Another decade milestone

16 April 2018
Hello everyone. There will be no Simple Home post today but I'll have it up tomorrow.  I had a computer-free weekend while I celebrated my 70th birthday. We had a wonderful time yesterday with the family here for afternoon tea. When I was asked a few weeks ago what I wanted to do, my immediate reply was: no gifts and I don't want to go out to dinner. I wanted to be at home with my family. So that is what we did and when they all arrived they brought strawberry sponge cake, cucumber sandwiches, chicken pieces and a bottle of champagne. I made some little sausage rolls and a blood orange cheese cake. So we ate well, enjoyed each other's company and when everyone went home, I had a very contented feeling that it was exactly the right thing for me. It's good when that happens.

So here I am moving optimistically into my later years and it feels good. Today I'm planting up some herbs and vegetables for Sunny, who is a first time gardener.  She will grow these plants on the back deck of their new home. I'll plant any leftovers in our garden this afternoon. We have Jamie here today, the last day of school holidays, and tomorrow, I plan on a day of sewing.  It's been a busy time these past few weeks and with nothing planned for the coming days, I feel relaxed and ready to move into a new stage of life.  It will be slower, interesting and I'm sure there will be many new things to learn and enjoy. Who knows what will happen, I just know that on this day, right here and now, I feel ready for anything.