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17 April 2020
Thank you for the birthday wishes sent my way during the week. I truly appreciate every one of them.  Since then I've been working in the garden, cooking a meal at noon each day, keeping on top of the cleaning and dealing with odds and ends as they pop up. Two of them were me cutting Hanno's hair and Hanno cutting Gracie's hair and brushing her with a brush that takes out her undercoat. 

Birthday flowers.

I've been sleeping quite well and I think I'm getting back into my regular pattern. That's after two or three years of craziness when I would wake multiple times during the night and then struggle to go back to sleep. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Overall, everything is going well here, I hope it is at your home too. What have you been doing?

Daily Rhythm | Hygge Home
A multi-layer sole shoes for my grandma, in memory of good old days - This is Liziqi again. I've been watching her for a few years now and this is one of her older videos.


  1. Glad you had a wonderful Birthday Rhonda. Wishing you both a productive weekend 🌺🌺

  2. Exciting to see the story about Kew Primary School......I started school there before we moved to Brisbane, and I remember that blackboard. There was always lovely chalk drawings on it, that were changed regularly. Funny to think there was a surprise underneath it all.

  3. Happy belated birthday and happy weekend to you both. Thank you for the reading links. I sleep very poorly in periods, have done for years. Really not nice atall. Homeschooling and some breadbaking this morning. Had a freeze again last night, but the birds are singing and the sun shining. Blessings, Pam

  4. Belated Happy Birthday wishes for you Rhonda. Thank you for the links.

  5. Belated Happy Birthday, Rhonda!! Thanks for the links!!

  6. I'm glad you had a nice birthday. I always check out the links you share, thank you.

    I have wanted to ask about your pasta machine for a while but keep putting it off. Do you still make your pastas? I want to purchase a machine but can't remember the brand you have. Pastas are continuing to be in short supply in my area of the southwest USA.

    Thank you for all of the recipes, peeks at garden colors, life with your family and life in general.

    1. I don't use a pasta machine. I have one, a gift, but I never use it. It can be made well without one, then you roll the pasta and cut it into the shape you want. I follow Pasta Grannies on YouTube. They have some excellent pasta shapes and recipes. Few are made using a machine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZT15cpsl_Q Happy cooking.

  7. That's excellent that you are keeping up on the cleaning. I did a lot of housework up at the cabin the other day, and thought of you. It feels so good to clean regularly. My mom was an excellent housekeeper. She spent hours each day on it, though. It's great discipline.

  8. Yes keeping up with the cleaning is helpful to me mentally. I can't change what is happening outside the house or in the world, but continuing the routine of the household helps both my husband and myself. Clean space...clearer calmer mind.

  9. Earlier this week, I spent a morning in mindfulness washing my kitchen floor. With no children at home I had the time and space to do it, not with a mop, but the “old-time” way, on my hands and knees with a cloth and bucket. Washing down low, up close, I wiped slowly and rhythmically, soon lost in the simple satisfaction of work. I marveled at the wood grain, remembering my husband’s hard work as he had repaired, sanded and re-finished our ninety-five year old kitchen floor. Working section by section, the beauty of the wood was restored, along with my soul. Thank you, Rhonda, for your inspiration and support to do housework with heart!

  10. Have a wonderful birthday - Hope it is everything you wish :)



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