4 September 2020

Weekend Reading

Each week the weather is warmer and each week I try to do more in the garden because I know that come November, I won't want to be outside.  It's peaceful here. We hear trees rustling in the wind, there is sometimes a faint buzz of traffic in the distance, birds twitter, the chooks squark and occasionally a gate will open and close.  That's it. That's an accurate summary of the sounds in our back yard.  So with a minimum of sound, it's easy to focus on what I'm doing, think about how I can improve what's before my eyes and, most importantly, relax and feel secure in my home. Feeling relaxed and safe is a good feeling and the foundation of most things that happen here.

Summer memories is being grown in a large pot. It opens out to be a large cabbage-type pale rose.

Lemons growing in the chook run. These will be picked soon and juiced for cordials later in the year.
We've kept a variety of heirloom chickens for over 20 years.  This one is a Light Sussex.
The trees at the back are part of the remnant rainforest that used to cover this land. Now they line the creek that flows down to the ocean, emerging at Pumicestone Passage.
We reduced the size of our vegetable garden two years ago and now grow what I can where I find a space.  Here we have foxgloves in a pot, cos lettuce and an Italian tomato.

This is an easy place to love and I never stop feeling grateful that we came here and put down roots all those years ago. But I'm also aware that all over the world, things are not peaceful or relaxed.  Wherever you are, whether your world is peaceful or not, I send warm and loving wishes to you and hope that you remain safe. Things will improve but no one knows when that will happen. In the meantime, we all have to hold on to our values, stay close to our homes and keep using the internet to remain connected to our tribe. 

What are you doing over the weekend?


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  1. I'll be out in our garden this weekend too, Rhonda. There's much to do before the heat arrives! Your rose is just beautiful. I am planting more salvias in our garden.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I got to looking around my gardens, here in Indiana, just today and knew that autumn is here. It's time to cut back the elephant ferns and the daylilies, for yet another year. It seems like both those were just shoots coming out of the cold spring ground just yesterday. I love your pictures and the whole idea behind your blog. I wish you'd blog more. I am 64 years old and have always been a keeper-of-home. Peace~ Andrea

    1. Andrea, you came too late to the blog. There is 13 years worth of blogging here - 2990 posts. You'll have to go back through the archives. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Your garden looks wonderful, Rhonda. What a pretty chicken. I love that rose, too. I'm glad that you feel safe and secure where you are. I do, too. I am thankful to live in this area and am so glad that I put down roots. The plants and animals have really been a blessing during this time.

    1. Thanks Stephenie. I'm glad you too found the place that will help you thrive. xx

  4. Light Sussex and White Sussex are lovely birds aren't they, we currently have just one left in amongst our black and brown girls, so she really stands out. She's enjoying a happy retirement now although we do occasionally get an odd, very unexpected egg.

  5. I'll be out in the garden harvesting the main portion of our tomatoes, which I'll then can and put up for winter. Apples are also coming in, and I'm beautifying our laundry room by adding wallpaper and some pretty shelves. 2020 is the year of truly enjoying a peaceful home, that is for sure. Glad you and yours are safe and sound.

  6. We are getting into our fall season here in the Pacific Northwest. I just can't decide which is the season I look forward to the most. The geese haven't started flying yet, but they will soon enough, I love watching as they pass overhead towards warmer climates. I have nine acres and we are rebuilding the fences. What a massive undertaking. Luckily my daughter has the knowledge and we just bought a tractor, so that should go smoothly. We need to get the fences done, because we have been gifted a milk cow and her calf and a giant donkey. Both of their previous "parents" are having health issues, so we are filling in. I'm excited to get the cow especially, I have to learn to milk her now!
    That rose is something else, such a beautiful color! I love the chicken too. Next spring after we have built a proper coop, I will be getting some exotic type chickens and quails to supplement my little income and provide ourselves with eggs.

  7. It is difficult when you know there is so much unrest in the world. Time at home is precious and cherished. So grateful to have our homestead as well.

    Beautiful Light Sussex. She looks as if someone has stitched a lace neck covering for her. ;0D

    This is Labor Day weekend in the USA. Seems rather sad, when so many jobs have been affected by the pandemic.
    We will stay home, as usual. I'll be working on filling up newly created raised beds and enjoying some time with the chooks.
    Blessings to you and yours...

  8. It seems more important than ever to keep hold of those values which we hold so dear, I do hope that we can slowly turn the tide to bring more people with us.

  9. My son's partner had her last chemo on Thursday just gone so is feeling very ordinary but wanted us to go over for the afternoon (Saturday) and stay for dinner. I have made a large pot of lovely chicken and lentil soup and am now making homemade bread to take with us so we can have dinner together without them having to cook or deal with a mess. There will be plenty left for them to have tomorrow or freeze. While we're there we will help sort out their spare room ready for the floor to be done. It feels so good to be able to help out with little things and I know they appreciate it very much. Tomorrow everyone will gather here for Father's Day afternoon tea so I get to spend most of the weekend with my family, that makes my heart happy. I hope you enjoy yours to Rhonda, take care and hugs for Gracie x Kate from Tassie

  10. Yesterday my husband and I sat by the river. We took coffee and something to read - he a newspaper and me a new book "The Creative Call - An Artist's Response to the Way of the Spirit," it includes workbook activities. I enjoy watching the water and the boats come and go - the main village boat ramp is nearby. Later in the morning I spent some time in the garden planting out some ornamental plants I have grown from seed. In the afternoon I harvested some veggies - tomatoes to be put in the freezers and other odds and ends for stir-fry. In the evening I did some crochet. In between all this I puttered around the house taking care of one thing or another. The only thing to break the peace yesterday were the sulphur crested cockatoos that called in during the late afternoon. Today I had planned on making pea and ham soup - one of the last soups to be made here for this year as the weather warms - and for the most part just repeating most of the same activities as yesterday. Have a great week Rhonda.

  11. Not sure what happened to the weekend, but I have only just gotten around to reading your post now. The sounds and focus of your days at home sound very tranquil. I crave that kind of quiet. With 4 kids still at home, I don't get a lot of quiet time. We have some lovely heirloom chicken breeds too - the light sussex are such lovely plump chickens, but do tend to be a bit broody. We currently have a Maran as a house guest (she sleeps in a cat cage in the laundry) - she was weak, and being picked on mercilessly. She has recovered quite well and now pecks at the door to be let in just as the cat plucks at the screen - I am sure I will regret allowing a chicken into the home, especially if she never leaves! Your rose is beautiful. We are still catching up weather wise, but finally have some small leaves appearing on our rose bushes. Nothing like bringing flowers from the garden inside. Hope you have a lovely week!


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