1 May 2020

Weekend Reading

Our ginger is growing well. I planted this up about eight weeks ago and recently moved it out of the greenhouse to get more sun. Now it's getting cooler, I'll move it to sit in full sun all day.  

I planted some of the crop I harvested last year and kept it on the kitchen bench until it started to shoot. Ginger generally needs warm weather to grow well so if you're down south, wait till spring to plant.

We've been in lockdown since 2 March and tonight some of the restrictions will be lifted. Our state is still shut off from the rest of the country but we can go out to do non-essential shopping (as if), drive no further than 50 km from home, go for a picnic or visit our family.  We won't be rushing into any of those activities but we'll probably go out for a drive next week. What are you doing during lockdown?

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