Weekend reading

11 May 2018

Hello friends. I want to take a small moment to thank you for your comments. Over the years I've tried to build the comments section into a valuable part of my blog. I want people to share what they do, I want newbies to see how many things are done differently and I want to know that my online neighbourhood is thriving. I don't respond to many comments because I don't have the time and mostly I want to just say a quick, "thank you" or "well done!" or "keep going". But if I did that, I'd be on my computer much longer than I'm comfortable with and the comments section would be filled with so many repetitive messages you'd think I'd lost my marbles. But I do think that way when I read what you write and it makes me feel happy and inspired and proud. So to all of you who leave comments, thank you, well done! and keep going. ♥️

I'm having next week off the computer. I need the break and I want to help Hanno with another home project that I haven't told you about yet.  I have no doubt I'll feature the photos when I come back.  And yes, this will be the final big home project. Promise. 😌

The Saltwater People – a picture essay
27 grilled veggie recipes that prove BBQs aren't just about burgers You probably won't have all the ingredients needed for many of these recipes, I don't, but many of them have ingredients that can be easily substituted.