Adjusting to modern life, or not

9 May 2018
It's been a busy week here although I must point out it's not the same busyness we knew when we were much younger, working, looking after children and living life like there was no tomorrow. Now my busyness is marked by the fact that last week, I went out three mornings in a row. 😊 Oh, how we are changed by time. As you probably know, even though I'm not agoraphobic, I prefer to live my hours in my home. It's interesting and comfortable here and there is always something to do. Sometimes there are chores I don't like doing but I see it all as part of a big tapestry - the background is just as important as the main feature points and without work going into the background, the tapestry is unfinished and unsatisfying. I know the awful jobs will always be balanced out with hours of enjoyment and the ongoing process of making life what we want it to be.
 This is part of our living room now. I'll have more photos soon.
We have stepped away from what is "normal". We rarely go shopping in department stores now, preferring instead to make do with what we have or recycle older items to suit. I think the mix of old, vintage and newish is very appealing because it feels like we're nodding to today but still respecting where we came from. Don't get me wrong, I don't yearn for the past because most of what we have now is an improvement. I love technology and our ability to connect with you, I love the advances in science and medicine,  but I do not like the unrelenting reliance on smartphones and tablets and people more concerned with what is far away rather than with their own environment and what they can touch.

The world feels like a different place now. Almost every time I go out I feel myself disconnecting from modern life. I see things that are unfamiliar to me, I see behaviour I'd rather not see and I quietly go about my business so I can return home. You're probably thinking what a fusspot I am (and you'd be right). Let me assure you though that I never show my distaste for anything but I feel it and long for gentler, slower times. I'm thankful that I live in a country that affords all of us the right to live as we wish but I have pretty much turned my back on the social side of modern life.

Above and below you can see what it looked like a day or two ago. 

Today we're at home again. The gate is closed, Gracie is here to keep us company and all is right in my world. I have a lot on my to do list - ironing, sewing, gardening and cooking but I'm working in the living room today. The painting is 95 percent done so I'm slowly getting rooms back to some kind of liveability. Bread was made yesterday, I have last night's yoghurt draining to make cheese for tonight's tea, a pork chop each for lunch with some vegetables, whole orange cake for morning tea and a full pantry and fridge. I love this time of year. It always feels like there is a lot to do and I'm thankful I have the energy and will to do most of it. And speaking of cake, I'd best get the kettle on.  See you soon! ❤️