15 May 2020

Weekend Reading

It's soup time!  I would live on soup if I could. Most soups are nourishing, the flavour improves each day and they're so easy to make. With each passing day, you can add something different like croutons, hot bread, dumpings or fresh herbs so instead of being boring, your soup is comfort food during cold and dreary weather. My favourites are pea and ham and beef, barley and vegetable, which the vegetables photographed above are destined for.

Hanno and I went for a drive during the week. We've been in lockdown since March 3, only going out to do the grocery shopping in the next town, so it was good to have a look around and see what was happening. I was surprised to see a lot of cars on the road but parks, playgrounds, cafes, hotels etc were all closed. These will partially open again next week but as Hanno and I are in the over 70s "vulnerable" category, we're happy to stay at home. We have plenty to do here and there are so many birds visiting us.  What are you doing?  Are you going out or have you worked through the lockdown?

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If you have time over the weekend, here are a few links for you to look at.



  1. I love soup - and he weather has stayed on the cool side here so I've made a new pot almost every week since lockdown (March 17) - my favourite is chicken & veg with noodles or beef, mushroom barley.
    I go out every couple of days to take out the garbage & walk - go to the store about every 10 days or so.

    I have been able to do some work from home and will go into the office tomorrow for a few hours (just the third time). I'm being paid for my full PT hours even for the little that I do so I am very lucky, plus I have my pensions. Otherwise I stay in my little apt. and cook and bake and therefore gain weight! :-)

  2. Good morning Rhonda and Hanno.It's been a good week here down south. Starting to adjust and organizing the house for the colder weather. I finished a very large cross stitch I started doing last year in the home crafts challenge and am now finishing off another UFO quilt as well as knitting.Haven't needed to shop but did have a short,socially responsible visit from grandies,probably the best time now before they head back to school etc and may bring home germs. We will all be waiting to see how this pans out won't we?Thanks for the interesting links to read,have a great week🙃

  3. We had been in lockdown since March 12th only leaving our home to pick up grocery orders and one visit to our son's. On Tuesday we drove the two hours to our hometown to place flower on my husband's parents' graves. It was nice to get out and see something different than our house and backyard!

  4. Hi Rhonda, I have been busy at home gardening, cooking, baking and blogging. Some of our hiking trails in California have reopened, so I go with Lula when they are empty. I drive up to the cabin and enjoy the mountains and wilderness. The bike rides there are glorious, and I wear my mask.. Thanks for teaching us how to make soap. It has come in so handy with all this hand washing.

  5. Your soup ingredient looks so fresh and healthy.

  6. My husband and I went to visit our daughter and family yesterday so I could take our son in law the quilt I made him.
    Lots of cars everywhere on the road!! People shopping like there is no tomorrow. To be honest I was shocked. We only went to level 2 yesterday!!
    My current favourite soups are broccoli and potato, farmhouse soup using a meaty lamb bone and roast vegetable.
    I have really tired of meat and would happily live on soups like you Rhonda, and fish.

  7. I’ve been making soup as well
    Living in Melbourne soup weather is kinda most of the year lol
    I made potato and leek today and a home made focaccia to go with it.
    It was a hit

  8. Thank you for the interesting links Rhonda. We are still mainly in lockdown in the UK and as my husband and I are early retired we have stayed at home. My husband is asthmatic so we've been very careful and have groceries delivered. The govt say people can now drive somewhere to exercise, like the beach, but we see no need to rush out anywhere. We're lucky to have a big garden and have been planting out lots of seedlings, sewing, baking, decluttering etc.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  9. Here in northern California we have enjoyed some rain. Unusual for this time of year, but we take rain gladly when we can get it. I made some minestrone soup this past week and it was delicious. I love mushroom soup, tomato soup, and also chicken noodle. It really is comforting to have a nice bowl of soup with a side salad and a fruit dessert, I think. We are still under lock-down, but it is partial now. Some businesses are set to reopen. I just got a letter from my dentist's office and they are set for June 1, hopefully. We don't want to reopen the state too soon (most of us) but some are really clamoring for it.

  10. We've been in lockdown since around March 12th.My daughter and I are both in the vulnerable category. I have COPD, She was pregnant and with a heart condition. She has had her son, and is home on the mend, except for doctors appointments. We were going out to get essentials around every ten days. Now I am doing that since she can't go out at all. We are absolutely fine with this isolation. I was pretty much a home body anyway. thank you for the links. I love looking at new things on the computer.
    Continued good health to you and Hanno!

  11. We are having a roast butternut pumpkin soup tonight from our backyard harvest. It's always a bit exciting to cook something you have grown. We are taking it slow here too as we are getting to that older vulnerable group. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. I know what you mean about soup being a comfort food. I had a suspected bcc removed from my forehead yesterday and last night all I wanted for dinner was soup. Thankfully I had saved some single portions of home-made left over chicken & veggie soup in the freezer.

    On the lock down front our lives continue mostly as normal, aside from not being able to physically attend church. However there is an abundance of services to choose from on line and I keep in touch with my pastor and church friends by phone, text and email. I continue to go to work, no change to days or hours worked.

    On the home front we harvested our first tomatoes of the year this week, and had two large trees removed - both for safety reasons - one was dead and starting to drop branches on the driveway and the other was too close to structures and infrastructure and we had been wanting to remove it for some time to keep ourselves safe.
    Thank you for the links

  13. Last weekend we left our small town for the first time since January so we could take our son to the optometrist. Three of us seem to have picked up some sort of bug, hopefully nothing serious.

    I'm definitely feeling in the mood for some soup. Need to add it to my meal plan for next week.

    1. Thank you Hazel for your knowledge of all things sustainable!I'm a proud owner of your book " down to earth" it's my go to for simple living!
      Thank you so much for sharing your information with the world!
      Kindest regards Bron

  14. We are beginning to relax the stay at home orders here in Indiana. It's seemed such a long time since March 24th. I've been out only three times to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for my son. My husband goes out about once a week to do grocery shopping.

    I think that I will stay at home for some time yet just to be on the safe side. If everyone would be conscientious about the reopenings then I'd feel more optimistic about the outcome. There are an awful lot of irresponsible people around to foul up the works.

    At least I have a large yard and flower gardens to keep me busy which is a great help.

    I love your new photograph in the sidebar. I really like you hair longer like that.

    1. Thanks Vic. I was out in the garden breaking up clumps of Welsh onions.

      We're staying in too, even though a few of the restrictions have been lifted. We still have a couple of Corona cases in our state but the borders are closed so they should clear up soon. Our premier said she'll open the border in September which I think is great.

      Stay well.

  15. I bought a thermal cooker. I almost sent it back because I thought it was too small. They are really nice. you heat the soup up to boiling in the metal insert, then put it in the thermal part. I did beef stew the first time and let it go for 10 hours. The meat is tender and the vegetables tasty. you can also use it to keep things cold.

  16. We've stayed home since mid-March. Husband's job told everyone to work from home at that point. I already worked at home and homeschooled our kids, so in some ways things look very similar to pre-lockdown life, minus all our co-ops, playdates, etc. Other than a few trips to the store to stock up every few weeks, we have stayed home--my husband is in a high-risk category, so we feel better playing it safe and minimizing our exposure to others right now. Been working on some projects around the house, organizing things, repairing chicken coops, knitting, learning to make sourdough bread, etc--basically trying to make the best of it.


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