15 April 2020

Yet another birthday

It's my birthday today, number 72. I usually make a song and dance about my birthday, both here and in real life, but this year I'm much more laid back. This year I'll make a short note here, we'll have a grazing lunch of entrees from the local pub - Mooloolaba coconut prawns, crispy pork belly pieces with chilli sauce, chicken satay and Thai fish cakes and then spend much of the afternoon outside. There'll be the usual phone calls, no gifts as per my wish and I'll go to bed a happy woman.

Hanno and I have spent the past few weeks here alone. We have our groceries delivered and Sunny and Jens are checking in to see if we need anything else, which they get for us. We're content, there are no appointments to go to, no visitors to prepare for and life is flowing along gently. Outside, the birds are singing, the weather is gloriously cool, everything is relaxed and calm. We've talked a lot about the viral happenings in the world and we're keeping up to date with the news.  We're looking forward to a time when the restrictions are lifted but most of all, we are both grateful to be living in a country that hasn't been hit as hard as many others, and the borders have been closed on our island and our State.

I hope you're faring well and have not contracted the virus. I hope your family is safe and well too. There will be a time when all this will be in the past and I hope all of us reach that point with few difficulties.  Much love to you all.  xx
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