comfort in Alice as she will in you and Hanno.

    all the best


  25. I'm glad you and Hanno were able to take time out for yourselves, the beach pictures look amazing. Not bad at all for winter.

    Rosie will always be in your hearts, she will live forever there.

  26. Dearest Rhonda,
    I am still praying for you all as I know your hurt is very hard.
    I wanted to let you know that I am also praying for Alice...I know things are very different for her right now.
    Do you all think you will get another "furbaby"...another sister for Alice?
    Take care my friend and sending hugs to you.


  27. Sunlight streams through window pane
    unto a spot on the floor....
    then I remember,
    it's where you used to lie,
    but now you are no more.
    Our feet walk down a hall of carpet,
    and muted echoes sound....
    then I remember,
    It's where your paws would joyously abound.
    A voice is heard along the road,
    and up beyond the hill,
    then I remember it can't be yours....
    your golden voice is still.
    But I'll take that vacant spot of floor
    and empty muted hall
    and lay them with the absent voice
    and unused dish along the wall.
    I'll wrap these treasured memorials
    in a blanket of my love
    and keep them for my best friend
    until we meet above.

    Author Unknown

    With sympathy, DianeH.

  28. One thing about memories, is that no one can take them away from you.
    Rosie will never be far away because she lives in your hearts, and that's how it should be.
    Thank you for sharing pictures of your day out and for letting us say good-bye to Rosie.
    God bless you and Hanno, and Alice.

  29. Despite being sad it sounds like you and Hanno had a beautiful day. I hope Alice will not take it too hard, but dogs feel grief too. How nice a doggy (and human) friend came over for some support.

    Christine from the NL

  30. I'm not good with loss at all. We lost our dog Mackenzie back in 2005. The whole family, and friends as well, took it very hard, I cried for weeks. She was the best dog ever. To this day, I sometimes still slip up and call my current canine child "Kenzie" instead of her own name. Maybe someday I will find another dog just like her, and when I do, I will know it and I will name her "Mackenzie Two". Don't get me wrong, I adore my current canine child (Misty), she's a very sweet and good dog, she's just very different than Mackenzie was, different breed, different size, different color, different abilities/interests, just all around totally opposite.
    I don't think you ever get over this type of thing. It's been almost 4 years for me and it still gets to me from time to time.
    My sincerest condolences to you and your family.

  31. I'm really enjoying your blog, I left a comment for you in your previous post (Rosie's announcement) as a local and now that you have featured this wonderful photograph of the thrift shop I'd love to know just where it is.

    I have found it difficult to find a listing of all the thrift shops (furniture & clothing) around the Sunshine Coast so if you have any further information I would be very grateful for you to share.

    Thank you again, Karen x

  32. I am so sorry about your baby. How sad to lose one.

  33. Oh my, Rhonda Jean. I have been so swamped with things that just don't compare to what you and Hanno have been going through. It makes one rethink the stresses and worries of life when you read of such things. Thank you for sharing and I pray with time you will find the pain fades to abundant joy in your memories. My heart goes out to you and you will be in my prayers.
    Christie in Texas,US



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