21 August 2020

Weekend Reading

More work in the garden this week. It's been good to be outside although the wind is annoying as it dries out the soil too quickly. Hanno is preparing the corner of the garden to transplant some banana pups so we have more bananas and, hopefully, at different times.  Overall though, these mini bananas are easier to tend than the taller ones. The minis grow to just about a metre tall so checking the leaves, removing dead leaves and harvesting are much easier. After a question from a reader on IG, I searched for these mini bananas online and found Diggers has them in stock. In a frost-free climate, these are a valuable addition to the backyard.

I'm happy with my new haircut and I've cut down the time I spend on my hair by about 50 per cent. Tick. Next week, I'm testing for glasses again. A couple of years ago, I had cataracts removed and new lenses put in my eyes. The new lenses were the same prescription as the glasses I used to wear so most of the time I don't have to wear glasses. After the surgery, the specialist recommended I wear the plain magnifying glasses at the chemist for reading and computer work but after two years of looking for glasses to read something in the kitchen, outside with my seed packets or reading labels at the supermarket, I'm done.  I'm getting trifocals again - the bottom layer will be for reading, the mid layer for computer and reading the dashboard in the car and the top layer will be plain glass. I'll put them on in the morning and that will be that.

I hope you're well and happy and you're coping if you're in lockdown. Some of us hate lockdown, some of us love it but whatever your viewpoint, it seems to be the only reliable way to reduce the number of new Covid cases in communities. It's really frightening knowing there are now 22 million cases worldwide. Take care, everyone. xx


Here is a list of thing to read over the coming days.
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