14 August 2020

Weekend Reading

I've spent time every day in the garden this week. The warmer weather has promoted growth and the two tomato plants have grown a lot in a week. There are plenty of flowers out now too. Today I'll finished the planting with a punnet of foxgloves - surely the sweetest flower name of all.  My aim was to get all the planting, weeding and mulching done before the hot weather, and we've done that, so from now on, it's pruning, dead-heading, fertilising, watering and a little bit of harvesting. Speaking of which, Hanno harvested the curly kale on Wednesday for his annual pork and kale feast.

Our mini Cavendish banana is growing well and I think we might get our first bunch of bananas off it at the end of summer.  We've grown regular Cavendish in the past. We had about six groups of bananas here when we bought the house 26 years ago but they all died off in the droughts we've had along the way. This banana is in the garden, not on the boundary fence as our other bananas were, so it gets regular water. Apparently, this mini banana will grow regular sized bananas in bunches of about 30kg but they don't all ripen at the same time.  

I'm going to the hairdresser for a hair cut today then back home for lunch with gardening and sewing this afternoon. I hope you're doing well and remaining as close to home as you can. Take care. xx




  1. Thanks for the lovely things to read and look at. I have been following for a while via your blog and not sure why I haven't followed your instagram - but I've just changed that. Enjoy your weekend. (and I'm jealous you're going to the hairdresser - lockdown Melbourne, no chance for a long time).

  2. Rhonda, it's hard to know which link to click on first, they all look so interesting! I've just made my house sparkle from front porch to back door and am expecting my beautiful daughter to arrive shortly. It's her day off work so we are going to cook together. My son was here yesterday and we spent 3 wonderful hours together in the garden. He easily tackled all of the really heavy jobs - everyone should try to have a boy, they are so amazingly strong!!

    I will look forward to a leisurely read over the weekend.


  3. How did your haircut turn out? I hope it went well and that you're absolutely thrilled with the image that looks back at you, in the mirror. <3

  4. CWA looks fun - I would do the beekeeping and composting. thanks for all the links

  5. Rhonda, one of your good deeds for today is turning me onto Nick Cave - thank you!! I've heard his music performed by others (Johnny Cash for one) without being aware of him as a songwriter/artist. His newsletter is fascinating reading. There is a short trailer online for a concert he did at Alexandra Palace where he read the lyrics to one of his songs - it made me wish there was a recording of him just reading poetry. I hope you and Hanno enjoy your weekend - you with a nice, cool neck and Hanno with his pork and kale feast :). Beth in MN

  6. Enjoy your haircut! Are you braving the layers? i am currently rereading your books. Its like curling up with a good friend. With depressing news every single day regarding covid, I found your books ground me and remind me that you can still live a happy life while waethering the storm.

  7. Lusi (That Homeschool Life) shared a link to your blog with me and right away I feel at home, really enjoying your links. Two are bang on what I'm reading and thinking about this week... synchronicity at work!

  8. Haircut looks lovely Rhonda.

  9. Good morning Rhonda and Hanno,it's a sunny morning here and we're having trouble remembering what day it is as they're all very similar in lockdown land! The wattles and bulbs are all blooming so it's time to get a few seeds on the go for summer veges.Will need to make a couple more masks also as they need constant washing and you can't step off your property without them. Your haircut looks lovely,soft and pretty,a fresh start for the next season! Have a happy safe week🙃

  10. Thank you for highlighting Nick Cave's writings - I agree with his views wholeheartedly. When Laura Ingalls Wilder was stripped of a literary award in her honour in 2018, I was shocked. Nothing good comes from attempting to obliterate past actions and views from history. It is akin to what the Nazi's attempted during their regime. I am relieved that there is a large group of respected people willing to publicly stand up against this tide. On a positive note, I love your haircut - I have often thought about going short again as in my youth, but the attachment to long hair is strong!

    1. Paula, I didn't know that about Laura Ingalls Wilder and I too am shocked. These things must be considered in the context of their times.

      I love long hair and a few years ago, when I stopped going on book tours and talking publicly, I decided to grow my hair long. But the washing and drying of long hair was too much for me. I'm okay with short hair now and it takes a lot less time to look after. Just go with your intuition. You know what you like. xx

    2. Yes absolutely - context is everything. Imagine how much history would be lost if we deleted everything that did not match current popular opinion - history shapes us. I hope sensibility wins out and cancel culture fades from public opinion. I think when my greys take over and it starts costing too much to colour that much hair, then short hair will be much more practical. But for now I will enjoy (put up with) my long hair falling in my bowls of food, flying into my eyes and mouth, clogging up the drains...hard to know why I hang on to it!

  11. Your short hair looks so lovely Rhonda. After months of not sleeping due to the weight of my long hair i too will be getting a haircut.
    Karen NZ


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