Weekend reading

8 June 2018
I had a few emails from readers asking me to list the books in the bookcase I showed last week. Well, that would take too much time but here are three closeup photos so you can see the titles. When we moved the bookcase, I went through all the books and culled quite a few, these are what survived.

I've had a cold this week and I was sitting around and not doing much. I'm feeling better now so I'm looking forward to making a small lamp skirt and some cushion covers for the lounge room.

What are you doing this weekend?

Sydney's beautiful ocean pools  When I was a teenager, I spend many hours swimming in the Bronte pool.
Free knitting pattern for garter stitch diagonal dish cloth, with and without hole edge  I want all the dish cloths I'm knitting for the Blayney fete to be the same size, so I'm using this pattern.
Practising Simplicity - a beautiful Australian blog I've rediscovered in the passed month.
Flight Radar - flights in real time
City girl churns butter - when you finish reading the article, look around this wonderful site.  It's Lehman's Hardware store in the US.

Just adding this now after a newsletter from Valerie at Green Living Australia. There is an End of Financial Sale at the site. Click here to go there.