14 August 2008

Good morning

Good morning all. I don't have time to post today, we're off as soon as we finish our tea to visit Shane and Sarndra. I'll take photos. ; - )

Enjoy your day.


  1. Have a great day! Enjoy!

    Kristina in Nebraska

  2. Hi Rhonda

    Hope you have a good trip or should I say hope you 'had' a good trip as you will be well on your way by now. I have to wait a while yet to visit my darling girls but I will be 'down under' for the New Year.

    Pippa x

  3. Found you through Little Jenny Wren. I will have a good time browsing while your away on your trip. Fun thins so far :)

  4. Have a lovely day, Rhonda. You deserve it after the sadness you've had this week.

  5. Enjoy your day Rhonda & Hanno.
    I hope your trip will remind you that although life goes on after loosing a loved one, there is still happiness all around you!.
    Have a great time & take care

    Chrissie & Co.

  6. Dearest Rhonda Jean,

    I apologize for not commenting in such a long time. We've been lost in adoption paperwork and Josh's latest military school. It's been a busy and productive summer indeed. Having caught up on the posts that I missed, I wanted to tell you how deeply saddened I am at the loss of Rosie. Few could understand the love we feel for our dogs but it is real and its depth impenetrable.

    Thinking of you,

    NEWS at Razor Family Farms (GRIT.com)

  7. Hi Rhonda Jean
    How do I email you?

  8. Hi Rhonda, don't know if this is the right place to ask a question. I just started up a worm farm as per your instructions on your site (thankyou!) and now I want to start a compost pile. The only place I have to put it is right near my neighbour's fence (close to their house!). Should I use an enclosed bin (which I know you are not keen on) or would it be okay to use an open heap (enclosed by wooden pallets)? Would really appreciate your help. Thanks for such an informative site which I visit every day! Cheers, Karen.

  9. Thanks everyone. We are home safe now.

    Hi Lacy, I hope you have exciting baby news soon.

    Annette, my email is rhondahetzel at gmail dot com

    Karen, if you add the right ratio of carbon to green waste the compost should not smell and should just look like a heap of grassy soil. I'd try the open heap first, if it doesn't work, use your container. Good luck, love.

  10. Rhonda noticed this for tomorrow's radio national show "Life Matters" on at 9am. Wondering whether you are the lady? :)

    Friday Talkback: Frugal is the new black As economic conditions worsen and price rises force us to tighten our belts, we discuss the phenomenon of frugalism.We meet a woman happy to call herself a 'cheapskate' who's turned economising into an art form and demographer Bernard Salt explains the generational differences in thrify behaviour.

  11. Thanks a lot Rhonda - will try the open heap first.
    Cheers, Karen.

  12. Good morning, Bella. No, it's not me. I will listen to it though. I was interviewed on ABC radio about 6 months ago by Lisa (the tin house). I have the mp3 file of that interview if you'd like me to email it to you. It's just over 5Mb.

  13. I must say that I am very envious of all these folks who can hear your program!!! Is it available online??



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