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8 May 2020

Imagine my surprise and delight when this little beauty glided down our driveway a couple of days ago. It's our "new" courier vehicle. It's a customised US delivery van, the same van that used to deliver parcels and mail between Gympie and the Sunshine Coast (where I live) in the 1940s. The man driving has restored it to its original condition. You can't see them but inside those blackened windows, the van is packed with parcels. It was such a pleasure to see it and talk to the owner/driver who is obviously very proud of it.

I've been spending each afternoon in the garden and hope to get some photos for you soon. We're still going well here in isolation, just going out for food shopping, and staying in touch with family and friends on the phone and facetime.  I hope you're doing well too. The COVID restrictions here are slowly being relaxed and from Sunday on we can have up to five people visit.  It's Mother's Day here on Sunday so this is just in time for family reunions after being in lockdown since early March.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there. I hope you have a joyful day on Sunday.  🥰


  1. What a beauty the car is, and an amazing restoration.
    I am waiting to hear what restrictions may be lifted here in Victoria, but I believe we don't find out until next week.
    Enjoy your Mother's Day, Rhonda.

  2. What a beautiful car.
    I watch The Waltons DVDs and it reminded me of those times.
    Have a very Happy Mothers Day Rhonda

  3. Thanks for your lists on weekend...love it!! Am thick into experimenting with Gluten free sourdough starter...fun...today's discard went into the yummiest buckwheat recipe yet!! Maybe one day my daughter and I will get our cookbook finally into print...at least we are slowly working on things...

  4. Happy Mother's Day on Sunday to you too, Rhonda. I just love that van. What a surprise to see it come up your driveway. That must have made your day.

  5. Happy Mothers Day in your part of the world (we had ours earlier in the year) That is a beautiful car, I would have wanted a pic sitting on the bonnet before it left!

  6. Enjoy your Mother's Day with your loved ones near.

    Beautiful ride! What a fun way to deliver packages!

    Thank you for your wonderful reading suggestions.

  7. I am going to make champs. Thanks for waking my appetite. Thanks for all the lovely links.

  8. I love the delivery van! What a treat for the eyes that must have been!

    Thank you for the reading list...I haven't started reading the links yet, but I see several that I am interested in! Happy Mothers Day to you, Rhonda!

  9. What a beautiful van! I bet he liked your house and garden. That's good news about visitors. I'm sure you will create a delicious feast.

  10. Oooooh, what a ride!

    I'm going to try the chocolate cake recipe. My mother always said the best cake she ever ate was my paternal grandmother's, which was quite an admission because neither one liked the other. The recipe went to her grave with my grandmother. I'm trying this one because it has the two ingredients that probably made all the difference--hot black coffee and buttermilk. Keep your fingers crossed--I am not much of a cake baker.

  11. Happy Mothers Day Rhonda. I know you have been there like a mother to many,many people and don't realise what a support that has been when no one else has had the answers or understood someone's lifestyle choices! I will be having a FaceTime visit here in Victoria,we are safe and snug here and feel the tricky stages of this whole thing are yet to come as we navigate how to safely move on! My next project is a jumper knitted from fairly locally grown and processed wool from ecoyarns. Wish me luck,I have only knitted squares but am determined to embrace Australian made.

  12. Happy Mothers Day Rhonda, I hope you enjoy catching up with family face to face. Our easing of restrictions don't start just yet but it won't be long, a couple of things begin tomorrow and more next week.
    What a wonderful restoration, I love vehicles from the early days and that one is right up there with the best I've seen. Thanks for the wonderful weekend reading, I'm going to enjoy the rest of it right now. Take care. Kate from Tassie

  13. Happy belated Mothers Day Rhonda I hope you had a lovely time.I would be so excited if my parcels were delivered in a vehicle like that one as well. I am waiting for a few things to be delivered at present but unfortunately parcels are taking a long time to be delivered to Mackay. Stay well, Pauline



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